[EPUB] ☆ Felix Travels Back in Time | By è Annette Langen Constanza Droop

Felix Travels Back in Time By Annette Langen Constanza Droop,

  • Title: Felix Travels Back in Time
  • Author: Annette Langen Constanza Droop
  • ISBN: 9780789200020
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sophie loses her stuffed rabbit, Felix, in the museum, but the next day she finds a letter from him by the Stone Age exhibit Felix s time travels have begun, taking him to ancient Greece, the time of the Vikings and the land of the early American Indians He tells Sophie all in his letters.
    Felix Travels Back in Time Sophie loses her stuffed rabbit Felix in the museum but the next day she finds a letter from him by the Stone Age exhibit Felix s time travels have begun taking him to ancient Greece the time of

    One thought on “Felix Travels Back in Time”

    1. I don t know what it is about this children s book, but it feels like this new age type of children s book, meaning that it looks to sophisticated and pretty for my taste When I was a kid I was used to my children s books having beautiful illustrations, sure, but not in this modern art style I still loved the letters in this one, but out of all of my children s books, I feel like this is the one that lacks heart.

    2. Felix travels back in time tells the story of a bear and its owner Sophie One day Sophie s class go on a school tour to a history museum and Felix gets lost Sophie is naturally very upset, however soon Sophie starts getting different letters from Felix from different times as Felix has travelled back in time Felix sends letters home to Sophie from six different time periods beginning with the Stone Age, other destinations include the world of the ancient Greeks, a Viking town, the Middle Ages, a [...]

    3. 4 stars This is the second book in the series about Felix the rabbit This time he doesn t travel the world, but travels back in time I still loved Felix, Sophie and her entire family and the cute letters Felix writes to her, but the story wasn t as engaging as in the first book Still this is a wonderful book for children around the age of 6 Love that these books are both entertaining and instructive.

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