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Smiling Hill Farm By Miriam E. Mason,

  • Title: Smiling Hill Farm
  • Author: Miriam E. Mason
  • ISBN: 9781568496160
  • Page: 131
  • Format: None
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    Smiling Hill Farm None

    One thought on “Smiling Hill Farm”

    1. Cheerful pioneer history of a prosperous proud family who were among the first settlers in Indiana, told through the generations until publication in 1937 I requested it for the illustrations by Kate Seredy and they were plentiful and enjoyable But the reading level is almost beginner, and the short sentences and easy words almost drove me nuts And besides, I ve read plenty of other Juv HF that s enjoyable, richer, like the Little House series This is just a bit too superficial, too sunny, too [...]

    2. Smiling Hill Farm was definitely a favorite from my childhood The book takes its name from the farm where the Wayne family lives and it traces the history of the family for several generations in pioneer Indiana from 1817 through the 1930s when the book was written It is a classic that most Indiana children know but which has received little recognition outside the state My parents were both natives of the state which is how I came to be exposed.

    3. I seriously think this book is rly sweet and gives family lots of status.I think some parts of the book are boring and slow, and its sometimes confusing, but its a wonderful experience.

    4. I think this is a great reader to teach history from the pioneers through the Industrial Age I also appreciate how innocent it is, perfect for 2nd 3rd graders.

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