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All Men of Genius By Lev A.C. Rosen,

  • Title: All Men of Genius
  • Author: Lev A.C. Rosen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Inspired by two of the most beloved works by literary masters, All Men of Genius takes place in an alternate Steampunk Victorian London, where science makes the impossible possible.Violet Adams wants to attend Illyria College, a widely renowned school for the most brilliant up and coming scientific minds, founded by the late Duke Illyria, the greatest scientist of the VictInspired by two of the most beloved works by literary masters, All Men of Genius takes place in an alternate Steampunk Victorian London, where science makes the impossible possible.Violet Adams wants to attend Illyria College, a widely renowned school for the most brilliant up and coming scientific minds, founded by the late Duke Illyria, the greatest scientist of the Victorian Age The school is run by his son, Ernest, who continues his father s policy that the small, exclusive college remain male only Violet sees her opportunity when her father departs for America She disguises herself as her twin brother, Ashton, and gains entry.But keeping the secret of her sex won t be easy, not with her friend Jack s constant habit of pulling pranks, and especially not when the duke s young ward, Cecily, starts to develop feelings for Violet s alter ego, Ashton Not to mention blackmail, mysterious killer automata, and the way Violet s pulse quickens whenever the young duke, Ernest, speaks to her She soon realizes that it s not just keeping her secret until the end of the year faire she has to worry about it s surviving that long.
    All Men of Genius Inspired by two of the most beloved works by literary masters All Men of Genius takes place in an alternate Steampunk Victorian London where science makes the impossible possible Violet Adams wants

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    1. I am not in the habit of mincing my words so I m going to come right out and say it Reading this was a painful experience Not an impossible feat like Shatter Me was but that s another story but very, very painful But I persevered and completed it just so I can review it with a clean conscience.I was sold on the book the moment I read the synopsis I found the title to be particularly witty All Men of Genius, only it s a woman s genius we are going to be seeing, get it and I thought that the title [...]

    2. Don t make my mistake of picking up ALL MEN OF GENIUS when you re on your way to bed Hours later, bleary eyed and sleepy, I was only halfway through the book and still fighting to keep reading, unable to put it down Violet, Ashton, Jack and the befuddled Duke captivated me from the get go, and that was before the other Illyrian students even had a chance to win me over.Even if I hadn t fallen in love with the characters, I would have been a goner for the world building Rosen gives science the sa [...]

    3. Jack laughed What s so funny That all you would see in flowers are scientific principles, he said, even when a man tried to show you their beauty But that is their beauty, Violet said, pursing her lips Really, I don t know what it is with your gender, that they must divide science and beauty into separate fields As if the stars and planets themselves are lovely, but to map the way they turn takes that away from them In my opinion, the way a planet spins only adds to its beauty Perhaps you are ri [...]

    4. The last steam punk novel I read was The Difference Engine, and that was over 10 years ago I liked it well enough, but the genre didn t catch on with me I think had I read All Men Of Genius by Lev AC Rosen, though, steam punk would have been consistent fare in my literary diet This sideways retelling of Shakespeare s Twelfth Night is a fun, witty tale, with characters you wish you could befriend and drink with at a dingy London pub Rosen s devotion to character does not detract from the main te [...]

    5. Viola Adams has a gift for invention, and the best way to hone her skills is by attending the prestigious Illyria College Illyria only accepts male students, so of course she masquerades as a boy to attend While there, she runs into wacky professors, sinister clockwork automatons, and the far too sexy for her good Duke While she and the Duke battle their attraction for each other he assuming she s a boy, she wanting to focus on her inventions , the Duke s ward Cecily falls in love with Viola Mea [...]

    6. Original review posted on The Book Smugglers HEREFirst Impressions Ana All Men of Genius has been marketed as a Steampunk retelling of Shakespeare s Twelfth Night and Oscar Wilde s The Importance of Being Earnest Well, I love Steampunk when done well and the two aforementioned plays are my favourites by their respective authors so I was super excited to read this At the same time, I was quite wary as there is this really thin line separating great homage from simple reproduction I need not have [...]

    7. Prelim Review As a big time fan of both Twelfth Night and The Importance of Being Earnest, plus steampunk, this was a natural fit for me to enjoy I had met the author at BEA this year during a double signing with Edward Lazellari for TOR my publisher for life , but knew nothing about the book However soon as I began walking away from the table I looked at the backcover and was like HOW COULD I NOT KNOW OF THIS and almost turned around to fangirl at Rosen just on the grounds of what the book was [...]

    8. INTRODUCTION With the super enticing blurb below, All Men of Genius is a novel I have planned to read as soon as I could obtain a copy Inspired by Shakespeare s Twelfth Night and Oscar Wilde s The Importance of Being Earnest, All Men of Genius takes place in a Victorian London familiar but fantastical, where mad science makes the impossible possible.Violet Adams wants to attend Illyria College, a widely renowned school for the most brilliant up and coming scientific minds, founded by the late Du [...]

    9. This is a fun book, but I would have enjoyed it if I hadn t kept stepping in sticky puddles of treacle and melodrama While the end of the tale is fairly squishy, the story is strong enough to avoid the dreaded romance bait n switch category.

    10. I was lucky enough to get an advanced readers copy of this book from one of my colleagues who met the author at Book Expo I absolutely loved it In alternate Victorian England, there are many scientists who have mastered the ability to create inventions beyond the common man s wildest dreams, using gears and steam for power Illyria is a prestigious private school run by Duke Ernest, and takes only the best of men Violet is not your typical Victorian girl rather, she is a gifted scientist and inve [...]

    11. Magen says All Men of Genius, by Lev AC Rosen, has got to be one of my favorite reads this year so far Having delved into a few other sci fi and fantasy novels recently and being sorely disappointed, I found this book to be an absolute joy to read Besides, who can resist a tale of gender bending subterfuge with a generous dose of steampunk to boot The characters were likable, the dialogue witty, and the juxtaposition of gender stereotypes between Violet and her brother Ashton was very well done [...]

    12. This book is a blast to read I m kinding of digging this whole steampunk genre I mean, the Parasol Protectorate series rocked this girl s world and this novel just made me giddy The Importance of Being Earnest meets Twelfth Night and I don t even like Shakespeare are referenced all over the place and just make this even fun This is a tale of cross dressing, science, romance, rampaging automatons, and a brilliantly inventive young woman, Violet, who longs to be accepted into THE science college [...]

    13. A story about a young woman, Violet, and her desire to prove herself worthy to pursue a college education, which is restricted to her based on the social convictions of the Victorian era Her pursuit leads her to disguising herself as a man in order to enter the college under her twin brother s name and begin her adventure in learning among some of the brightest and craziest young scientists in London Violet will set on an adventure of discovery of herself and of other women around her who have p [...]

    14. This book seemed like it was custom made for me If you are also a fan of,Oscar Wilde, especially THe Importance of Being EarnestShakespeare, especially his comedies or only his comedies that is.Steampunk, including all disciplines of science, from Jekyll and Hyde chemistry to giant robots.You would really like this book Violet a mechanical genius and young lady, would like nothing better than to attend the illustrious science academy Illyria, but unfortunately it only allows men What s a girl to [...]

    15. While there are books I enjoy, and books that make me laugh, and books that are good because I learn something, reading All Men of Genius made me realize how few fiction books I get to read that are genuinely fun There s a lot to be said about fun rides in a book, and this is one of them.The good thing is that the book does have some fairly heavy and nontraditional topics Instead of making them out to be Big Things, they re just part of the plot A little homosexuality, a little gender bending fo [...]

    16. Steampunk Shakespearean comedy with killer robots Being set on entering a boys only school for scientific geniuses, Violet disguises herself as her twin brother Pranks and complications ensue, along with oodles of innuendo and dashes of sex, mostly of the same sex sort Oh, and mad science, of which my favorite is the potty mouthed rabbit chimera.This is an extreme case of the author wearing his influences on his sleeve those influences being THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST and Wilde in general , [...]

    17. This is a book that really wants to be loved, but it didn t happen for me All Good Men of Genius, with it s gender swapping hero, a villain maddened by love, and especially the careful pairing off of characters into romantic bliss is, from a kind view point, like a Shakespearean comedy, or as I started to despair about the book, like an lame opera At the end the benevolent ruler comes in and sets everything right, and everybody is just so damn happy Unfortunately by the end of the book, despite [...]

    18. Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Beautifully written prose filled with women s rights, love, and geniuses creating the impossible.Opening Sentence Violet and Ashton s father was leaving for America to help decide where time should begin.The Review Steampunk is a mixture of history and the fantastical imaginings of machines at the time of The Industrial Age It s a world where steam power is the dominant form of fuel and Victorian sensibilities prevail Combine this idea with the tim [...]

    19. I got an advanced reading copy of this book signed by the author at Book Expo America I have been looking forward to reading it for some time It was an excellent book exquisitely written and creative It was a slow but wonderful read.Violet is a genius at building mechanical contraptions and wants desperately to go to the Illyria school for genius students only problem is Illyria doesn t admit women So Violet, along with her twin brother Ashton, and their friend Jack, devise a devious plan Violet [...]

    20. I m in love Yes, in love I didn t think it would happen again so soon But then, I am sort of easy when it comes to a fabulous book I found All Men of Genius to be an insanely clever, delightful and captivating book, worthy of a spot on any book lover s shelf My love for All Men of Genius happens to be of the At First Sight variety When I eagerly opened the package from Tor, and slipped the book out, I sighed Yes, I happen to be a cover snob I m not ashamed of that I thought the cover was beautif [...]

    21. I am still pretty new to the steampunk genre, and I am still not sure how I feel about it My first foray Johannes Cabal the Necromancer was not a success But I am happy to report that this title has done considerable work to repair the damage the necromancer book did to my feelings about the genre All Men of Genius tags itself as a kind of steampunk feminist blend of The Importance of Being Earnest and Shakespeare s Twelfth Night which means you can pretty much guess the plot Significant differe [...]

    22. This review was completed by Amanda Harbin, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.When Simon Cowell was on American Idol and a contestant would get up on stage and attempt to belt out a Whitney or a Mariah song they were almost always given the same criticism, if you re gonna sing a legends song then you better be prepared to sing like a legend These were my first thoughts when I heard about All Men of Genius An author who takes on the ambitious task of paying tribute to literary icons such a [...]

    23. You may also read my review here mybookishways 2011 10 When Violet Adams decides to disguise herself as a man and apply to Illyria College,she has no idea what she s getting herself into,but is determined to prove herself in a man s world and gain attention for her mechanical genius With the dubious support of her twin brother,Ashton,and their friend and fellow Illyria student Jack,Violet embarks on a school year that she ll never forget Among the vast halls and clanking gears of Illyria,Violet [...]

    24. Funny that I read this book right after another that I criticized for being too derivative, because All Men of Genius is a steampunk mashup of Shakespeare s Twelfth Night and Oscar Wilde s The Importance of Being Earnest In this case I really enjoyed the playful and inventive take on two great plays.Violet Adams and her twin brother Ashton Viola and Sebastian are the center of the novel Viola is a talented engineer who decides to disguise herself as Ashton in order to attend the elite all male I [...]

    25. Pros fabulous writing, witty, complex story with multiple subplots, endearing characters, emotional punchCons the first 5 pages are a bit over the top, get past them and the rest of the book is fabulousThe Importance of Being Earnest meets Twelfth Night in this fabulously written debut novel Violet Adams has a plan to attend the illustrious school of science, Illyria, by dressing the year as her twin brother Ashton Being a man is difficult than Violet considered, and it turns out to be quite an [...]

    26. Oh what a wonderful retelling of Twelth Night I m not familiar with The Importance of Being Earnest to comment on that connection Smart, strong women, strong, caring men, crossdressing, adventure, romance, scientific discovery, fighting this is definitely a something for everyone book Violet was a great character, and the secondary characters were very individual and quirky However, there were a lot of characters so that I had to flip back on occasion to see who was who this was so for the very [...]

    27. This came highly recommended, so I was especially disappointed in it.We begin with the extremely hackneyed theme of I m going to dress as a boy so I can go to school since women aren t allowed in schools Not to say this can t be interesting, but Rosen did nothing new at all Then the heroine, who is supposed to be a genius, somehow has plotted this whole plan out without realizing she ll have to dress, walk, and talk like a man, until her brother mentions this to her offhandedly on the carriage r [...]

    28. Genius inventress Violet Adams wants nothing than to be admitted to Illyria College, a the most prestigious scientific school in Victorian London The problem They don t admit women Undaunted, Violet disguises herself as her twin brother Ashton and is admitted However, keeping her secret proves even harder than she d imagined with love affairs blossoming all around her and the discovery of strange leftover science experiments in the basement of the school I thoroughly enjoyed this imaginative no [...]

    29. All Men of Genius is a book that steampunk fans should run to the bookstore to pick up It s a fun, not too serious romp through Victorian London Rosen fills his pages with incredible mad science, Victorian manners and even a bit of challenging traditional gender roles The plot is incredibly fast paced and peppered with some great one liners in the dialogue Despite the fact that the plot is pretty predictable, and some of the characters suffer from a little two dimensionality, All Men of Genius i [...]

    30. ALL MEN OF GENIUS provides the playful wonder of a Harry Potter book with the adult themes of troubled Victorian society Gender, sexual, and racial discrimination abound, and not all of our heros are guaranteed a happy ending Rosen does a wonderful job making the science labs of Illyrian as magical as any Hogwarts lab, and adds a sexual spice that never quite broke the mold of polite society though Mrs Wilde s mail order business came close The story did lag a bit for me in the middle, if only b [...]

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