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The 10% Solution By Ken Rand Patrick Swenson Keith Boulger,

  • Title: The 10% Solution
  • Author: Ken Rand Patrick Swenson Keith Boulger
  • ISBN: 9780966818406
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a concise book jammed full of the kind of information it often takes beginning writers years to learn Ken Rand offers his own advice and twenty five years of experience for the benefit of other writers.His no nonsense approach to editing fiction will do to make writing professional.
    The % Solution This is a concise book jammed full of the kind of information it often takes beginning writers years to learn Ken Rand offers his own advice and twenty five years of experience for the benefit of othe

    One thought on “The 10% Solution”

    1. An accurate, clear, and brief handbook to writing and self editing worth a look if you re interested in writing methods.

    2. One of the best books I ve read about editing Short, concise and direct, you can put the advice to work, immediately Oops, used an ly word But sometimes you have to let them be.Its big print format means I can reread it when my arms become too short Its brevity means that I can read it once a year to remind me of what I should be doing I ve got a list in my Stickies of all the points that I open when I work so I don t forget anything Reading this has sure changed the way I edit not only my trans [...]

    3. This was all it promised lays down everything I ve believed and done for years in a format that is easy to consult Just the basics, still valid Lean and mean, I keep telling people who ask me to edit for them, and they don t like it and often don t do it But it is the key Thanks, Ken Rand.

    4. I m the odd man out, once again There s nothing wrong with this book, and I m sure it s helpful for a new writer I found irony in the typo on page 11 The tall bimbo line made me roll my eyes This felt like a lengthy blog post than a self editing manual for a modern writer I think parts could confuse a new writer, especially without a discussion of the lyrics of sentence and the development of an editing eye through reading lots and lots of other people s work All of his suggestions are true, an [...]

    5. This is by far, the best self editing book I ve ever read It s a short book, but if you re looking to improve your writing, read this book It won t teach you grammar or style It will help you shorten what you write by eliminating passive voice, unnecessary words, extra adjectives or adverbs, and other stumbling blocks It s a writer s best friend whether you write advertising copy or high fantasy or anything in between.Ken Rand passed away in 2009 He was a wonderful man and writer and is greatly [...]

    6. I ve struggled with wordiness high school undergrad and still struggle with editing my behemoth of a masters thesis Trying to add words, better descriptions, clarification meant I would constantly lose my original thought process in the editing process Word counts and paper lengths would increase until I no longer recognized what the heck I was doing and to what purpose.This book took a few hours to read and it was so helpful The information really just sticks, I haven t really had to re read i [...]

    7. I think this is going to be an excellent tool to use in editing my first novel Rand is so specific in his advice, and it all makes perfect sense The humorous style with which The 10% Solution is written made an otherwise dry subject entertaining When I closed the book after turning the last page, I went straight to the internet to try to contact Ken Rand so I could thank him for his help I was terribly saddened to read that he died in 2009 I m sorry I can t thank him, but I am greatful for his w [...]

    8. Basically a pamphlet containing some quick tips to sharpen your writing It clocks about 80 pages but only really 5 10 pages are necessary namely the list of words to cut from your manuscript and the brief explanation of why for each word Still it seems like a handy tool to use We ll see how it goes.

    9. This short book is pretty good, and the advice in it is critical for new writers The reason I didn t rate it higher is because when I read it I felt like there was nothing here that I didn t already get in Stephen King s On Writing or in The Elements of Style.

    10. Excellent book on trimming down your manuscript or story after the first draft is completed This book is not about structure, plot, or charactersr the most part A must have for every writer except poets.

    11. Both macro and micro solutions to reduce your word count and readability I found the micro solutions hard to apply although good in principle The techniques are useful to tighten your writing and improve the reader s experience.

    12. Much of this, you already know, but it s nice to have it all in one place as a refresher There is a nugget here and there that might be new to you Mildly annoying that it is written like an infomercial Very quick read.

    13. A quick, interesting read I particularly liked the syllables as basis of text idea but otherwise not much use to me With my non fiction, editorial comments are invariably on what needs expanding For writers who habitually work too short, cutting down s not the problem

    14. A must have, must read book for every writer Full of humor, the book nonetheless takes its task quite seriously and many writers have greatly improved their work as a result, myself among them.

    15. A refresher for the long time writer a bible for the newby How to tighten what you write by editing out 10% as fluff.

    16. I use the process outlined in this book every time I edit a piece of writing It s only a few pages and will change the way you write and edit writing for the better.

    17. This inexpensive writing book takes about an hour to read, and seems very useful It was recommended to me byMary Rosenblum I ll add comment after I ve tried the technique.

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