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Emerald City of Oz By L. Frank Baum John R. Neill, Emerald City Emerald City NBC Epic, romantic and fantastical, Emerald City is an empowering tale of a young woman finding her true strength and identity even as she battles to bring a divided world together. Emerald City TV Series Jan , Emerald City Conflict between the witches and Oz come to a head Langwidere is unmasked Tip gets revenge and a crown but remains conflicted Something wakens Dorothy meets her past and gets sent home. Emerald City Oz Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Emerald City, is the largest and most relevant city in the magical Land of Oz It stands in the very center of Oz, being the official imperial capital of the entire country It stands in the very center of Oz, being the official imperial capital of the entire country. The Emerald City of Oz Oz by L Frank Baum The Emerald City is built all of beautiful marbles in which are set a profusion of emeralds, every one exquisitely cut and of very great size There are other jewels used in the decorations inside the houses and palaces, such as rubies, diamonds, sapphires, amethysts and turquoises. Why Is Seattle Called the Emerald City TripSavvy Seattle is called the Emerald City because the city and surrounding areas are filled with greenery all year round The nickname comes directly from this greenery Emerald City also echoes Washington State s nickname as The Evergreen State even though the eastern half of Washington is desert than greenery and evergreen trees.

  • Title: Emerald City of Oz
  • Author: L. Frank Baum John R. Neill
  • ISBN: 9780345334640
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 6 of L Frank Baum s beloved OZ books, in which the wicked Nome king, who plots to conquer Oz and enslave its people, prepares to invade the Emerald City just as Dorothy and her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry arrive
    Emerald City of Oz Book of L Frank Baum s beloved OZ books in which the wicked Nome king who plots to conquer Oz and enslave its people prepares to invade the Emerald City just as Dorothy and her Aunt Em and Uncle

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    1. The book consists of two completely different plotlines that kind of converge in the end with kind of being the key word Plotline 1 Dorothy finally realized it would be a good idea to bring her aunt and uncle to the Land of Oz She was made a princess of that land several books ago, but waited for a while before realizing it might be a good idea to bring her only living relatives to the magic place Actually she waited until her uncle s health became so bad he could not work on his farm any For th [...]

    2. I liked The Emerald City of Oz a bit better than the last two There was still an element of characters taking a trip just so Mr Baum can show off all the other ideas he has for interesting creatures Look These ones are living jigsaw puzzles And over here we have animated flatware And these people can t stop talking but on the whole there was plot than we ve seen for a few books.First of all, there was some actual evil in the form of the Nome King and his General Guph And there was a genuine pro [...]

    3. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry have arrived in Oz what fun Not only that, but Dorothy and friends get to lead the newcomers to various places around the Land of Oz, and meet some of the most fascinating peoples My favorites may have the been the living kitchen utensils of Utensia what wit these people exhibited Another intriguing point in this story is that Baum obviously intended for this to be the final book Lo and behold, his readers didn t allow it But this makes for a great Reichenbach Falls endin [...]

    4. Wow Baum totally woke himself up out of the daze he d been in for a couple of books and comes up with an awesome set of villains, some real sense of _stakes_ not since Ozma had he really gone for that , this great country mouse city mouse stuff with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry IN OZ, and even a cool quasi ending to the seriesough of course we know that wouldn t last.

    5. Dorothy s Aunt and Uncle are in trouble at the farm They do not have enough money to pay everything and they might be expulsed Dorothy says to them they could go and live in Oz with her and Ozma agrees to that So, once again, we found ourselves in the beautiful Land of Oz where Dorothy is going to live some great adventures and meet some new people.Like every time I read an Oz story, I m amazed at how funny it is This seems like it was the last story about Oz but I know there are many others, so [...]

    6. This was one of the best Oz books Dorothy s aunt and uncle move to Oz They tour the land without knowing that the evil Nome king is tunneling right under them When Dorothy gets back they fight off the Nome king and all is wellr now.

    7. Even though this book is mainly just Dorothy and friends wandering around Oz while the Nome King builds an army and a tunnel and no one does anything about it, I actually really like it a lot I enjoy discovering the Flutterbudgets and Utensils and Bunburyans and Bunnyburyans and especially the Fuddles and Cuttenclips, not to mention the Whimsies Oh, the Whimsies They had large, strong bodies, but heads so small that they were no bigger than door knobs Of course, such tiny heads could not contain [...]

    8. Doma Publishing s Wizard of Oz collection has taken me several years to read with my son at bedtime It was interesting revisiting the texts that I read swiftly through my youth, as I was about his age when I read them and remembered little beyond some of the characters that don t appear in any of the books I picked up a copy of this version since, for 99c, I could have the complete series along with All the original artwork by the great illustrator W.W Denslow over 1,000 classic illustrations , [...]

    9. Baum originally intended this to be the final Oz book That didn t work at all, of course, but this book has a very definitive conclusion that s obviously intended to end the entire series As far as ending a saga goes, he did a good job even though it didn t last.This book had a plot than some, and it had an actual antagonist The Nome King is a full on bad guy, and Baum developed this story telling element a step further by having two separate plots the adventures of Dorothy, and the schemes of [...]

    10. I thought this was a really good Oz story, a little bit darker than previous affairs, but well balanced and well written I enjoyed the juxtaposition of Dorothy and her friends travelling to different lands alongside the Nome soldier doing the same, except his purpose was to recruit an army to invade Oz.I also thought it was about time Dorothy s aunt and uncle arrived in Oz, because through all their previous struggles it didn t make sense that they had so little while Oz had so much It was fasci [...]

    11. My son is six and we ve been reading all the Oz books They ve done wonders for his reading comprehension and for his ability to just sit still and let me read three chapters at a time and have him actually understand and remember night to night what happened This book is where L Frank Baum finally seems to get tired of writing about Oz and Dorothy and tidies everything up and says goodbye Yet there are books We haven t picked up the next one yet but will tonight so I m not sure what to expect, [...]

    12. This was better than the previous two There was an antagonist, and it seemed to be building toward something Ultimately, the antagonist did very little, and the story was mostly Dorothy and her friends walking around, meeting new people It wasn t hard to get through, as the characters Dorothy comes across are interesting enough, but there is very little to sink your teeth into with this story.

    13. Well, Oz This is the paramount example of Classical Fairy tale for kids Yeah, just for kids The collection receives an average four stars Well, the story revolves around Dorothy Gale a young girl from Kansas who has been swept away to the magical land of Oz and she has some wonderful adventures exploring the East, West, North, South of Oz and meeting the Munchkins and the other regional people of Oz There are about a hundred characters in Oz Main about 20 The oz is a great land and different boo [...]

    14. Don t know when I finished this book but it was in January at some time This is, I believe, the sixth book of the Oz series It s a better one because there are some actual formidable villains The Nome King wants to capture Oz and enlists the help of wicked monsters far powerful than he is They all want to kill the mortals who live in Oz and enslave the immortal ones You know fairies and the like The subplot is very sub Ozma brings Dorothy s Aunt Em and Uncle Henry to move to Oz really whether t [...]

    15. Generalized spoilers, but the plot is so very thin it s hard to avoid mentioning the only action in the entire book Unfortunately, the Oz series really peters completely out with this entry Apparently Baum wanted to stop writing them as of this book, and IT SHOWS There is very little dramatic tension or, in fact, much of a plot The bad guys are menacing enough and have some interesting potential, but our heroes don t know about them for much of the book and instead go galavanting aimlessly and p [...]

    16. This is the first Oz book I have read, and I liked it A lot Actually, I would almost say I loved it Sure, there were quite a few parts that dragged on a bit, and it was obvious Old L Baum was making up most of it as he went along, but that didn t really bother me After all, it is young adult fantasy written for children who are all over the age of one hundred by now The ending though, was too much Too quick There was absolutely no foreshadowing at all Solutions to problems were proposed in the c [...]

    17. Uncle Henry and Aunt Em face financial difficulties Conveniently, Dorothy happens to be a Princess of Oz where she is than welcome to visit, so she wishes them all into Oz with the use of Ozma s Magic Belt Meanwhile Roquat, the King of Nomes, is gathering an army and digging a tunnel to the Emerald City to seek vengeance and reclaim his Magic Belt.The Emerald City of Oz was a delightful read, with not a dull moment in sight We are introduced to an abundance of people living in Oz, so many I ve [...]

    18. A pretty disjointed book it s sixth in the series, and Baum is clearly getting pretty tired of writing whimsical things, but hasn t yet resigned himself to it as in the later books In fact, this one ends with Baum announcing there will be no Oz booksa promise that probably lasted all of months, as Oz readers were quite demanding.This book has some fascinating subtexts about alliances between untrustworthy people, as a variety of horrible nations set up a complicated set of alliances to try and [...]

    19. I liked all the pastry puns when they went to that town where everything was made of bread I didn t realize so many jokes existed about it And when they went to Utensia, there were some cutlery puns It was cute I also liked that finally, Aunt Em Uncle Henry got to join Dorothy in Oz it was nice getting to know them as actual characters It was almost anti climactic how they defeated their enemies saved Oz, but it was pretty funny to imagine how it happened I also wondered if they should give that [...]

    20. This was a sweet one and meant to be the end of the Oz Saga, I am sure Baum was ready to move on to the next phase of his career and wrapped up the story of Dorothy with a neat bow I rated it high mainly for a couple of chapters which were by far the funniest in the series thus far due to the amazing use of puns I split my sides laughing which I had not done in any of the previous 5 I think I will take a break from the series now.

    21. Technically the final book in the Oz series, and one that wraps up the history of the country and its zany inhabitants quite nicely After this it s one wacky adventure after another in each book All have pretty similar storylines with different characters taking on leading roles They re fun, but that s about it EXCEPT for the next book in the series The Patchwork Girl of Oz , which is hands down my favorite That quilted doll is IL AIR E OUS

    22. The first Oz book since book 3 that had a resemblance of a plot Then the plot was simplified Then the plot was forgotten Then the plot was remembered and disposed in about five pages.This was to be the last Oz book It turns out he wrote nine that I pray my son does not request to read.Read the first three books then STOP

    23. I loved these books when thirteen Now they don t hold up quite as well, yet Baum is so interesting, and what he was trying to do is so interesting, and above all, the Oz community is so interesting, that I maintain my unstinting loyalty.

    24. This book was alright Some parts go off the deep end with eye rolling puns I like a good pun now and then, but give me a break Some of the peoples the character meet seem to be there just so Baum can puntificate on the myriad of puns available in utensia and bunville.

    25. I ve been reading all of the oz books and while this one dragged in the middle somewhat it connected me to Ozma than any of the previous books and I really love this book for the life lessons we could all learn from Ozma.

    26. In today s trip to Oz a far better one than recent books, albeit extremely episodic , there is a trial run by pun slinging spoons, a world of sentient jigsaw pieces, a chicken boasting about a pearl necklace, and Toto massacring a land of living bread.I wish I could be as tripped out as Baum.

    27. I am still trying to work my way through Baum s Oz books, but it s tough His writing style is a little stilted and the way he writes Dorothy s speech is annoying I guess the Oz books are going to be one of the exceptions to the rule about books being better than movies.

    28. This book is not a four star book, it is a 4.5 Because it was a good book until the end when it said that it was the last book, but it really was not Which makes it confusing.

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