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Time Cat By Lloyd Alexander,

  • Title: Time Cat
  • Author: Lloyd Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780606099721
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Library Binding
  • Gareth s definitely no ordinary cat For one thing, he can talk For another, he s got the power to travel through time And the instant he tells this to Jason, the two of them are in ancient Egypt, on the first of nine amazing adventures that Jason will never forget.
    Time Cat Gareth s definitely no ordinary cat For one thing he can talk For another he s got the power to travel through time And the instant he tells this to Jason the two of them are in ancient Egypt on t

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    1. Summary Gareth s definitely not an ordinary cat For one thing, he can talk.For another, he s got the power to travel through time Anywhere, any time, any country, any century, Gareth tells Jason And in the wink of a very special cat s eye, they re off From ancient Egypt to Japan, the land of young Leonardo da Vinci to the town of a woman accused of witchcraft, Jason and Gareth are whisked from place to place and friend to foe Full of fun, excitement, and a good dose of history, here s a fantasti [...]

    2. Okay I liked the premise but not the execution They just seem to be jumping around to different times and countries without any real direction Reads like a series of short stories.

    3. I like cats.I like time travel stories.I like kiddie entertainment.So, you d probably expect I d like this bookd I did

    4. This was what I would consider a bunch of short stories, and while they were entertaining I m super disappointed because it would have been so easy to connect them It seems almost offensively lazy on the authors behalf lol

    5. I loved this book Lloyd Alexander certainly knows a lot about history and cats He captures the quirky behavior and manerisms of cats perfectly, and really makes me want to go home and spend some good quality time with my own cats In Time Cat, the reader follows a boy and his cat as they travel through time to experience many monumental moments in history The book devotes two or three chapters to each time period just enough to get the point accross and move on It is also historically acurate, an [...]

    6. All cats can talk if they want, but most cats don t wish to do so Gareth, however, is unique he talks to Jason, his boy companion cats don t have owners , and takes Jason with him on nine adventures, one for each of his nine lives They start in ancient Egypt, and travel forward through history in leaps and bounds, experiencing some of history s most pivotal ages and meeting some of its most colorful characters It s a delightful romp through history, and my daughter and I found occasion to pause [...]

    7. A nice, light romp through several historical vignettes from the perspective of cats in history This is Alexander s first book written for youth and his style is very apparent, especially when he s writing dialogue between boys and girls It s not as enjoyable as the The Book of Three series or the overlooked gem The Illyrian Adventure, but it s also quite possibly easier to enjoy for a slightly younger audience than those.The story is of a boy who discovers that instead of having nine lives, cat [...]

    8. Frankly, this story made me feel as though it had been written by a child The plot was so thin I could ve cut through it with a butter knife To be honest, I couldn t even finish the whole book Jason, a young boy around the age of nine, discovers that his cat can speak and time travel through simple conversation he seems completely unfazed by this new development To be honest, our two time travellers seem like an adorable couple However this avenue was never pursued, but simply hinted at the idea [...]

    9. Read this with Kinnell but gave up about half way through, neither of us was feeling it It s a book about a kid and his talking, time traveling cat They visit different historical eras Ancient Egypt, Feudal Japan, etc andt really solve problems Just kind of visit, meet some people, get semi involved in cat centric situations, and then take off It s all kind of low stakes, when things get hot they just move on to the next era The portraits of the different historical cultures aren t outright prob [...]

    10. Guest Review by Emma age 8Time cat is about a boy named Jason and his cat Gareth One day, Jason is sent to his room for punching his little brother Frustrated and angry, he says I wish I had nine lives And to his surprise, Gareth says I do too This is the start of nine magical adventures for Jason and Gareth that take them from Ancient Egypt to America just before the Revolution.What I liked best about this book is that it s very suspenseful I couldn t put it down I really cared about these char [...]

    11. Essentially nine fables wrapped in a thin frame tale But when there are both cats and time travel involved, how could it not be fun Here s the first paragraph, to give you an idea of the Lloyd Alexander style Gareth was a black cat with orange eyes Sometimes, when he hunched his shoulders and put down his ears, he looked like an owl When he stretched, he looked like a trickle of oil or a pair of black silk pajamas When he sat on a window ledge, his eyes half shut and his tail curled around him, [...]

    12. I had heard that I would enjoy Lloyd Alexander and, when I asked for his books, I mistakenly assumed that he wrote one long series As a result, I ended up with this book, which is great for young readers It walks you through different periods and famous people locations even if the descriptions are a bit unvaried and sterotypical As an adult reader, it left something to be desired.

    13. A beautiful coming of age tale that is unmatched by any other In this simply written book the author doesn t only take the opportunity to use the mysterious happenings of his own cat to come up with an idea but also takes the local lore and the history of the cat to provide the reading with a daring adventurous read that will also allow them to have a clean starting look into our own history even as we learn about ourselves The author s writing is simple and easy to follow while there should be [...]

    14. Summary One day, Jason finds Gareth talking, and Gareth tells Jason the myth of cats having nine lives is actually false, but he can take Jason to nine different places and times They visit countries from Egypt, Rome, to Japan, and America in the time scene of ancient times from 2700 B.C through 998 A.D to 1775 All of these settings have the connection of cats and they differ a lot Some of them believe the cats are their gods and some think they are evil creatures This book gives a wide range ov [...]

    15. If your cat could time travel, which nine places and times would he choose to visit Well, Lloyd Alexander s cat would go to Egypt in 2700 BC, Rome and Britain in 55 BC, Ireland in 411 AD, Japan in 998 AD, Italy in 1468, Peru in 1555, The Isle of Man in 1588, Germany in 1600, and America in 1775 Lloyd Alexander s cat would also take his friend, Jason, along with him on these nine time traveling visits.This is not your typical type of time travel As part of his cat s time travel magic, Jason is im [...]

    16. I was disappointed by his treatment of the Celts of Britain and Ireland, he made the cat look down on them for things that all cultures did and do These Britons are like big children They make up stories about things The way they d like them to happen Whether they really happened that way doesn t matter Gareth, The Time Cat, Lloyd AlexanderThis is an unfair statement seeing as I can recall, Yggdrasil the world tree of the Norse, the legend of Romulus and Remus and the events leading to the found [...]

    17. First sentence Gareth was a black cat with orange eyes Premise plot Jason is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day But that begins to change when in the midst of complaining out loud to his cat, Gareth, Gareth surprises him by talking back The cat reveals that he can visit nine different lives any time, any country and he can and will be happy to take Jason with him The times visited by Jason and Gareth Egypt 2700 B.C Rome and Britain 55 B.C Ireland 411 A.D Japan 998 A.D Italy 1468, [...]

    18. Jason s cat Gareth can speak to humans if he wants to Not only that, but he can travel through time When he feels the time is right, he takes Jason on a journey that leads them from Ancient Egypt to the American civil war where they get tangled up in tricky situations and befriend than just one other cat This book is easily summed up by calling it a disappointment It s certainly not a bad book or story it s just that it had so much promise it turned out to be neither here nor there A book that [...]

    19. What a gem This was everything I wanted the Magic Treehouse books to be rich, historically accurate, funny, engaging, full of adventure and interesting characters First page Gareth was a black cat with orange eyes Sometimes, when he hunched his shoulders and put down his ears, he looked like an owl When he stretched, he looked like a trickle of oil or a pair of black silk pajamas When he sat on a window ledge, his eyes half shut and his tail curled around him, he looked like a secret He belonged [...]

    20. Review originally posted at ReaWrite as part of Back to School week.Time Cat is about a boy and his cat Gareth, who uses his nine lives to travel back through history I always recalled this book as being the title that really got me into history and while I m still sure it did that, I now know that a lot of what I learned wasn t that accurate, but still a lot of fun.The main character Jason is fairly bland, but he serves as a great host in order for the reader to imagine themselves on fantastic [...]

    21. Summary This was a wonderful story about a cat that has nine lives The cat talks and has magical powers His owner Jason finds out that this cat can talk after he decided to buy him as a pet The cat tells Jason that he can take him anywhere through time The story portrays these two characters as best friends They travel through time They go to ancient Egypt, Japan and even meeting Leonardo DiVinCi and On their way through time, they meet a woman who does witchcraft The woman teaches the two main [...]

    22. Lloyd Alexander has always been one of my favorite authors his Taran Wanderer series were the first chapter books that I read on my own I remember my mother saying that she knew reading with me was about to change when I started reading ahead in these books we might read aloud together in the future, but often than not I d probably head off on my own.I really like another one of his books, The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian so much that the last cat I had with my folks before I left for c [...]

    23. Garret is not any ordinary cat because he can talk but he also has one other strange thing about him He can time travel Instead of Garret having nine lives, he lives nine different lives Jason is the owner of Garret has always tried to get Garret to time travel Right after Jason finds out that he will be time traveling with a cat, they are in Ancient Egypt They don t only learn about the different cultures around the world, they go around the world and live the different cultures This book kept [...]

    24. After publishing five adult books between 1955 1963, Time Cat is Alexander s first book for children, a quick trip through history on a fun journey through time with Jason, and his cat, Gareth, who doesn t have nine lives but can visit nine lives in different times in history Jason learns about other cultures and the importance of thinking for himself as well as finding out a part of what you have to know to be a grown up The two of them have some fantastic adventures traveling from Ancient Egyp [...]

    25. This is the book that time and time again makes me want to be a writer There s something about the story that Alexander crafts it certainly isn t the main characters, for they are simple as, in a children s book, they should be I think part of it is the history, and part of it is the magic Alexander is known for his Black Cauldron series, but like any good writer, he continues to shine in other areas as well Time Cat is no exception Alexander plays with the idea that a cat does have nine lives, [...]

    26. In Time Cat, Jason finds out that his cat Gareth, can speak But, that isn t the part that surprised him Jason has always been sure that Gareth could if he wanted to Jason also found out that Gareth didn t have 9 lives, but he could travel to 9 different eras In this book Jason and Gareth go on an interesting and clever adventure to Egypt, Italy, Ireland, Spain and .I really liked this book It was very interesting and I could not put it down once I started reading I would recommend this to people [...]

    27. In the book Time Cat, Jason finds out his cat can talk and time travel They travel to multiple places and have adventures of their own I liked this book Though it was not the most exciting at times it was fun to see how the civilizations in the book like Egypt had a history with cats It was a quick and easy read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and easy read and little fun, historical fiction.

    28. has helped me rediscover so many books I read as a child This is one of those books that I totally forgot about, but once I saw that cover it brought back SO many memories of one of my favorite pieces of cat literature yeah, I loved books about cats then and still do I must have read this 5 times as a kid.

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