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Climb or Die By Edward Myers,

  • Title: Climb or Die
  • Author: Edward Myers
  • ISBN: 9780786823505
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After a car accident in a snowy Colorado pass seriously injures their parents, athletic fourteen year old Danielle and her brainy younger brother, Jake, must scale a mountain to find help.
    Climb or Die After a car accident in a snowy Colorado pass seriously injures their parents athletic fourteen year old Danielle and her brainy younger brother Jake must scale a mountain to find help

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    1. Climb or Die by Edward Myers If you want to learn about Edward Myers, go to this website edwardmyerswriter The Darcy family from New Jersey is going to go to Denver Colorado for a winter vacation and while they are heading to their cabin in Denver, it is pouring down snow everywhere The dad of the family wants to find a shortcut to the cabin, but ends up getting stuck in the woods and the car can t go anywhere due to the amount of snow everywhere The parents decide to get out of the car to get [...]

    2. I liked this book because of all the adventure in it I really liked how they made tools to help them climb the mountain.

    3. Jake and Danielle Darcy along with their parents are traveling on one of Colorado s interstate roads when a freakish October snowstorm, almost blizzard like, forms The roads quickly become snow covered, icy, and hazardous The family is creeping along in their Blazer, when Dad is sure he can take a off the beaten path country road and get to their destination quicker But, fate would have other plans Dad skids on the snowy road and hits a tree, crunching the car like an accordion Miraculously, eve [...]

    4. A simply written and suspenseful tale of a fourteen year old girl and her younger brother braving a snowstorm to reach a weather station on a mountain following a car accident They must reach the station in the face of the extreme weather and the lack of any real mountain equipment, forcing them to improvise and take risks A suspenseful, realistic read with a unique plot, well drawn characters, even if the plot can get improbably boring at times And the idea of the father risking his family and [...]

    5. Honestly, I don t remember much about this book, but it is the first book I read after my school stopped saying we could only read certain grade levels I was in 3rd grade So this was the first book I read that had any real story to it, any darkness in it I loved it then, and it made me realized I liked reading It wasn t reading I didn t like It had been the books I d been reading I didn t like So the 5 stars are from memories surrounding the book that what I actually remember about the book I di [...]

    6. another bid for favoreads, but i don t think it will make the cut this title was recommended in some review as being better than the book actually being reviewed, so i thought i d check it out the basic book is okay, but the plot set up is a bit far fetched for me dad reeeeeeally wants to get to vacation cabin, so he not only ignores winter storm warnings, but decides to take an off road shortcut through white out conditions guess what happens the actual climbing of the mountain was interesting, [...]

    7. I was actually given this book by one of my friends At first glance it looked wierd, as if it had been forgotten for so long that it had lost the chance to tell its tale After I started reading it, I simply could not put it down It is very likely that with this book, I missed my mom calling me upstairs for dinner which happens a lot If you have an annoying little brother or sister, this read puts how awesome and almost neccesary it is to get along with them.

    8. Great youth and adult book I hope my son will read this one in case he ever has to rescue his seriously injured father and I from our wrecked car that s stuck down a mountain mining road, miles and miles from the nearest highway, during an intense blizzard Seriously, it s a super read Great characters, plot, and action Even a little character development thrown in for free

    9. This was a pretty good book It was targeted for younger readers than me It is about a family who are traveling through a blizzard and get in an accident The parent are both severely injured and the only way for anyone in the family to survive is for the 2 kids to climb an mountain with no climbing experience or tools.Fast read and a pretty good one Predictable.

    10. I read this with Myleend of intense for a 9 year old, but we both liked it It was suspenseful, a definite page turner.

    11. I read this in junior high and loved it The brother and sister were brave and clever, and worked together to try to save themselves and their parents.

    12. This is one of the first chapter books I remember reading And I know it was the first one I re read after moving to my current home state Serious nostalgia here.

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