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Melbourne By Sophie Cunningham,

  • Title: Melbourne
  • Author: Sophie Cunningham
  • ISBN: 9781742231389
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Melbourne s city life told in diary form, this contemporary and personal portrait depicts major events from the Australian heat wave, which culminated in than 400 bushfires, to the destructive deluge of a hailstorm While walking through Melbourne s oldest suburb to its largest market, experiencing an Australian Rules Football game, and attending the comedy festival,Melbourne s city life told in diary form, this contemporary and personal portrait depicts major events from the Australian heat wave, which culminated in than 400 bushfires, to the destructive deluge of a hailstorm While walking through Melbourne s oldest suburb to its largest market, experiencing an Australian Rules Football game, and attending the comedy festival, writer Sophie Cunningham journeys deep into her own recollections of the city she grew up in, and tells stories from its history She strolls by Melbourne s rivers and creeks and considers the history of the wetlands and river that sit at Melbourne s heart, for it is water, the corralling of it, the excess of it, the squandering of it, the lack of it that defines Melbourne s history, its present, and its future.
    Melbourne Melbourne s city life told in diary form this contemporary and personal portrait depicts major events from the Australian heat wave which culminated in than bushfires to the destructive deluge

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    1. To begin with, I want to say what a beautiful object the book Melbourne is When people go on about the texture, weight, feel and smell of real books in the e book debate, this is the book they mean Melbourne, written by Sophie Cunningham and published by New South Books, is exquisite A small, solid hardback, its elegant dustcover sheaths a simple cream cover embossed in gold It looks like a book made for princes The inside cover is an old style map of Melbourne with icons highlighting features o [...]

    2. Having been a resident of Melbourne for the last 7 years, and born and bred in Victoria, I was excited to read this book I was in the end, however, disappointed Although I considered the book to be, in many ways, very Melbourne , I did feel that the portrait provided was rather incomplete I am not quite sure whether this was because of the way the book was written, or because the author s view and experiences of the city seemed so far removed from my own Indeed, the occasional soap box passages [...]

    3. Some interesting and recognisable people and places, but in the end, tediously parochial and self indulgent.

    4. Self indulgent inner city rubbish This isn t about Melbourne, it s about Sophie Cunningham and how many names she can drop.

    5. I was mentally in quite an agonised state It was the early 70 s and for the first time I was venturing off my island to visit a place, to that point, I d only seen on television, read about and listened to from afar on the radio I was a late developer in terms of travel everyone else I knew had made their rite of passage to destinations across the Strait, and beyond, to broaden their horizons, some never to return to my island For various reasons, till my mid twenties, I had remained adhered to [...]

    6. I m attempting a new strategy, the 50 page rule if I m not enjoying or interested in a book by page 50, unless there s a really good reason to keep going, I should give up and move on I knew that this would be one of those by page 30, but pushed on to make sureOne of my book club friends lived in Melbourne and brought this back with her, but didn t exactly rave about it, so it s been on the shelf for a while I was ready for something a bit different, but not too long, and open to a bit of non fi [...]

    7. Really, I mean 3.5 stars During a recent 2 month sojourn in Melbourne, I saw this book everywhere in the Readings in Hawthorn which has a cameo appearance in the book , in bookshops in the CBD, outer eastern suburbs, Camberwell, down the Mornington Peninsula On the penultimate day of my stay, reluctant to be leaving, I finally purchased a copy at Hill of Content on Bourke St, for the record I wanted to take a piece of Melbourne back to Vancouver with me, and this seemed to be the most appropriat [...]

    8. What would any Melbournite wish to write or read about Melbourne What would the reading experience be if you were not from Melbourne Sophie Cunningham s book is one of a series about different Australian capital cities Delia Falconer wrote a similar book about Sydney, for example It is a beautiful book to handle a small hardback with rough cut old style creamy pages and a silky finish to the cover shot of a murky Melbourne laneway And this book is SO laneway.I felt like I was in a very small clu [...]

    9. There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed and parts of it that revealed interesting historical facts about Melbourne such as the small section about the West Gate Bridge disaster But I really felt that it should have been presented as Sophie Cunningham s Melbourne , rather than a book about Melbourne written by Cunningham was a very personal story and at times it felt like it was written specifically for her friends.

    10. Really enjoyed reading this while holidaying in Melbourne It gives a social history of Melbourne, while also giving a good insight into where to go and enjoy Melbourne I think it gives a really good insight into the culture of Melbourne and certainly enhanced my trip I d recommend it to Melburnians too as a way to discover some extra parts of your city The writer has a very engaging style.

    11. LIke spending quality time with a best friend, if you didn t love this city before reading this book you definitely will afterwards A lovely intimate read.

    12. I wanted to like this book much than I did Parts were okay, but it was vaguely irritating Melbourne writer Sophie Cunningham is disdainful of the suburbs she grew up in Hawthorn and looks at Melbourne from her smug complacency in Fitzroy Her world mostly extends from Firzroy to Carlton, Brunswick and the ciry, with occasional forays to far away St Kilda She does Pilates at 6 30am and rides her bike through downpours As befits a book about Melbourne there s a fairly long section about footy She [...]

    13. So pretentious it turned my stomach, such singular self indulgent name dropping drivel masking as a geographical memoir

    14. Sophie Cunningham s Melbourne is not your average local history book Stories of Cunningham s school days in Hawthorn and publishing adventures in Fitzroy and Carlton sit alongside the colonial settlement of Melbourne, the damming and many diversions of the Yarra, and events like the West Gate Bridge disaster of 1970, in which 35 construction workers fell to their deaths, or the infamous Hoddle Street massacre Cunningham writes, The cityscape has been embroidered over the years with impressions o [...]

    15. Part of the New South Cities Series, for which the University of NSW Press published books on some of the major cities of Australia, this book tells the story of Melbourne through the lens of Sophie Cunningham s experience of 2009 Despite this present day memoir style, Cunningham tells the history of everything she encounters in this year, both in terms of the personal significance the places hold for her, as the place she grew up in, and in terms of the longer history, stretching back to the ea [...]

    16. A great little book, detailing everything from the arts scenes to sporting events I can relate to almost everything street, etc, that is mentioned.

    17. Melbourne is Sophie Cunningham s memoir, history and study of the city s culture, and a warm love letter to Melbourne itself Recounting life in Melbourne through one year from the horrific 2009 bushfires to the hailstorms that battered the city just over a year later weaving it through these seasonal changes makes for a deft play on the old four seasons in one day adage that, until recently, typified the unpredictable Melbourne weather Cunningham s approaches Melbourne in a memoir told through t [...]

    18. Fittingly, this was my last read of 2011 I started 2011 in Melbourne well, not technicallywn on the Peninsula, but by the 2nd, I was back in Melbourne , and I would have been back there right now no one in their right mind chooses to spend winter in Wisconsin lolling about in the heat were it not for post New Year s demands in the U.S.It s hard for me to be objective about this book I love Melbourne so much, particularly the Melbourne about which Cunningham writesher inner city stomping ground i [...]

    19. This book is a memoir of Sophie Cunningham s relationship with Melbourne and its people Don t expect an exhaustive history of the city It s a judicious blend of well known Melbourne stories and historical information of interest, mixed with personal stories and memories The author s working life and interests set the direction for a lot of the subject matter the arts, architecture, the environment, footy.She gives inner suburbs such as Fitzroy a fair bit of attention, which is understandable the [...]

    20. Melbourne is a must for all home sick Melbournians It makes you want to go back and visit your own stomping ground just as Sophie has done While this book is a snapshot of a year in Melbourne, beginning with the horrific bush fires of 2009, it is also a reminder that one person s Melbourne is certainly not another s Melbourne holds her secrets close and Sophie reveals some of them but they are Sophie s stories and experiences and other Melbournians may not relate at all She revisits the suburbs [...]

    21. If this memoir about life and the arts in Melbourne wasn t so damn charming and delightful its relentless name dropping might have been tiresome Instead it s the best of the Melbourne you know, and a kind of aspirational fantasy of the Melbourne you wish you were cultured and well connected enough to know.Sophie Cunningham s Melbourne meanders through Fitzroy, Carlton, La mamas, The Standard, The Black Cat, the MCG, the Zoo, rising house prices, multiculturalism, gentrification, Black Saturday, [...]

    22. This is such a special book Part history of Melbourne and part memoir, it tracks a year in Sophie Cunningham s Melbourne life There is such a richness of coverage here areas from Footscray to Camberwell to St Kilda and Melbourne s literary, art, music and sporting worlds and of course the weather that defines our city Cunningham describes Melbourne moments that are new to me as well as those I look back on, be it fondly or sadly, as is the case for the recent Black Saturday bushfires With little [...]

    23. I read this for book club and although I found some parts interesting, on the whole it wasn t what I would call enjoyable The book is based on a year in the life of Melbourne, but really it is a lot about the author I share a love of this city, and liked learning some things I didn t know even about my local area but all the name dropping got annoying to me I really don t care about celebrities Also, the way it was put together seemed contrived now it is winter, so talk about footy or I crossed [...]

    24. I think I need to re read this little book while walking the streets of Melbourne or riding a tram and perhaps then I d award it 5 stars There s history, social commentary, current affairs, SPORTS for goodness sake than I could possibly absorb without pictures or a map The bibliography in the back is all marked up, now, and I m on a mission to find and read many of the books referred to in this one If you re curious, read it But be ready to devote some serious time, because it s not an easy pea [...]

    25. This book was really interesting and I will be keen to read the rest of the series Focused on the inner suburbs literature afl If you re interested in these topics, as I am, you will love it otherwise it may seem a bit narrow Highlights were reading the history of so many familiar inner city sites.

    26. Some good bits but instead of getting a book on Melbourne, it was a book on the author s life and environs living in inner city Melbourne There is lots on the Melbourne book and writing scene.Melbourne spans 10,000 sq kms but this book spans only a small part of the geographic, commercial, cultural, ethnic and history of the city A pity because it is a beautifully produced book.

    27. I learnt a lot it has some very interesting don t put the book down momentsbut I also got bored quite a lot too And for my liking it mentions Sydney just a few too many times for a book that s about Melbourne but don t get me wrong I like Sydney.Overall yes it was an interesting read on Melbourne s culture, history, geography, and, some of it s people.

    28. Great mix of the author s own experience and life in Melbourne, and researched material on Melbourne s history Very engaging and personal tone creates a story, rather than just providing facts Links together the various and disparate elements that make Melbourne what it is sport, food, immigration, weather, communities, writing, etc.

    29. The book oscillates between some fairly well known and rather random stories about Melbourne and author s CV.I made through about third of the book, up to the point when the author indulges in describing her career achievements as an editor, spelling the possessive its as it s in the middle of that passage see page 105 Pretentios self indulgent overpriced book.

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