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Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind By Mark A. Noll,

  • Title: Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind
  • Author: Mark A. Noll
  • ISBN: 9780802866370
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind 1994 Mark Noll offered a bleak, even scathing, assessment of the state of evangelical thinking and scholarship Now, nearly twenty years later, in a sequel that is hopeful than despairing attuned to possibilities than to problems Noll updates his assessment and charts a positive way forward for evangelical scholarship.In The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind 1994 Mark Noll offered a bleak, even scathing, assessment of the state of evangelical thinking and scholarship Now, nearly twenty years later, in a sequel that is hopeful than despairing attuned to possibilities than to problems Noll updates his assessment and charts a positive way forward for evangelical scholarship Noll shows how the orthodox Christology confessed in the classic Christian creeds provides an ideal vantage point for viewing the vast domains of human learning and can enhance intellectual engagement in a variety of specific disciplines In a substantial postscript he candidly addresses the question How fares the evangelical mind today
    Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind In The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Mark Noll offered a bleak even scathing assessment of the state of evangelical thinking and scholarship Now nearly twenty years later in a sequel that i

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    1. Working in university ministry with grad students, I am often asked the question of just how this thing of integration of faith and learning is supposed to work Mark Noll s new book is a landmark answer to this question In one sense, his answer is the very simple, Sunday school answer Jesus Yet behind this simple answer is some very profound theological thinking Noll not only sees the life of the mind encouraged through our union with Christ, which unites all things in him, but in careful reflec [...]

    2. This was a birthday gift from my beautiful wife, and after too long in the to read pile, it finally rose to the top I d been looking forward to it for quite a while, because of what Mark Noll s The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind had meant to me when I read it several years ago When I read Scandal, I struggled with its many challenges, and discussing it in a reading group with some other very good friends was the beginning of a lot of changes in my intellectual and spiritual life Since that time [...]

    3. Great book Refreshing to see someone focusing on the life of Jesus and the relevance he has for the mind and theology.Noll, also the author of The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind examines the importance of Christ as the center to Christian thought He asserts that if Christ is who Evangelicals claim he is, then Christ should be at the very center of our academic pursuits Noll says, The message in this book for my fellow evangelicals can be put simply if what we claim about Jesus Christ is true, t [...]

    4. This book has a lot to commend it, although I found myself asking particularly in the earlier chapters , Where s the beef I repeatedly found his connection between Christology and the life of the mind tenuous However, things did get better particularly in the chapters on literature, history and science, where there are some excellent insights.

    5. This was supposed to be the year I focused on reading good books, books that I knew I was going to enjoy, the high quality books I haven t gotten around to yet that would make my life much better Yet here we are, 1 Eldredge book and 1 Noll book later plus some other things that have been better, I suppose This really isn t that good of a book, no offense to Mr Noll or his family or friends or publishing team Diction wise, I have no clue for what audience this is addressed even for a book that s [...]

    6. Two opposite misperceptions about theology dominate modern American thought first, that it is a dry, dense, scholastic discipline with no meaningful connection to reality and second, that it is a loose, irresponsible hotbed of mysticism that runs contrary to scientific facts Mark Noll s energetic and serious theological arguments in Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind are a bracing antidote to both misperceptions Further, the arguments themselves provide the foundation for a positive intellect [...]

    7. A solid primer on Christian worldview thinking, for lack of a better term though Noll does not, to my recollection, describe it this way Noll s objective is to offer an introductory survey of the ways in which evangelical Christian commitment and particularly, dedicated reflection on the revelation of Jesus Christ can offer great resources for intellectual reflection in a wide range of disciplines history, hermeneutics, science, etc invigorating Christian scholarship and hopefully providing a wa [...]

    8. I read Noll s book on the heels of reading John Piper s Think Although the books are similar, there are a few differences in focus While it seemed Piper s book was addressed to Christians broadly, exhorting believers not to disdain scholarship, Noll s book is narrowly written to Christians who are already engaged in intellectual pursuits, exhorting them to keep their faith central to their scholarship, and describing how to do so in a pluralistic culture.Having established that framework, Noll [...]

    9. Noll s Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind is full of his finely written prose and thoughtful reflection on Christian faith and the intellectual life though narrowly defined in academic terms , including a short chapter on the current state of the evangelical mind The early chapters did not overwhelm with their ideas and arguments though, in part because they felt like way convincing than I really needed I believe in the need for evangelicals to engage the life of the mind and the centrality [...]

    10. I always appreciate Mark Noll s works However there wasn t much here that I didn t already assume On the other hand this is a good call to and model for Christian scholarship.

    11. Mark Noll is a stalwart defender of the great traditions within Evangelicalism, and Life of the Mind is yet another fantastic piece by him By centering all academic pursuits squarely around a high Christology and I especially loved the importance of the incarnation to this Christology , he is able to mount a rousing call to learning within the Evangelical movement As someone who loves academic pursuits, and finds myself at odds with Evangelicals frequently, I found this refreshing and motivating [...]

    12. This was a pretty good look on the intersection of Christianity and academic scholarship and had a lot of unique things to bring to the table in terms of how they should interact I really appreciated the way that Noll unpacked the historical Christian creeds and showed their relevance to different issues of scholarship I also appreciated how Noll didn t just work in theories, but also moved to making concrete applications of what this should mean in terms of Christian scholarship The application [...]

    13. I am very definitely not an evangelical, and much of what I see and hear via TV and politics not the best sources, of course from that flavor of Christianity strikes me as a deliberate embrace of ignorance and superstition However, in order to better understand, I do try to sometimes read serious evangelical offerings In this book, Mark Noll an evangelical and an academic first Wheaton and now Notre Dame , and has written a thoughtful work demonstrating that a Christ focused religion, grounded i [...]

    14. As a graduate student in the sciences, I found the chapters on Christ centred attitudes towards serious learning chapter 4 and the chapter on the sciences chapter 6 particularly relevant In particular, Noll highlights a numbers of assumptions embedded in modern thinking which frame much of the science religion debates today, and later encourages reflection on the philosophical assumptions with which we approach our research Taken together, these are two challenging points of reflection for any C [...]

    15. Noll begins his conclusion, For Christian scholarship to mean anything, it must mean intellectual labor rooted in Christ, with both the rooting and laboring essential With grace that sometimes chastens, he points out that evangelicals often root their labor, not in Christ, but in fears of or else concurrence with modernity Why not find a deeper faithful root in the creeds This is an inspiring book that should challenge Christian scholars to consider their work with fresh piety.

    16. This was a brief, yet excellent volume on the integration of Christian faith and scholarship Even though I am not an evangelical Christian, I share Noll s faith in Christ as well as his strong belief in the need to not compartmentalize our faith with respect to our scholarly pursuits I found many things of great value in this book that I can apply in my endless quest to pursue learning by study and also by faith.

    17. A challenging paradigm for the Christian academic roots din the Chalcedonian Creed While the author makes numerous good points, at times it flounders into the generic or devotional I wish I could give it 3.5 stars as it does present several solid academic frameworks, however I feel like the writing in places has trouble painting what these frameworks might look like in a real life setting using debates between the sciences and faith.A good book, but not the best.

    18. I was a little disappointed with this, but I think my expectations were a little too high There were a few things that I just flat out disagree with him about, but for the most part it was good I really enjoyed how he used the creeds in the first few chapters.

    19. It only took me four and a half years from when Dusty gave me this book for me to actually make it all the way through Some of the subject matter was over my head, but I remain firmly convinced that Mark Noll is one of the best people writing on Christian intellectualism today.

    20. Some helpful ideas, but Noll sometimes speaks to areas he doesn t have a strong command of like Biblical studies.

    21. A good discussion of how the core credal Christian beliefs provide a firm foundation for scholarship in every field.

    22. Had some really good points Kind of like reading a series of academic articles not a book Author spends too much time justifying why and how he is writing it.

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