[EPUB] ☆ The Three Little Pigs | by  Nicola Baxter Jan Lewis

The Three Little Pigs By Nicola Baxter Jan Lewis,

  • Title: The Three Little Pigs
  • Author: Nicola Baxter Jan Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780721497327
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. 1 no awards2 appropriate grade levels Pre K 2nd grade 3 Summary This book tells the story of the three little sibling pigs, two brothers and one sister Follow the little animals as they each build their own house Trouble awaits when the big bad wolf is near 4 Review I love this new take on the story The third pig outsmarting the wolf time and time again, adds an element of comedy The bright colorful illustrations are appealing as well 5 In class uses A teacher can give students a writing prompt [...]

    2. This rewrite of the three little pigs has you on your toes The rewrite was easy to follow and told the story in a cute funny aspect The pigs set out on a journey to live their lives but an unexpected guest ruins that for two of the pigs The moral of this story is to try your best and work hard and good things will happen The illustrations done in this book had a wimisical feel to it, but also the big bad wolf wasn t that big looking, but was creepy looking This book has always been a favorite of [...]

    3. Summary There were three little pigs that went off to seek their fortunes The first pig found a man with straw and used it to build a house, which the wolf blow down The wolf ate the pig and went on to find the second pig The second pig had found a man with wood and used it to build a house, which the wolf also blew down The wolf ate this pig and moved on to the third pig The third pig had found a man with bricks and used them to build a house, which the wolf could not blow down The wolf continu [...]

    4. This classic children s fairy tale sees three pigs leave their family home in order to live independently in their own houses The first Pig builds his house from straw, the second from wood and the third from brick But a hungry big bad Wolf huffs and puffs and blows them all down except for the last Pigs house Why might this be Children in KS1 could begin to get very practice and explore different classroom materials through building their own houses from building blocks, newspaper, straw, lego [...]

    5. The classic story of the three little pigs who use different materials to build their houses, but only the brick house survives the powerful strength of the hungry wolf s breath I read this story to nursery children, and we focused on this story for a week I found that there was a wealth of uses to this book, the children loved the repeated refrains of the wolf such as, I ll huff and I ll puff and I ll blow your house down They also enjoyed engaging in different role plays as a group, which is e [...]

    6. The three little pigs is a classic story about three little pigs that are told by their mother to set off into the world and build their own house but to beware of the BIG BAD WOLF When the pigs set off they meet different people who have different building material to build their houses, but only the brick house survives the huff and puff of the hungry wolf s breath In the end the wolf runs away and is never to be seen again The children loved the repetitive refrains of the wolf such as, I ll h [...]

    7. The Three Little Pigs is a story everybody knows from nursery to year 6 Its a great story with plenty of ideas to come from it For example the materials the pigs used can link to a science lesson make your own house for the pigs, what would you use It allows for literacy and i have used this in both reception and year one to great affect In year one we used the characters to do some lovely description of the wolf In reception, it is a great story to story map as the children are familiar with it [...]

    8. My favorite bedtime story, I would always ask my mom to retell the story to me Tells how the three pigs build houses and the big bad wolf blows them down until the last one and he is defeated This could work on the construction of stuff and why somethings are harder than others Would be a great discussion to mean and nice ways to treat one another Work on developing the students vocab and reading ability.

    9. All time kids favorite story about three pigs who go out and build their houses out of different material, while being followed by a wolf Since many children are familiar to this story, I used this book in my second grade classroom as a sequencing lesson Students used the events from the story to sequence the order from the first to the next to last.

    10. I love this book Before reading to my nursery class I was very excited to read it Children loved all the repetetive lines and acting out the actions Its a great book to read with Children aged 3 , even adults enjoy this book.

    11. The first time I read this out loud to my daughter, I scared her by putting too much gusto in to the wolf voice It didn t put her off though, as this was one she requested over and over and over and over.

    12. During a recent topic focus on fairytales I introduced the story of the 3 Little Pigs to my Yr 1 class Of course they loved the story and this book was perfect Highly recommended.

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