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And I Don't Want to Live This Life By Deborah Spungen,

  • Title: And I Don't Want to Live This Life
  • Author: Deborah Spungen
  • ISBN: 9780552125895
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • They called her Nauseating Nancy the outrageous girlfriend of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious She died as she had lived shockingly, in a sleazy New York hotel Sid would be charged with her murder before his own untimely death But what the lurid headlines didn t reveal was the family heartbreak behind the horror 19 years of struggling to understand a daughter who, even asThey called her Nauseating Nancy the outrageous girlfriend of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious She died as she had lived shockingly, in a sleazy New York hotel Sid would be charged with her murder before his own untimely death But what the lurid headlines didn t reveal was the family heartbreak behind the horror 19 years of struggling to understand a daughter who, even as a toddler, rebelled against everything her parents stood for Now, at last, her mother has broken the silence
    And I Don t Want to Live This Life They called her Nauseating Nancy the outrageous girlfriend of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious She died as she had lived shockingly in a sleazy New York hotel Sid would be charged with her murder before his ow

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    1. John Lennon and Yoko Ono Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson Sid and Nancy It was a crazy, passionate, tragic, Romeo and Juliet kind of love affair Their story had a crazy beginning, but maybe the craziest thing is how normal their relationship could have been In all seriousness, this is a sad book It s a sad story Of course I d heard of Nancy Spungen I mean, who hasn t During my unfortunate punk phase in high school when I wore Doc Martens [...]

    2. Loved this book I first read it when I was 14, being a Pistols fan, Nancy Spungeon I was fascinated with her life Wow Her poor suffering mother writes a really harrowing touching well written book about a child who was clearly born disturbed came out of the womb screaming biting never stopped Then wandered NYC stripping whoring following cool bands in a time I wish still existed I know many people who came in contact with nancy they all say the same thing, she was the most awful annoying bitch e [...]

    3. Ever since I was a young girl I was always drawn to the story of Nancy Spungen and her Sidney Though my younger, very troubled self was drawn into their story of love, death, drugs, and mental illness for all of the wrong reasons After reading this book written by Nancy s mother for the first time, I found myself clinging to her every word I simply couldn t put it down On Christmas Day this year I wanted to get home just to continue reading The way she expressed her deepest, darkest, and most ho [...]

    4. This book broke my heart I read it nearly 25 years ago, yet I can recite parts of the story It documents the incredible pain, sadness and heartbreak that the Spungen family endured throughout Nancy s turbulent and tragic life, even continuing after her death The public only saw the fabricated image of Nancy Spungen that was created by sleazy tabloid reporters Yes, Nancy was a disturbed heroin addict, but she was also sensitive and could not find peace and happiness in life She found something in [...]

    5. While the first half of the book was an interesting read, overall I did not enjoy this book The author comes off and very whiny and attention seeking While she talks about her daughter never taking the blame for her actions but passing it on to others, I don t think she realizes that she does the same thing throughout the book Spungen s affair is her husband s fault, Nancy s behavior is the doctor s fault, Spungen and her husband s inability to control Nancy is the psychologist s fault, and all [...]

    6. Deborah Spungen is the mother of Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sex Pistols Sid Vicious She was slain by Sid in the Chelsea Hotel in 1979 This book details Nancy s life from cradle to grave It is a heartbreaking book by a grieving mother who loved her daughter and wanted nothing but help her This is the story of a little girl who screamed all day and all night when she was a baby She chronicles the myriad of emotional problems Nancy had growing up Nancy was a destructive force on her family and n [...]

    7. This book was amazing, because it lets people know about Nancy Spungen, humanizing her instead of just viewing her as a minor, murdered character in the history of punk rock I don t usually get teary eyed over books but reading the struggles that Nancy s parents faced from the time she was a child, ending with the way the police treated them when they went to claim her body had me bawling I also think this is a must read for anyone who is raising a learning disabled child, perhaps if help were [...]

    8. I found the book to be uneven and self justifying rather than an honest and clear depiction of Nancy and her mother I didn t like it at all because the I read, the it took on a very self centered viewpoint with very little compassion or understanding of Nancy as a person I would hope that if my daughter died, and I chose to write a book about it, I would reflect on the loss of a very unique and special if troubled woman without filling the pages with self gratifying explanations and excuses r [...]

    9. Easily one of the most hauntingly beautiful books I ve ever read The Sex Pistols were the first band I was ever really obsessed with and like most of their fans, I hated Nancy From everything said about her by the remaining band members to people who hung out with The Pistols, I considered her to be the punk Yoko Ono.This book was written by her mother It begins with Nancy s childhood and weaves a tragic tale of a misunderstood girl It recounts her illness, her drug abuse, a family confused and [...]

    10. Courtney Love was not the first Borderline personalitied junkie to attempt to usurp the underground The handwringing in this book is stellar no wonder the child was so crazy GREAT BEACH READ and cautionary tale for those of you with teenage girls

    11. What mother doesn t want their teenage daughter to get entangled in hard core drugs and the famous punk rock scene of the late 1970s This one Deborah Spungen, mother of the infamous Nancy, whose only claim to fame was and still is her two year relationship with and subsequent alleged murder by British punker Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols And I Don t Want to Live This Life is Deborah s account of Nancy s deeply troubled life, from a traumatic birth experience to her prophetic death before the ag [...]

    12. Nancy was most famous for her relationship with Sid Vicious the Sex Pistols bass player , who stabbed her to death in the Chelsea Hotel in 1978 he died of an overdose before the case came to trial And I Don t Want To Live This Life is the story of Nancy s life as written by her mother and it is truly a harrowing one Deprived of oxygen after a difficult birth, her life continued with non stop screaming as an infant and uncontrollable episodes of rage and violence that placed an unimaginable toll [...]

    13. This is a book about murder, specifically, the murder of Nancy Spungen at the hands of Sid Vicious, but it is also about the small murders that Nancy encountered from her mental illness, and the insufficient medical system in place in her time to deal with her disease It is a moving story told by Nancy s mother, and while the narrative can become mechanical sometimes, Deborah Spungen s courageous insight regarding the trauma of a parental caregiver to a mentally ill child, and a survivor of fami [...]

    14. Nauseating Nancy, of Sid and Nancy fame, was actually schizophrenic I think this book does a really good job of explaining multiple things in a very honest and compassionate way Mental health services for young people with psychosis especially at the time Nancy was in the system, but in some cases today as well can be woefully inadequate to help patients and their families contend with the heartbreak and frustration they face on a daily basis Nancy Spungen was nauseating because she was sick It [...]

    15. This is the book that inspired a lot of my own writing I ve lost my original copy and haven t read it for years, so not sure how I would respond to it now But at the time it blew me away It is the story of an ordinary womamn an ordinary American family who had to deal with something extraordinary and impossibly heartbreaking in their lives Nancy Spungen who went on to be girlfriend of Sid Viscious and was murdered was, her mother says, Born angry Nobody ever discovered why she turned out the way [...]

    16. Enjoyed the earlier parts, did not get on so well with the ending For example, why dye her hair after she has died Isn t that an insult to the choices she made This book paints a bad picture of punks and the Sex Pistols when in fact, it was mainly Nancy s problems that influenced Sid Vicious to be the way he was Nancy started using drugs when she was very young and in many ways her death was inevitable.Also, I found some parts that made me question the rest of the book For example, repeatedly re [...]

    17. let me just say first that Nancy s mom should definatly get the award for best mother because after reading this book and all the stuff she had to go through since day one I do not see how she did it without having a freaking heart attack This book scared the shit out of me being a mother myself, it s hard to read what another mother had to go through I do however think this is the best book I have read in years it kept me interested and I could not put it down I laugh because I know so many kid [...]

    18. The main thing I took away is the knowledge that although the Spungen family had a pool, they were not rich Got that NOT RICH No matter what the press said Regular old American family Also, the fact that the author, Nancy s beleaguered mother, had no time for the luxury of tears I hear that I m slightly bitter about this book because after I read it, my mother confiscated it, issuing the accusation that I wanted to be just like Nancy Spungen Oh, please I look terrible as a blond.

    19. This was one of the hardest books to read as a mother and as a woman It was heart wrenching to read the very private side of a very public story I applaud Debbie for writing this book and sharing her story and her Nancy with the world This was a book club pick that I would probably never have picked up otherwise but am sure glad I did I made so many highlights and notes while I read in anticipation of what will certainly be a fabulous discussion at book club this coming week.

    20. If you wonder what it s like to have an out of control child, and then what s it is like to have her become a famous murder victim, this is the book for you I feel great pity for Ms Spungen, but I can t help but think that the end of her daughter s life throws the rest of it into the worst possible light Had she and Sid survived another decade, settled down, and raised some kids, that rebellious youth would feel very different Nancy.

    21. I rated this book so high for personal reasons Nancy sounds like me in so many ways and I believe she may have had Borderline Personality Disorder as well Mrs Spungen tried to be as unbiased as she could be as a mother while giving as much detail about the tragic life of her daughter and one of punk s most visible icons, however undeserved that title may be.

    22. this is one of the most harrowing, hard to read books i know of nancy spungen was troubled from her very birth this is written by her mom and it is truly, truly heartbreaking.

    23. I used to read this book a lot in high school and it made me think of it the other night So I went through my boxes out in the shop and found it I forgotten how much I loved this book I loved the Sex Pistols and I felt for Nancy I don t read a lot of biography s or Autobiography but this is such an amazing and sad read if you get the chance and love music Then give this book a try.

    24. I have a hard time rating this book, it was eye opening but at the same time kind of contradicting I d give it a 3.5

    25. When I saw this book in my college library I was hooked because it was a real story and when I found out that it is the story about Nancy Spungen the girlfriend of the guitarist of Sex Pistols Sid Vicious,Ii took the book to read it This story is one of the saddest stories ever written especially that the mother is the person who s talking about her child The story is amazing the way that Deb wrote it, and shockingly unexpected what kind of life Nancy had when she was little I came to a point wh [...]

    26. Could not put this book down Makes you think about the caricatures the media turns people into and feel guilty for first impressions Nancy Spungen, the junkie girlfriend of Sid Vicious Murdered in a hotel room And the daughter of middle class suburban parents, who could never sit still as a toddler and screamed at her childhood night terrors.You take it for granted these days that there is less taboo and help for people Are they just problem children or is there something else going on A questi [...]

    27. I love this book I just plain love it The mother s pain, love, and hard work How she didn t cry until her daughter died Nancy s siblings and the pain she caused them Her parent s marriage and how they made it through it all.How Sid was so devoted to her that he killed her.This book has so many controversial topics, and I love bringing it up as to further support my opinions.Mental illness, assisted suicide, family issues, and the differences between love and lust.Even interesting, I find, is th [...]

    28. I m totally not into punk music and still this book was absolutely fascinating I almost had to stop reading it in the beginning because Nancy s behavior was so super disturbing that I was getting freaked out that someday I d have a kid like this But I absolutely couldn t stop reading it I thought that it was well written and you really feel bad for her parents and family for all the stuff that she put them through I m surprised that her mother could remember all the different problems she had I [...]

    29. I read this book as a teenager and I think it was probably the heaviest book I read at that age Nancy s life was so far from mine I was a nerdy girl who loved books and studying and folk dancing I still do that it was hard for me to understand that people could actually experience something like this Why would someone want to hang out with a rock band yes, I really was utterly non cool Still, I think this book was good for me And looking back, I think it might be a part of why I later developed [...]

    30. I can t believe I read this entire book when I was in the 5th grade but I did It was a sad book, but I loved it Her mother wrote about the unimaginable difficulties she went through trying to raise Nancy of Sid and Nancy I felt awful for the mother and I m sure I cried several times while reading this book Even though I read this book over 20 years ago I still remember it to be such a touching and painful story of a mother pouring her heart out about how hard she tried to help her daughter who s [...]

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