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In Shades of Grey By Melissa Myers,

  • Title: In Shades of Grey
  • Author: Melissa Myers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a breath it was gone her home, her family, her future For Jala, the first taste of magic was a brutal one Spared from death by the protection of a god, Jala is rescued by outlaws and taken to a remote country temple to be raised Thinking herself no than a farmer s orphan, Jala is caught completely off guard when told that she is to train at the High Academy.In a breath it was gone her home, her family, her future For Jala, the first taste of magic was a brutal one Spared from death by the protection of a god, Jala is rescued by outlaws and taken to a remote country temple to be raised Thinking herself no than a farmer s orphan, Jala is caught completely off guard when told that she is to train at the High Academy With no escape from this new future, Jala finds herself cast out of the temple and forced into a world of magic and intrigue Now she must learn quickly about her world as well as herself if she is going to survive As Jala s magic unfolds she is drawn back to her ruined homeland by nightmares and acquires a Familiar like no other Realizing she is far than a simple farmer s daughter, Jala begins searching for the secrets of her past As the truth unfolds and her reputation in the city of Sanctuary grows, so does the danger With half of the Elder Blood houses wanting her dead and the other half wanting her help, Jala finds herself the center of attention than she ever wanted.
    In Shades of Grey In a breath it was gone her home her family her future For Jala the first taste of magic was a brutal one Spared from death by the protection of a god Jala is rescued by outlaws and taken to a rem

    One thought on “In Shades of Grey”

    1. A friend and I were talking about children s books, and one lifelong reading preference that I ve only gradually reined in is a preference for fantasies that include animals I have no idea how this book came to my attention, as none of my friends have added or reviewed, but it undoubtedly remained due to the heroine being described as acquiring a Familiar like no other and then a lovely picture of a silver lion on the cover What retained my attention was bits of intriguing world building, includ [...]

    2. I loved the story line, it was original once you got into it The characters came to life for me with their different emotions it was filled with bits of humor that made me laugh, sadder times that made me cry Even though Jala was the main character, Finn and Marrow quickly became my favorites I can t wait for the second book to come out.

    3. I truly loved this book Unlike most series where the first book normally dragsis one does not From page one to the end In Shades of grey will keep you captivated and begging for the next in the series Honestly I m truly amazed that this is an Indie book It is as good as any I ve read from a major publisher and better than most.The plot is well developed, the world is unique and it doesn t have the typical ancient time line setting The characters are extremely well done with dialogue that is both [...]

    4. In Shades of Grey has it everything my fantasy sci fi loving soul needs magic, mystery, adventure, danger, love, suspense sigh Many new fantasy writers entertain me briefly but don t really impress me others fall very short on both counts Myers is not one of these Though she is a brand new author, her talent for storytelling is natural and her book is superior It s well above what I have come to expect from current fantasy paranormal authors I don t want to give much of the story away so I ll ju [...]

    5. HIGHLY recommended Such a refreshing change in the world of fantasy It is far from your typical fantasy and exactly what I ve been looking for in a new book Myers is an absolute natural I have been addicted from the beginning The storyline is so well laid out, with the perfect amount of detail, not lacking or overbearing, that you become very familiar with each character and their personality and can truly relate to them There is such wonderful character structure that I found myself becoming so [...]

    6. I am a bit torn rating this As far as the storyline and characters go, this book, for me, would merit 4 stars The world building was interesting, the plot well paced and the cast of characters entertaining However, I did find the writing a little unpolished in places, and this spoiled the flow a little Careful editing could definitely remedy this though, and all in all I thought this was a very good debut fantasy novel.

    7. Melissa Myers has a knack for description Her characters come alive in a way that make you feel as though you are walking through their lives with them as the story unfolds.

    8. Ahh now I never leave reviews ever EVVER But I really loved this series like I had my mock weeks and I blasted through like all 4 of them and am on the 5th like iz a good time How I see it is this story has been WOVEN like there s shit happening here there he s munipulating her who s being munipulated by him who s reason is cos she loved his dad who s mortal enemies with his mum ectttt that didn t actually happen Like I dug all the characters, every character was a main character with feeling an [...]

    9. 2.5 stars.If not for the annoying romance, it could ve been such a great book Promising world, promising creatures Alas, author fell into teenage romance trap Also, someone in another review mentioned how annoying use of smirk was I so agree People can not smirk all the time It s just annoying Use a thesaurus.

    10. The Formatting is Terrible DistractingI loved the premise of the story and I will still try to finish it, but The formatting editing is completely distracting.The apostrophe has been replaced by a quotation mark instead of reading Jala s, it s Jala s It wouldn t seem a big deal, but I couldn t even get halfway through chapter 1 before checking if this was simply the mishap of a forgotten section or throughout the whole book Unfortunately, it was the whole book And to make it worse, spaces betwee [...]

    11. I had this one sitting on my e reader for awhile and couldn t remember what it was about or why I chose it Based on the cover I was expecting a standard shifter paranormal type romance as that is what I read most Instead I got a great fantasy story with interesting world building and a story that pulled me in and kept me reading long past my bed time I enjoyed Jala and how although innocent and a bit na ve from her upbringing she wasn t stupid and learnt quickly I also liked how the fortuitous c [...]

    12. May I say wow Myers has taken fantasy to a whole new level From the start the story line hools you in You begin to feel emotions as you read through the first chapters and quickly find yourself flipping the next page and before you know it your halfway through I am amazed at this being a first time author And as far as the punctuality and grammer goes, this is a first time Indie writer and the publisher should be catching this Not Myers fault Absolutely love and cannot wait for the third book Ku [...]

    13. Oh I don t know how I can put into words how much I love this book The humor and wit The characters Finn, Jala, Marrow, Fortune I wish there was of him to be honest , Havoc Too many wonderful characters to pick a favorite Typos and grammar errors to be sure, but if you re willing to look past that, a great book that will suck you in.

    14. I liked the concept but I a lot of parts didn t sit right with me Also, sometimes I felt I would understand one part but then something would dangerously to make another character better or worse I also felt extremely sorry for one character but telling why would be spoiling the book so I won t say who or why.

    15. This book was written in such a way that you would find it very hard to drop it I tend to picture the world in the book when I read and Melissa paints a pretty good picture of Sanctuary Awesome book

    16. The romantic sexism lost a point, otherwise might have given 3 stars for the world building, pacing and writing skill.

    17. That was a good story Well the beginning of one, love, intrigue, politic the only reason it doesn t have five star is because of the format of the text, it was bothersome.

    18. I absolutely LOVED this series.except for one thing.WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE BOOKS I need to know what happens with Shade

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