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The Way to Love: Meditations for Life By Anthony de Mello,

  • Title: The Way to Love: Meditations for Life
  • Author: Anthony de Mello
  • ISBN: 9780307951908
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Way to Love contains some of the most beloved stories from Anthony de Mello Here, than ever before in his bestselling writing, he grapples with the ultimate question of love In thirty one meditations, he implores his readers with his usual pithiness to break through illusion, the great obstacle to love Love springs from awareness, de Mello insists, saying thaThe Way to Love contains some of the most beloved stories from Anthony de Mello Here, than ever before in his bestselling writing, he grapples with the ultimate question of love In thirty one meditations, he implores his readers with his usual pithiness to break through illusion, the great obstacle to love Love springs from awareness, de Mello insists, saying that it is only when we see the other as he or she really is that we begin to love The second act of love, he says, is seeing ourselves without illusion without the coercive nature of our needs, desires, memories, prejudices, and projections If these steps are taken, then love will steal upon a person or into a relationship But the task is not easy The most painful act the human can perform, de Mello says, is the act of seeing It is in that act of seeing that love is born.
    The Way to Love Meditations for Life The Way to Love contains some of the most beloved stories from Anthony de Mello Here than ever before in his bestselling writing he grapples with the ultimate question of love In thirty one meditati

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    1. Anthony DeMello is my favorite spiritual teacher, so I ll admit to having a bit of bias in his favor This is a nice little book with lots of wisdom shared in DeMello s usual frank, no nonsense style Here s one of my favorite quotes from it Whenever you are insecure about what may happen in the future, just remember this In the past six months or one year you were so insecure about events which when they finally came you were able to handle somehow Thanks to the energy and the resources that that [...]

    2. What a book This scared and terrified the shit out of me on several occasions What an astounding thing to do I ve read my share of books on spirituality, but for some reason, this one really got to me Or maybe it s just the current stage I m experiencing in my life I was ready to hear and absorb the ideas principles etc it was trying to tell me It has shaken me up It has challenged every single thing I believe and hold true I love challening my beliefs I love deprogramming I loved this book He s [...]

    3. If you read Anthony de Mello, you will find yourself nodding And then you will have to read it again The concepts can challenging, because it s not your typical Christian spirituality de Mello will make you face the hardest questions about your one needs, fears, motives and beliefs And it will change you.

    4. This pure, sincere observation about life can only be done by someone holy Read this with open heart and it will lead you to taste sweetness of enlightenment.Most priests will interpret bible though what they learn in theology, through the ideas that lived in their mind for years planted by society and religion De Mello is one of a kind priest.I m so grateful for him and his love.

    5. This is a little book espousing a life with no suffering It teaches that we suffer because we attach our identity to things that we cannot control and are only concepts Buddhist like teaching mixed with Christianity.

    6. I usually write quotes, and this one made me write a lot First of all, I liked some parts of a book, he really gives us good advices But I also have a lot of negative comments 1 He says that we shouldn t look at things through our beliefs and there he goes he wrote it through Bible quotes and believes.2 Humans are social beings, we live in certain culture, and sorry buddy, but we can t just excuse ourselves from it 3 I kinda got a felling that all he wants to say is that you can t be happy as lo [...]

    7. Meditative, contemplative readings that I ponder as I drift off to sleep each night This book was recently given to be by a wise and gentle soul I know and admire.

    8. What a wonderful, incredibly challenging book While very idealistic in many respects, it also forced me to look very closely at my life, my attachments, my programming , and to take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions To truly love one has to first truly let go of one s biases, one s prejudices, the need to be right, the need to be needed, one s fears, even one s ambitions and one s walls.I will definitely read this book over and over again, in small doses, to try and let de Mel [...]

    9. This is one of those books that just helps you get perspective It is done in short chapters that reflect on the meaning of a scripture verse, but does not preach a sermon It s about how to see everything for what it really is not what it has become for us through the influences of our culture or other relationships Anthony De Mello was a thinker who cut through so much of what we assume we understand, but have not critically looked at.

    10. This was a big eye opener at the time It s too bad De Mello isn t still around, as I d like to see his commentary on current affairs.

    11. Probably the most paradigm shifting book I ve read in a long long while definitely this year, maybe my whole uni life Despite being written by a Jesuit priest, the ideas expressed are reminiscent of Buddhism non attachment , with a distinct Christian lens Reminded me of the book I read by Osho recently as well Book of Living and Dying.If you read only one book a decade, do yourself a favour and make it this one.AttachmentAttachment how is an attachment formed First comes the contact with somethi [...]

    12. One of the most enlightening books it s a bit like his book awareness , he s stressed a lot on the attachment and clinging to persons, things It s one of those books which breaks your denial state of how much suffering that you have when you cling and attach Holiness is not achievement, it is a Grace A Grace called Awareness, a Grace called Looking, Observing, Understanding.

    13. It s just like stating the obvious So I didn t get anything new out of it but perhaps it s what others could be looking for at a certain moment.

    14. Excellent Much to ponder in this little gem I will for sure be coming back to this over and over De Mello makes holiness spirituality accessible in the here and nowd it s so much about awareness and grace refreshing

    15. Fed up listening to Rhianna finding love in a hopeless place Bored senseless watching repetitive Hollywood rom coms Peeved off with those childhood fairytales about happy ever after romances Then digest a copy of De Mello s The Way To Love and I guarantee your life will never be the same again Okay, I can t guarantee that but it will certainly provide the opportunity to change your outlook on love, relationships and other trifles Be warned though, you may not like what he has to say.I bought the [...]

    16. What a neat book, really taking a hard look at myself and how to lead a zen existence The whole premise is to rid ourselves of attachments which we hold on to in order to achieve happiness So, instead of saying I need this in my life to be happy and I won t be happy until then, focus on existing in the present and finding fulfillment that way Otherwise our needs and desires lead us in a cycle of disappointment It was fun to read a chapter and a time and live with it for a while before moving on [...]

    17. I previously read the author s book Awareness, which was incredible and I agreed with about 95% of it This book is largely similar, so if you ve read Awareness than you ve read 90% of his points in this one They re still quality perspectives to chew on, but there s little new content here.Also, when compared to Awareness, I found he was less direct when talking about God in this volume He does refer to the Kingdom of God and Christ, but he also refers to entities such as Nature , so it s difficu [...]

    18. I am always on the outlook for other spiritual authors Anthony DeMello is one of my favorites I have loved every single one of his books and I own most of them He speaks in a language that anyone can understand He empowers his readers to discover the truth that they can shape their own reality through the power of detachment from the things of this world that are not real.He offers a key to the kingdom of heaven It is a key that anyone can possess and can experience within their own lives Heaven [...]

    19. The way to love symbolises an ideal the ideal of loving everyone and everything in life the way that the LORD loves everything and everyone Without attachment, without binding, without expectation, while humanity is imperfect and I can attest through experience this helps remind me that there is a better love out there Not the kind of love that separates that separates love between a lover and a friend Rather, the kind of love this book tries to cultivate is the love of all equally, without bind [...]

    20. Melalui buku ini Anthony de Mello membawa kita untuk siap mencintai, dengan cinta yang bebas dan menghidupkan Dengan kalimat kalimat logisnya, ia membeberkan berbagai kelemahan kita dalam berhadapan dengan dunia, dengan orang orang yang kita sayangi maupun dengan orang orang yang tidak kita sukai.Buku ini memberikan penjabaran logis mengapa kita harus menjadi manusia seutuhnya, menjadi manusia yang bebas dan merdeka dari segala sesuatu yang dapat mempengaruhi perasaan dan pilihan kita Menjadi ma [...]

    21. This book challenged my thinking around love Being brought up from parents with the city, and a highly populated school and town, it felt like a dog eat dog world It was recommended by an ex who struggled in his own way to find the way to love by letting go of anger However this book will be appealing to this audience and also those who, although know deep in their gut what love is, find this an affirming read on love.It s a small book and great to carry around on the commutes into work Good pla [...]

    22. My psychologist at the time handed me this book when I was in a very bad place and said Read this It saved me Next to the Bible, this is my favorite book of wisdom De Mello combines the wisdom of Eastern religions with simple Christian faith, producing a feast of understanding that people of any background could benefit from His insight is somewhat like Eckhart Tolle but much easier to grasp and apply.

    23. this little book was totally profound it slices right at the heart of living life fully there are bits in it that i still can t quite understand i was truly amazed at his writing, which wasted no words in saying exactly what he wanted to say much like his ideas, that life is about being and seeing what is real, beyond the social constructs that cushion us from reality really, i just kept thinking about the matrix and how what we are living is an illusion blue or red pill

    24. A spiritual read for reflection De Mello, a Catholic priest almost kicked out of the priesthood for his outspokeness died in his fifties I find his directness, no beating around the bushes approach refreshing Whether you agree or not with his view, he will make you think that is unless your mind on this matter is closed and secured with a padlock This book will stay on my bookshelf, not donated or forgotten.

    25. I probably need to read this again because of the size, this book came along with me for waits in airport terminals, a place and time when I might take offense because I d spent hundreds of dollars to visit people I love and value But in taking a step back and taking a look at my attachments , I can see the author s point He s accomplished his goal I am re evaluating myself.

    26. Anthony De Mello s last book It is comprised of 31 meditations in which he ponders the question of love I am reading one a day at least two times I love this little book which is small and fits in my pocket or purse This is a book I will definitely keep with me and read over and over It would make a wonderful gift for family and friends Great food for thought in this little gem

    27. Ok its recommended by me Good way to end the day reading bits of this book I got this book as a giveaway back in June and I put it on my shelf then went on vacation and forgot about it This week i rediscoved it.

    28. this book is filled with wonderful wisdom Anthony De mello brings to light that suffering is a choice He easily explains that it is our unconscious programming that we follow that causes our suffering I advise any spiritual traveler to pick up this book.

    29. The Way to Love by Anthony de Mello is truly inspiring It is a book that can open your eyes to a different way of thinking and living This book holds powerful thoughts and insights into love and life in general Yulya Roesdy

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