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  • Title: The Protector
  • Author: Marliss Melton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eryn McClellan teaches ESL in Washington, D.C until the day she s targeted by terrorists avenging her father s actions in Afghanistan The FBI has stepped in, but when it looks like they are using her for bait, General McClellan enlists the aid of the only man he knows he can trust former Navy SEAL Ike Calhoun Embracing solitude in his remote cabin in the Blue Ridge MoEryn McClellan teaches ESL in Washington, D.C until the day she s targeted by terrorists avenging her father s actions in Afghanistan The FBI has stepped in, but when it looks like they are using her for bait, General McClellan enlists the aid of the only man he knows he can trust former Navy SEAL Ike Calhoun Embracing solitude in his remote cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ike thought he d left the War on Terror far behind Now he s stuck shielding a blue eyed beauty from ambitious federal agents and crazed jihadists More disturbing still, the charming Eryn seems intent on shattering his self imposed isolation Ike does his best to resist her welcoming ways, but he can feel his resistance crumbling like a mountain in a mudslide With the FBI hot on their heels and the terrorists not far behind, Ike willingly wages a one man war in defense of the woman whose passion and faith have given him the strength to rise above his past.
    The Protector Eryn McClellan teaches ESL in Washington D C until the day she s targeted by terrorists avenging her father s actions in Afghanistan The FBI has stepped in but when it looks like they are using her

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    1. I m so glad Marliss Melton is back in the game again Her SEAL Team 12 series is one of my favorites, and I can t believe her publisher didn t want her to continue writing about SEALs Her latest book, The Protector is self published, and MM wisely chose to stick with a formula that has worked for her in the past Her heroine, ESL English as a second language teacher Eryn McClellan, is the daughter of the top US commander in Afghanistan Eryn s in a bit of a pickle she has a terrorist after her head [...]

    2. 2.5 Skip it StarsLots of stereotypes.Flat, black hat villains.Heroine is a damsel in distress with some too stupid to live moments and little control of her destiny.Some awkward word choices in the sex scenes her chasm, for example , and I never felt the chemistry between the H and h.Frequent need to suspend reality.All of which is a shame because basics of the plot are quite good and would make a great action movie or story if the characters were believable.This series ends here for me.

    3. This book didn t work for me, I didn t like the characters what is up with the names , the whole setup with the daughter of a General being hunted and the whole FBI thing seemed so reckless and unprofessional and most important of all I didn t like the characters.The story didn t pull me in, the characters monologues and dialogues were weird The romance too lacked something.Bottom line not my cup of tea, try the other books by this author.

    4. 2,5 stars I gave this author a try because of my author s names challenge Until the last 1 3 I was giving it 3,5 stars, but then the heroine started to have TSTL reactions Also, at one point I found the FBI behavior OTT I mean, the heroine is the daughter of a respected 4 stars general, not any lambda citizen they can bully as they please.

    5. The first book in Marliss Melton s Taskforce series Eryn McClellan is the daughter of a general and teaches English as a second language One of her students saves her life but loses his and Eryn is put in FBI custody for protection But the FBI isn t doing all that great of a job so the General calls on one of his former men, Isaac Ike Calhoun, to protect his daughter Now the reluctant protector must ensure Eryn s safety, not only from the bad guys but himself.This has all the right elements and [...]

    6. THE PROTECTOR by Marliss Melton07 11 Published by CreateSpace Paperback, 240 pagesIs it the person or the act that makes one a hero Eryn McClellan has traveled the world as her family gladly follower her father s military career She admires him, respects and the military choices he has had to make even though those choices have made her a target for a terrorist group that wants her head literally on a silver platter The only person her father trusts to keep her safe is Isaac Ike Calhoun, a retir [...]

    7. I got this for a great price on my Nook I m always looking for new authors and this looked interesting.If you are looking for a book with a little bit of romance, a good story plot, fair character development, this is may work for you It has a military twist, so if you don t like this type of story you may not like this A terrorist plot is throughout the story.Overall, not bad I would give it 3.5 to 4 stars I will try another by this author.Happy Reading

    8. I think this story had potential but sadly for me it didn t work Dialog was wierd, forced I just didn t get in the story kind of like watching cartoon character trying to look real.I forced myself to read it to the end.So not my type of book.

    9. Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsThis was a very interesting read The premise was intriguing and kept the story flowing I gotta say I did not like Ike all the time And the FBI guy Kane is really not like able.As a hero, Ike is rough around the edges He was bossy and domineering, not always in a good way He kicks things off bully than hero Fortunately he lightens up over time and exposure to Eryn By the end I really had come to like him The while tortured warrior is a weak [...]

    10. Another author friend of mine was discussing the problems Marliss Melton had had with her publisher Ms Melton writes military romantic suspense and apparently her publisher decided they didn t want any SEAL books from her and so Ms Melton had decided to self publish I was intrigued by the story and wanted to see what the publisher had passed up, so I went ahead and read The Protector From the very first page we are pulled into Eryn s story when one of her students is acting very strangely while [...]

    11. I had high hopes for this book since the blurb itself is very promising However, as the story unfolds, the two main character s love story starts to slides to the backside for me and the reason I kept on reading was because of the sub plot In short, the secondary characters and the secondary subplots engaged me than the H h s story.The h is a very fine example of a character that thrives well when the weather is good But when hardship comes, her selfishness brat iness appears I can understand t [...]

    12. I really did not like this book which is a shame because I liked her Seal Team 12 Series However, this book just wanted to make me throw my kindle across the room First off the heroine was just not my cup of tea I first I thought she might be okay but the second she was rescued from the FBI by a man she s never met before she takes a pill which makes her sleep She spends most of the trip asleep even though she isn t sure who why this man rescued her except that he says her father sent him Then w [...]

    13. Marliss Melton s SEAL Team 12 books have been among my favorite military themed romantic suspense I was disappointed when her publisher decided no SEAL books That turns out to be short sighted since the heroic SEALs killed Bin Laden, making them very popular with the general public I was delighted to hear Melton was self publishing a new series of military RS in ebook format, and bought the first one as soon as it was out.Unfortunately, it didn t live up to Melton s previous books The overall s [...]

    14. First time reading this author and I loved this book I love discovering new authors and this was just sweet, dangerous, and a perfect book for me I love these kind of books and I enjoyed it so much Amazing Well deserved five stars definitely

    15. I m so glad Mariliss Melton is back I d forgotten how well she does romantic suspense I really liked this book and can t wait for her to continue with this series.

    16. Really not a bad intro story for the series, I really enjoyed it I received the book free, but will enjoy paying for a few .Written by a woman you can tell of course by the strongly emotional scenes, not to mention a few steamy encounters Quite honestly the love making description is usually rather better.Not realising that this is the first in a series, I read it as a standalone, but now realise there are many .Which seems good to me.

    17. Suspenseful book, interesting characters and a great dog Bearing a strong resemblance to current events the storyline here hues true The story arc is well plotted and moves along at a good pace to keep the reader engaged The indictment of the political nature of the FBI is equally fun to read and irritating for its ring of truth Ike and Eryn are great main characters and you hurt for Ike s emotional baggage and root for their HEA Highly recommend.

    18. Audio book review This was an exciting story to begin an action packed, passionate new romantic suspense series I ve listened to the author s stories before, loved them and was eager to give this series a go The book leaped out of the gates and stayed strong throughout with an ending that had me deeply satisfied.The story opens with English language teacher, Eryn McClellan, barely escaping death at the hands of a revenge minded terrorist only because one of her students was a traitor to the terr [...]

    19. Only because Afghani senior Itzak Dharker has second thoughts can Eryn escape a man hell bent on kidnapping her.She is an English teacher, but also the daughter of U.S Commander McClellan That s what I call a motive A terrorist is out for revenge.Unfortunately the FBI is about as capable as a bunch of first graders, and that s why the General enlists the help of Isaac Ike Calhoun After a mission of the fubar fucked up beyond all reason recognition repair kind left four of his men dead, he turned [...]

    20. The Protector by Marliss MeltonRomantic Suspense July 7th, 20114 starsThe Protector is the exciting prequel to the author s Counterterroist Taskforce seriesL teacher Eryn McClellan finds herself a target of Islamic extremists who want revenge on her powerful father, General McClellan She is immediately placed in a safe house by the FBI but feels caged However, the FBI plans to use Eryn as bait to catch the extremist and leak information about her location Meanwhile, aware of the danger to his da [...]

    21. The Protector Taskforce 1 By Marliss MeltonISBN 9781460951811Published June 24, 2011Available Format Paperback, ebookMy Rating Eryn McClellan is an ESL teacher in D.C just living her normal, somewhat boring life Things are turned upside down when a group of terrorists target her in order to avenge her father s actions in Afghanistan With the FBI using Eryn as bait, her father sends in his own man to protect her, former Navy SEAL Issac Calhoun Ike was certain he d left the days of war behind him [...]

    22. THE PROTECTOR by Marliss Melton is an exciting romantic suspense set in present day Washington,D.C and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virgina.It is written with depth and details.The characters will capture your heart and will keep you spell bound.When Eryn McClellan,the daughter of a general operating in Afghanistan,is targeted by an avenging terrorist, for her father s actions in Afghanistan,the FBI steps in.But Eryn s father knows he can only trust her life with someone he trusts former Navy Sea [...]

    23. Review originally pyblished at booksandspoons.weebly book blogI love it when the story gets right into the action, and takes off with a bang.The story is told by three different point of views the couple s, the FBI s, and the terrorist s It gave the suspense part of the story a well rounded view, and brought up the tension and anxiety The FBI agents nearly made the story into a tragicomedy The leader s desire to advance his career rode over any and all good and right decisions towards national s [...]

    24. The Protector Taskforce 1 by Marliss MeltonEryn McClellan is a ESL teacher at Edmund Burke School in Washington, D.C One day she is staying after school to help her student from Afghanistan, Itzak Dharker They both leave to go home and Itzak is telling her that he will protect her and when they see a black taxi he tells her to run away The taxi driver is the leader of the Brotherhood of Islam a terrorist group that is after Eryn Her father General McClellan is commander of the International Secu [...]

    25. i could see this book as a movie The storyline is very current with lots of thrills suspense to keep the reader hooked Believable characters engage your interest the action keeps the plot moving along smoothly This is a love story in today s reality, where war terrorism dominate the lives of the characters I adored Ike, he was shuttered closed off, both physically emotionally, yet by the small gestures he makes you can see his integrity, honour goodness It takes quite a while for Eryn to break t [...]

    26. I m completely done with Marliss Melton This book angered me so much that I actually deleted it from my Kindle so it wouldn t infect anything else The first time the hero and heroine are safely into their hiding place, the hero absolutely bullies her Completely And he does so in total ignorance of modern medicine The heroine s problem is very real Not only is this a total turn off, it also indicates the author s ignorance.So Mr Hero us a bully Gosh What a swell guy And immediately after that she [...]

    27. FairEryn is a teacher and a General s daughter When terrorists target her the FBI puts her in a safe house But what she doesn t know is that she is bait Ike was a SEAL under her father s command He wants Ike to get her away from the FBI and protect her He takes her to his cabin in the mountains until they are tracked there She turns herself in so Ike will not be arrested but his taken by the terrorist Now Ike must get to her before she is killed The story is sort of slow starting but then the ch [...]

    28. I ve waited a long, long time for the newest book from Marliss Melton and I was definitely not disappointed with The Protector Ike Calhoun is everything readers will be looking for in a hero, and watching him grow, and develop as he learns to trust his heart, and his instincts again is only the beginning of what makes The Protector an amazing, cannot put it down reading experience Eryn McClellan is the perfect heroine and she grows to become the person we d all want to have as our closest friend [...]

    29. First I have to say I loved The Protector I ve read it three times now Ike and Eryn are both characters that I love and want to be happy.Eryn McClellan teaches ESL and her father is a US General She s targeted by terrorist because of him The General asks former Navy SEAL Ike Calhoun, a man he trusts and treats like a son, to protect Eryn.Ike Calhoun has left the Navy and the war behind and is living in the Blue Ridge Mountains Now suddenly he s responsible for keeping Eryn safe Ike tries to push [...]

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