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Escape from Verona By DavidGray,

  • Title: Escape from Verona
  • Author: DavidGray
  • ISBN: 9780982812464
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Escape From Verona, Juliet s long lost diary, begins where Shakespeare leaves off, explaining how she and Romeo fake their deaths and escape from the Capulet family tomb Their escape does not bring peace to Verona They are accused of murder and witchcraft and are hunted by powerful forces, including the Papacy and the Venetian government Their adventures require not onlEscape From Verona, Juliet s long lost diary, begins where Shakespeare leaves off, explaining how she and Romeo fake their deaths and escape from the Capulet family tomb Their escape does not bring peace to Verona They are accused of murder and witchcraft and are hunted by powerful forces, including the Papacy and the Venetian government Their adventures require not only eluding capture, but they must also learn what it means to love one another without the backdrop of their family feud What sacrifices are required for a well bred young woman and a proud young swordsman to survive together Is heedless passion enough to make their marriage last As the lovers flee across northeast Italy they encounter many other characters made famous in Shakespeare s plays, Petruchio, Shylock, Desdemona and Othello among them Their efforts are further aided by many of the artists of the late Renaissance, including Palladio, Tintoretto, Veronese and Titian.
    Escape from Verona Escape From Verona Juliet s long lost diary begins where Shakespeare leaves off explaining how she and Romeo fake their deaths and escape from the Capulet family tomb Their escape does not bring pe

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    1. I think the premise of this book was good but the execution not so much First of all, the story of Romeo and Juliet is one of the English language s greatest love stories OF ALL TIME hence the need to follow a strong romantic tradition if your intent is to follow the traditional story There was absolutely no romance in this book with the exception of the occasional sex scene with details spared I was not even convinced that they loved each other Interestingly enough, the story is narrated by Jul [...]

    2. When I first picked up Escape From Verona, I admit that I was one nervous reader This was due in part because Romeo and Juliet is my all time favorite Shakespeare play And I m a huge Shakespeare geek I own his entire collection as well as a lot of double copies because I like to collect some just strictly for the covers or editions So, going into this story I was nervous to see how it would play out How well the characters would continue on AFTER And it astounded me The amount of detail and rese [...]

    3. originally appeared on Bookshelf Confessions So if anyone should think of Romeo and Juliet, think not of 2 love sick children bent on destruction, think of 2 people who fought and learned and loved and grew, as real people do Juliet Montague, DiaryI m a lover of history, especially when it s mixed with Romance, who wouldn t Escape from Verona by David Gray is a result of the author s labor of love for many years Along with his on research, Father Grigio s 1700th research and Juliet Montague s lo [...]

    4. You can see my full review here Thoughts Of An Endless DreamerFirst off I d like to thank Smith Publicity and Netgalley for the opportunity to read Escape From Verona.A good friend of mine recommended this book to me while she was reading it, so I went to check out the synopsis I m a huge Shakespeare geek so anything that has to do with him or his work interests me, so needless to say I was immediately intrigued by this book Romeo and Juilet is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays so I was reall [...]

    5. One of my favorite Shakespearean plays is Romeo Juliet David Gray s novel offers a possible alternate ending to the play which exposes the young lover s deathes as yet another ruse to avoid persecution from their feuding families However, things go awry, and the two find themselves on the run as a corrupt government official sees their escape from Verona as a way to elevate his standing in Verona s political arena The first half of the novel lacked any real detail about life in Italy or at least [...]

    6. This is a book that had great potential, but that didn t quite live up to my expectations.The idea behind the story Romeo and Juliet surviving and attempting to escape together was what enticed me to request this book from NetGalley The hint at the inclusion of other Shakespearean characters and historical figures was also a big draw.Sadly, I found myself reading the book with very little enthusiasm Juliet came across as too experienced for me, and I found some of her actions completely unbeliev [...]

    7. I won this book from First Reads Upon receiving the book, I noticed a small caption after the title Part II I immeadiately looked it up and discovered there is no Part 1 by David Gray, rather he appeared to be referring to this as a fictional sequel to the original Romeo and Juliet This story picks up where RJ left off We learn that neither of them died, but instead both were drugged into a deep sleep There are fights which end in a few murders and Juliet being acused of being a witch There star [...]

    8. It really kills me to put only 2 stars It kills me because i m a romeo Juliet obsessive lover and I will read ANYTHING that touch that play And I will usually love it Such Sweet Sorrow by Jenny Trout being a fine example Now I really wanted to live this book, I had such grand expectations The main story is boring they run, they escape, they run again I read that most people were annoyed by Romeo s behaviour, it was quite the contrary for me Juliet got on my nerves like crazy, being a whiny littl [...]

    9. I wanted to like this book I really, really did The beginning was strong, especially the part about how Romeo and Juliet faked their suicides and escaped from Verona After they escaped, though, the story quickly become extremely repetitive Romeo and Juliet run get caughtn again get caught againcAdditionally, the narrative makes use of notes to explain certain details, but rather than including them as footnotes or endnotes, they re right in the story like this But the Signory was not the only bo [...]

    10. Romeo and Juliet did not die in the Capulet crypt but managed to escape from Verona However Duke Eschalus sent Ugo after them so that they could be brought to justice for the death of his cousin Paris Along the way Romeo and Juliet are accused of murder and witchcraft which means that the Pope and his cohorts join the fight to capture and bring Romeo and Juliet to justice They have many adventures along the way and meet characters from other Shakespeare plays such as Petruchio and Othello They a [...]

    11. Once again, a novel based on my favorite legend disappoints Escape from Verona has a wonderful premise, but from the beginning it annoyed The banter, make that bickering, between Romeo and Juliet got on my nerves A lot of whining and, they sounded like Twilight rejects A villain named Ugo gets thrown into the mix, and it just seemed like a bad TV movie I didn t like the back story of what was going on in Verona after the disappearance of the couple and the truth is discovered written in italics [...]

    12. I am a huge fan of Shakespeare and so I was excited when I stumbled across this book I went ahead and gave it four stars because it was one that kept me turning pages to find out what would happen next As far as sequel goes, the characters of Romeo and Juliet are not quite themselves as Juliet is quite a bit mature than she really should have been and Romeo is a prideful and irritable hot head but as its own separate story it isn t completely terrible If one is looking for a sequel to Romeo and [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book and I think most people will The plot is filled with action which keeps the pages turning If taken on it s own I think it s quite enjoyable The world has texture, and he works in persons of interest rather easily As for a sequal to Romeo Juliet I m not so sure I think the author wanted to save himself the trouble of defining his characters or he hopes to appeal to a larger demographic by using the sequel claim I feel it was unnecessary, and was what I disliked most about the [...]

    14. I found it very hard to get into this book The idea for this book really interested me, Romeo and Juliet s tale is undoubtedly the greatest love story of all time, so I couldn t wait to hear this exciting tale It didn t live up to my expectations, lacking in the romance that Shakespeare first created The characters of Romeo and of Juliet are nothing like the Romeo and Juliet we know and love, and it didn t even come across that the were in love with each other.The book was very well written even [...]

    15. Okay, so I won this book in the giveaway yay And I cant wait to start reading this it seems interesting, Especially since I grew up in Italy and i remember visiting Verona numerous times with my family and on field trips I was always fascinated with Romeo and Juliet I can remember being 9 and looking at her balcony and thinking she must have been beautiful and then I was 10 when I went to her tomb and i was in such awe by everything I saw With that said I really look forward to reading this book [...]

    16. This is an amazing story of Romeo and Juliet It was so captivating that I didn t want to put the book down The story was very entertaining and put a different twist to the classic I would definately recommend this book It is a beautiful story of love and happily ever after The writing is great, it makes you feel like you are on this great adventure with Romeo and Juliet You feel the suspense and heart break that they experience all the while holding out hope that there will be a happy ending for [...]

    17. The story held my interest from start to finish I thought the author did a credible job of portraying what could have happened if Romeo Juliet had survived The consequences of their actions and the effect on their families made it a interesting read The author populated the story with many Shakespeare characters and real people from the time period, which added interest I thought the ending lagged and was a bit far fetched but this was still a satisfying story.

    18. It was boring and slow I expected it to be better I found Juliet rather naive, she thought she could be different from the other women but unfortunatelly for her Romeo was a man of his time, she was always complaining and she was living in her own imaginery world she thought they could go back home She really pissed me off.

    19. I won this book as a giveaway There is a lot of action and other Shakespeare characters are included which I thought was pretty clever The author also shows Juliet recognizing another side to Romeo and no longer seeing him through rose colored glasses which was somewhat amusing I didn t enjoy the book as much as I expected wanted.

    20. Very interesting book A little slow at first but became very fun to read Really cool how other Shakespeare characters are weaved in Loved to think about how Romeo and Juliet were able to escape and live out their days together The story shows how they grew together and made their marriage stronger.

    21. I had high hopes for this book, as a sequel to the very famous story of Romeo Juliet I have given up after a few chapters as the writing is poor and the story extremely weak which is really disappointing Definitely one to avoid I m afraid.

    22. NOTE I won this book in the Firstreads Give a way I enjoyed this book I loved that they made it through and was able to start a life together BUT there was a little violence that i cared for but all in all I Liked it

    23. I think this quote sums up nicely Forgive me, we have had some trouble on our travels, said Romeo p.355 Yes, they had quite a few troubles on their travels I enjoyed seeing some of my old favorites from Shakespeare plays Othello was hands down my favorite.

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