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To the Brink By Cindy Gerard,

  • Title: To the Brink
  • Author: Cindy Gerard
  • ISBN: 9780312990930
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Working on highly sensitive diplomatic affairs, Darcy Prescott is a natural target for terrorist kidnappers But when she s mysteriously plucked off a street in Manila one sultry night, Darcy s disappearance isn t what it seems The moment Special Forces soldier Ethan Garrett laid eyes on Darcy, he knew she was the woman he would marry and he did But when their marriage feWorking on highly sensitive diplomatic affairs, Darcy Prescott is a natural target for terrorist kidnappers But when she s mysteriously plucked off a street in Manila one sultry night, Darcy s disappearance isn t what it seems The moment Special Forces soldier Ethan Garrett laid eyes on Darcy, he knew she was the woman he would marry and he did But when their marriage fell apart, Ethan never really recovered Now a highly paid bodyguard, Ethan quickly slips back into combat mode when he learns of Darcy s disappearance and calls in old favors to assemble a rogue rescue team.Tracking Darcy all the way to the jungles of the Philippines, Ethan knows every move he makes could mean the difference between life and death His love for Darcy burns stronger than ever But when he learns the true reason for her abduction, it may be too late to save her or himself
    To the Brink Working on highly sensitive diplomatic affairs Darcy Prescott is a natural target for terrorist kidnappers But when she s mysteriously plucked off a street in Manila one sultry night Darcy s disappe

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    1. re read 19.07.2013 Cindy Gerard The Bodyguard Series This book I am completely obsessed I probably need some medical treatmentbut hey, don t tell anyone, at least not until I finish this series No, until I finish the Black Ops series, because that s what I ll be reading next The storyRight after she phones her ex husband and tells him she s in bad trouble, Darcy finds herself followed and kidnapped Ethan the ex wastes no time and together with his brothers and a friend, they go to the rescue Now [...]

    2. Darcy Prescott works for the State Department and is currently assigned to the embassy in Manila When she realizes on a trip to Zamboanga City that the co worker who slipped her a package before she left is now dead, she gets that she s now in trouble once she reads the contents Darcy reaches out and leaves a message with her ex husband, Ethan Garrett, a former Special Forces officer By the time he gets it, she s already missing My complaint about this series to date was it s been romance than [...]

    3. Opening line Ethan Um Hi It sDarcy Wow this was fantastic, probably up there as one of my top 5 romantic suspense s ever I was completely wrapped up in this story and had trouble putting it down for anything It actually reads like an action movie then romantic suspense, the thrills are just non stop, with a retired Special Forces soldier trying to extract his ex wife from terrorist kidnappers.The jungle rescue which takes up most of the book goes from bad, to worse, to FUBAR and really had me w [...]

    4. 5 stars Romantic SuspenseIf I ever get in too deep with some corrupt, unofficial foreign embassy matters and wind up getting kidnapped and held captive by terrorists in the jungles of the Philippines, I hope like hell that I have a former Special Forces soldier ex husband, who s still head over heels in love with me even after five years apart, like Ethan Garrett to come rescue my ass Whew, what an intense, edge of your seat, nail biting romantic suspense thriller Ethan Garrett is an absolute dr [...]

    5. I quite enjoyed it, it had the right amount of suspense and romance and that is always a good thing It was a story of second chance romance and I always love reading about those so that was a plus The heroine was a bit frustrating at times, thinking that she didn t need the hero at all but thankfully this only happened a small amount of times There was also the thing where the author added hero s brother s point of view and his love interest, so people might like that in stories but I m just not [...]

    6. OMG WOWIf there was a 6 star rating then I would definately give it to this book.I was gripped from the beginning right to the end and kept me up until the wee hours of the morning Despite being tired and requiring matchsticks for my eyelids I just couldn t put this book down.Ms Gerard doesn t write long hot steamy sex scenes in this series and if I am honest I will say that I do like a bit of steam in my romances but I didn t really miss it in this book.I fell for Ethan pretty quickly into the [...]

    7. 4 stars for the action scenes kidnap, rescue, fight, and flight 2 stars for romance, relationship, and her stupidityVIEWER S OPINION I don t know how to recommend this I really liked part, but I really disliked part.WHAT I LIKED The action part of the story Well done, some neat ideas I felt like I was there More than half the book was this action and suspense I also enjoyed the secondary story about Amy and Garrett They meet in this book, and their story is told in the sequel Into The Dark I DID [...]

    8. Ethan and Darcy were married eight years ago, love at first sight, they couldn t get enough of each other, but a marriage has to work outside of the bedroom as well When they divorced three years later, Ethan and Darcy went separate ways Ethan, an ex Special Force soldier, is now working in his own family made security organization E.D.E.N Darcy is stationed in the Philippines working as one of the ambassadors employees When Ethan gets an urgent call from Darcy that meant life or death, he dropp [...]

    9. Rating 4.5 5Of the 3 books I ve read in this series so far, this one is by far my favorite The story and the romance really sucked me in and had me wanting to keep coming back and reading.Series Note This series is best read in order.Summary Darcy Prescott and Ethan Garret have been divorced for about five years after a blazing love affair turns into a tumultuous marriage when Darcy, an employee in the Philippines US Embassy, finds herself in danger Her first instinct is to call Ethan, and ex sp [...]

    10. After reading the first two books in Cindy Gerard s Bodyguard series, I was really looking forward to reading Ethan s story Then I discovered that it wasn t stocked at any of the libraries in my consortium Oh no That meant I would have to buy it That would be OK, but then of course it would mean that I would have to buy every book in the series because I can t possibly have a book on my shelves that s part of a series, without having the rest You see my dilemma.Luckily, I beseeched my local libr [...]

    11. Holy hell Seriously I m kinda drunk right now so all my emotions are heightened, but Cindy Gerard is the SHIT She literally is the SHIT Well not literally, obviously, but this lady seriously has me by the short and curlies The first book I read by Cindy Gerard was the first book in this series and I loved it rated it 4.5 stars The second book I rated 5 stars and stated that Cindy had elbowed her way into my top 10 favourite authors Third book Christ I LOVE THIS LADY If I could grow a penis and i [...]

    12. To The Brink4 StarsWhen Darcy Prescott inadvertently learns a dangerous secret related to her diplomatic work, she knows the only person she can turn to for help is her ex husband, former Special Forces, Ethan Garrett Although their whirlwind romance ended in divorce, Ethan s love for Darcy is as intense as ever, and he does not hesitate to mount a rescue after realizing that Darcy has disappeared without a trace into the jungles of Venezuela Can he save her before it is too late The plot transi [...]

    13. Would ve liked to have had a little action between the h h but it was a good story and the author did a nice job with jumping from past to present without irritating the reader Because the characters were married before there wasn t much tension building but falling back into the familiar which is fine but I prefer the tension Sometimes the language gets strangely formal or a bit too crass so it didn t always match up but for the most part it was worth the read The next character s story Dalla [...]

    14. So far this is definitely my favorite in the series.Even though the plot was pretty obvious, the story was cleverly told As for books 1 and 2 of the series, the main characters were awesome and I really liked how Cindy Gerard used the flashbacks I loved both the primary and secondary story I can t wait to read Dallas book

    15. Re read.For me Cindy Gerard is golden I have yet to read a bad book by her To the Brink, book 3 in her Bodyguards series is to me by far in the top 3 novels she has written.This is the story of Darcy and Ethan Once upon a time married and passionately in love They met in Peru when Darcy was on assignment with the American Embassy and Ethan was in Peru for the US Army Rangers After a wild, incredibly romantic, make you sigh and want to cry, whirlwind romance, they married Ethan s job kept them ap [...]

    16. To the Brink is the 3rd book in Cindy Gerard s Bodyguard series Ethan Garrett is one of the owners of E.D.E.N the family security company and has never got over losing Darcy.Darcy has worked in various US embassies around the world and following her heartbreaking divorce from Ethan, is now working in the Philippines and finds herself in a very dangerous situation.She calls the only person she can trust her ex husband Ethan She leaves a message for him begging for his help and before he can get b [...]

    17. I loved this book The thrills in this fun, action packed story was extremely fast paced and so exciting I couldn t put it down and I was completely engrossed in the current story between Ethan and Darcy and Dallas and Amy I was even interested in the poor kid who was swept up into the life of terrorism I can t remember his name but he helps to save the day and I wish him well in his fictional future Also surprising, I was equally interested in Ethan and Darcy s flashbacks Normally I am the type [...]

    18. 3rd book down in this series and I m finally getting a feeling for this author and it s just ok While the action storylines are great, the sex and connection between the H H is just so so I m constantly comparing her to Pamela Clare the I team series who KNOWS how to write action AND sex.Ms Gerard just isn t doin it for me lol I ve got the entire series and will read them but will NOT be keeping this series in my library Do not like them enough to keep them Feeling sad.had high hopes for this se [...]

    19. I did not like so much the constant back and forth between Ethan and Darcy s previous history and the present time at first And then it started to really make sense, not so early in the story but when reading while their previous marriage had disintegrated so quickly And then this book was almost impossible to put back on the table It s a romantic suspense, with a rather good suspense, but the love story is really really good.I so want to read Dallas and Amy s story and was so disappointed at th [...]

    20. This was a great installment to this series I thought for sure I wasn t going to enjoy this one I am not a big fan of long separations, in this case, an actual divorce of 5 years Add to that the going back in time and I just was sure it was going to just be a 3 read for me I was wrong This was one of my favorites of this series so far The story was pretty intense and I really liked it, a lot The way it was written was done very well I still hated the 5 year separation but I loved where it ended [...]

    21. Trepidante aventura de rescate en la selva intercalado con la historia de como se conocieron los protagonistas, se enamoraron y se separaron Muy buen ritmo Inicio del romance muy precipitado pero buena resoluci n.

    22. Want some candy, little girl I will always think of this book when I see a pack of Lifesavers well written story with great characters lots of suspense and action am totally becoming a Cindy Gerard fangirl

    23. I kinda hated this story For the first half of the book, we go back and forth between present day and the past I really dislike that because it takes me out of the story and throws me back into the past that I don t care about But whatever, I dealt with it.What made me really unhappy was Darcy She thinks she might be in Big Trouble, so much trouble that she calls her Army ex and then goes for a fucking stroll alone, in the middle of the night in a third world country where Americans are kidnappe [...]

    24. Ethan Garrett has to dust off his Special Ops skills and call on his family friend to get his ex wife, Darcy Prescott, out of the bind she finds herself in One of Darcy s co workers finds herself in possession of some sensitive bad guy material and shortly after becomes a victim of a random hit and run but not before she s passed that material onto Darcy When Darcy learns about her co workers death, she looks to see what she s received and knows she s got troubles The first person Darcy thinks t [...]

    25. So far, this is my favorite story in the Bodyguards series.I admit I m a bit partial because the setting was mostly in the not so touristy part of the Philippines, but it highlighted places, a real terrorist group name Abu Sayyaf , and of course the accurate Tagalog phrases I love the story of Darcy and Ethan, that their divorce wasn t a result of a third party, and they got back together after 5 years.This was an adrenaline rush from start until almost finish I lost sleep over this book and fin [...]

    26. After being given some highly sensitive information that has already left one person dead, Darcy Prescott fears she will be next After a quick call to the only man she can trust, ex husband Ethan Garrett, Darcy is plucked off the streets and marched into the jungle by a group of terrorists When Ethan receives Darcy s message and can t contact her, he pulls together a rescue team and starts searching Their search leads them to the jungles of the Philippines and a race against time.This is the thi [...]

    27. This one if my favorite of the bodyguards series and rings like her Black Ops books, which is why I probably love it That and Ethan This one had a romance that was different than most These aren t two people who just met Oh, no This one is between Ethan and Darcy, the ex wife he d never talk about in the last books She calls him for help when she gets herself in a nasty pickle, which is actually her getting abducted by a crazy extremist group in the jungle And who better to save her than her ba [...]

    28. I am not reading these books in the correct order, and that is because I didn t really like the first one, and I thought I would like this one from the book s blurb.Thankfully, I did But I didn t read it from front to back I went through and read all the 7 years earlier parts, and then went back to the beginning and read the story completely, skimming through the back story that I had already read Weird, I know, but this worked for me than reading a story that jumps back and forwards, they can [...]

    29. To the Brink is the third book in the Bodyguard series, this red hot romantic suspense takes us to the jungles of the Philippines and back to the USA Darcy Prescott works at the Vice Consul for South America, when she calls her ex husband Ethan for help, as she encountered trouble It s up to Ethan to rescue her with his team, as Darcy fights for survival by terrorists, and befriends another hostage, Amy When she waits for Ethan s rescue, she remembers when she met and married Ethan, and what wen [...]

    30. For the most part I enjoyed this book However I wasn t expecting to be flip back and forth through time I didn t feel a strong connection to either of the main characters, hence the four stars.Ethan Garrett, the oldest of the Garrett children If You Deceive by Kresley Cole, Ethan MacCarrick, ring any bells I thought both Ethans had similar personalities But MacCarrick was the likeable of the two Darcy Prescott was an okay character, nothing special really I am looking forward to reading Amy s a [...]

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