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The Jerusalem Inception By Avraham Azrieli,

  • Title: The Jerusalem Inception
  • Author: Avraham Azrieli
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On the eve of the Six Day War, in the divided city of Jerusalem, a young Talmudic student falls in love with a beautiful Mossad agent twice his age, breaks off the shackles of religious observance, and volunteers for a dangerous mission that will determine the outcome of the war Relying on recent disclosures about what instigated the greatest Mideast war, The Jerusalem IOn the eve of the Six Day War, in the divided city of Jerusalem, a young Talmudic student falls in love with a beautiful Mossad agent twice his age, breaks off the shackles of religious observance, and volunteers for a dangerous mission that will determine the outcome of the war Relying on recent disclosures about what instigated the greatest Mideast war, The Jerusalem Inception tells the story of courageous yet imperfect men and women engaged in a race against a national calamity It starts in Neturay Karta, a fiercely anti Zionist Orthodox sect in Jerusalem, and continues through the corridors of power and the annals of covert operations as the Jewish state is caught in a titan match between the U.S and the Soviet Union Faced with the most dangerous moment in Israel s short history, the agents of the Mossad and its sister spy agencies will stop at nothing to prevent a second Holocaust The dramatic outcome of the 1967 war continues to dominate the Middle East If you want to know what really happened and at the same time fall in love with a striking cast of unforgettable characters then The Jerusalem Inception is for you In the best tradition of Eye of the Needle and The Bourne Identity, this one is a hit Stephen J Wall, author of The Morning After and On the Fly.
    The Jerusalem Inception On the eve of the Six Day War in the divided city of Jerusalem a young Talmudic student falls in love with a beautiful Mossad agent twice his age breaks off the shackles of religious observance an

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    1. I only read this for a break from all the non fiction I ve been reading, and maybe I should have researched a bit and picked a better work of historical fiction Its supposed to be about the 6 day war and the ghost of the holocaust that plagues its survivors great premise, bad writing I didn t expect a very good book and it wasn t If anybody has a better piece of fiction to help me make sense of the middle east please write to me I am not necessarily looking for reportage but narratives of ideol [...]

    2. I admire Mr Azrieli s superb writing abilities, but this book was painful to read As other reviewers have remarked, this book teaches the reader many things about Judaism and the history of Israel So, this might be a great book for a teacher to assign to his or her students as required reading or maybe it might serve as the basis for a deep and meaningful mini series on educational television However, I purchase and read so called thrillers for enjoyment and relaxation rather than for educationa [...]

    3. The Jerusalem Inception begins at the end of WWII, with a crazy love triangle where two men Abraham and Elie are both smitten with Tanya Galinski When they both lose Tanya, the story jumps forward 2 decades to 1967, going into the 6 day war When Tanya is turned down by, now Rabbi, Abraham, she then goes after Abraham s son, Lemmy Now Lemmy must decide where his loyalties lie, with his father and faith, or with the obviously alluring Tanya Meanwhile, Elie is plotting revenge and fates are shifted [...]

    4. The Jerusalem Inception is a historical fiction about the Six Days War of Israel in 1966 The main character is Lemmy short for Jerusalem He is the son of a Rabbi of an ultra conservative group of Jews living in Israel The author does a wonderful job of intertwining the story of Lemmy s father, his friends Elise and Tanya who had all be victims of the Nazi regime during WWII with the Lemmy and the time leading up to the Six Days War This is the 1st book of a trilogy I could not put down this book [...]

    5. The Jerusalem Inceptionother master piece of Avraham AzrieliThis author did it again for me, the way he writes is so captivating, even I don t like this type of histories and I get so sensitive for being connecting with friends and family that were part of that history, Mr.Azrieli took me inside each page wanting to know what is it going to happen next The way he transmit suspenses and the twist on it, its just great I recommend this book, and it is in my list of gifts for next holidays.

    6. Avraham Azrieli certainly knows how to craft an exciting read His combination of history, politics, and the human spirit make for a suspenseful page turner that will captivate readers to the end I didin t know a lot of the historical background involving the Six Day War and loved the way Azrieli was able to weave the events into a thoughtful political thriller As I read the book, the characters just came to life and I carried them with me even when I wasn t reading That s the sign of a good book [...]

    7. The novel offers strong characters in demanding circumstances, the time up to the 1967 War The political undercurrents added to the enjoyment as did the backdrop of orthodox Judaism Jerusalem Gerster reminds us of the struggles of coming of age and the hard choices to be made.

    8. This novel starts with a bang and never stops impressing I don t usually pick up a political intrigue novel, but I was not disappointed that I did this time The characters and plot line draw you in and never let go I can t wait to read the sequel and other books written by this author.

    9. Chaim Potok fans arise, this one s for you It would be difficult to create a truer history of the events leading to the 1967 war between Israel and the Arab states, using fict ional and some real people A great read and a lesson which the West doesn t want to hear.

    10. I enjoyed novel this even though at times I struggled with some details For instance, how did Jerusalem end up with a nickname Lemmy, when the nickname would only work in English I tried to make it work in Hebrew all through the novel Layimi Yimmi Limey However, I identify with the difficulty of translating Hebrew or Farsi words and Jewish cultural characteristics to an American, English speaking audience, so I give the author a pass for something that would bother very few of his American reade [...]

    11. This is a Reading Good Books review.When you hear the word inception nowadays, the first thing that comes to mind is that mindmelt movie by Leonardo Di Caprio with the dreams and spinning hotel rooms I admit that when I first got this book, without even reading the summary, I thought that this might be something like that movie But it s not.Inception means the creation of something That s where the genius of this book start The title has a double meaning or it s just me over reading into things [...]

    12. Azrieli returns with another captivating novel, moving the focus to the period directly before the Six Days War The novel is set alternately within an ultra Orthodox community inside Jerusalem and in the smoke filled back rooms of the Israeli War Cabinet While living inside Neturay Karta, Lemmy Gerster lives the life of a rabbi s son, studying all day and absorbing the word of the Talmud When a friend of his father s, the beautiful Tanya, appears to deliver a message, Lemmy is captivated and beg [...]

    13. The book begins by setting the scene, it is midnight 1944, and Tanya, a young Jewish girl is in a car with her lover, and saviour, General Klaus Koenig Klaus Koenig is meeting with his old school friend, and banker Armande Hoffgeitz for the last time, Germany is losing the war and the last of the jewels taken from the victims at the concentration camps must be hidden away safely.But waiting to ambush the car are Elie and Abraham, renegade Jews, intent in wreaking revenge on the Germans for the m [...]

    14. The Jerusalem Inception, by Avraham Azrieli, is the second novel by this author that I have read It was riveting from the start of the text, and the novel continued to hold my interest until the very last page Tanya, a pregnant seventeen year old Jew, is running away with Klaus von Koenig, a Nazi general that saved her from the gas chambers The US is winning the war against the Germans and the Holocaust is coming to an end Koenig has stolen a fortune in valuable possessions from the Jewish peopl [...]

    15. The Jerusalem Inceptionby Avraham AzrieliI ll start this one like I did the other Take it from me Don t read a book series inside out.That s what I did when I read The Jerusalem Assassin also by Avraham Azrieli before reading The Jerusalem Inception So instead of posting this immediately after the Jerusalem Inception I am posting after reading both, which required some rereading of The Jerusalem Assassin.The Jerusalem Inception takes place in the years 1966 67 set to the backdrop of the six day [...]

    16. I am a huge fan of historical fiction, and a self professed history nerd I ve actually spent quite a bit of time studying the period leading up to and during World War II However, I haven t read much either fiction or nonfiction about the period directly afterwards, and especially relating to those Jews who emigrated to Jerusalem during the war It was thoroughly fascinating to get a story set in this time and space, and to encounter some of the struggles that people in the area, both Jewish and [...]

    17. The Jerusalem Inception is a thriller which follows three young Jews, Elie, Abraham and Tanya, as they fight to survive in Nazi Germany.20 years later all 3 Jews end up in Israel and meet under strained circumstances Elie became a Special Operations Agent for the Israeli Govt , Abraham became a Rabbi and a mole and Tanya a Mossad Secret Agent and then we have Lemmy Abraham s son who was greatly used by Elie.The main character in my opinion was Elie Weiss He controlled everyone around him, he was [...]

    18. 5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping Tale of Love, Hate and Religious Differences, August 15, 2011I loved reading Avraham Arieli s The Jerusalem Inception The reason I enjoyed it so much is because I had the opportunity to not only read a very well written tale of intrigue, but I also was able to read about religious conflicts I have never known Being a Christian, I knew little of the struggles between Israel and the Arabs in surrounding areas other than what I heard on news events I must admit I had alw [...]

    19. I wish this would be made into a movie This is my favorite Azrieli book so far Historical fiction is right up my alley You can tell it is well researched It sucked me in The Jerusalem Inception is the total package romance, family drama, politics, history, and internal conflicts I couldn t put it down until I was done Lemmy is such a multifaceted protagonist, You feel and relate to his struggle being pulled in so many different directions The history involved makes for a tough topic Questions ar [...]

    20. First, I would like to confess that I am not an avid book reader While as a youth I had an insatiable appetite for reading, as of late I honestly can not remember the last time I have finished a book However, The Jerusalem Inception literally gripped me from beginning to end I read it during work breaks, lunch breaks, breaks at home and everywhere in between Azrieli has constructed a masterpiece from beginning to end This fictional story, which encircles around the aftermath of the Holocaust and [...]

    21. I have been reading Avraham Azrieli s historical fiction The Jerusalem Inception all day I just read another of Azrieli s books this week and when I read several books by the same author I always worry that the stories might be a bit predictable, or follow a bit of a formula, but I did not need to worry The Jerusalem Inception was a wonderful read and with vivid descriptions that had me holding my breath and sitting up at the edge of my seat closer to my computer monitor willing the story to go [...]

    22. As a fan of books that are tied into events that actually happened, I found The Jerusalem Inception to be a great example of historic fiction Upon discovering this book, I was captivated by reading about a time place Israel, 1967 the time of the Six Day War that I have a great interest in, but little knowledge about, and I compliment the writer in the way that he draws the reader into that time and place It s rare to find a book that weaves together both war and romance, and does it as gracefull [...]

    23. I ve always loved a good thriller mystery, and on that criteria alone this book is stellar however, that isn t the only quality this book has It is also a historical fiction, and you can feel the love for the subject the author has through his meticulous research on the time period, it makes the setting feel vibrant and very much alive In addition, I was actually very surprised with the amount of characterization that happens throughout the novel, with most thrillers I ve read the plot zips alon [...]

    24. The thread of this story, which follows the lives of three young Holocaust survivors, winds through a densely woven fabric of historical context starting with the final days of WWII Germany up to and including the Six Day War in the Middle East some 22 years later The juxtaposition of German Jews to Israeli Jews to isolated Orthodox Jews and their respective difficulties rectifying reality with spirituality makes for somewhat engrossing reading, though the story often gets bogged down in minutae [...]

    25. The Jerusalem Inception opens in 1944, following three young Jews, Elie, Abraham and Tanya, as they fight to survive in Nazi Germany We jump 21 years, to Israel, to find the same Elie, Abraham and Tanya as they continue fighting, with, or at the expense of, their families, for the survival of the Jewish race.With so much discord in the Middle East today, it was very interesting to read about the beginning of the conflict I loved the historical detail which was brought to this thriller greatly he [...]

    26. The Jerusalem Inception by Avraham Azrieli is a engaging book that takes place just before the Six Day War in Israel where several Arab countries were defeated by Israel The book combines a number of facts and historical references combined with flawless historical fiction that engrosses the reader into a thoughtful, thrilling plot The story takes place between a number of important figures in the story Tanya is a woman who was a Jewish girl in the midst of atrocities in World War II who had a N [...]

    27. I am so happy to have been introduced to Avraham Azrieli and his work I could not put The Jerusalem Inception and finished it within a week He has artfully mastered weaving a thrilling and exciting fictional story into the real lives of our heros from the 1967 6 Day War As I am a descendant of a Holocaust survivor this story brings me closer to my family and the suffering they endured not only during the war but the decades that followed Even though WWII had ended, Israelis and Jews were still f [...]

    28. In this expertly written novel, Azrieli spins a web of intrigue that begins in Nazi Germany and ends with a breathtaking undercover operation in war torn Jerusalem In the middle of it all is young Lemmy Gerster, a rabbi s son who was raised in a devoutly Orthodox sect but begins to question everything he s ever known after a chance encounter with a beautiful woman from his father s secret past The underlying themes of romance, revenge and political scheming carefully contribute to Lemmy s person [...]

    29. The Jerusalem Inception by Avraham Azrieli The prequel to The Masada Complex and The Jerusalem Assassin The Jerusalem Inception plot follows Jerusalem Gerster Lemmy through his molding into a highly trained tool driven by anger, bitterness, love, fanaticismo many emotions to cover in a short review You learn about the other three main characters of the series, Elie Weiss, the spider at the center of many worldwide plots, Abraham Gerster, Lemmy s father and mole, and Tanya, a Mossad agent workin [...]

    30. This is the second book of Avraham Azriel s I ve read and have been impressed with his work both times I actually read the follow up to this book, The Jerusalem Assassin, first so it was interesting to read this one The story is so well crafted that it s not necessary to read one before the other, and I think I actually preferred reading them in this order I was already familiar with the characters, and it was interesting to read their back stories in this way Avriel s characters are the best pa [...]

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