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Running Wide Open (Full Throttle, #1) By Lisa Nowak,

  • Title: Running Wide Open (Full Throttle, #1)
  • Author: Lisa Nowak
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cody Everett has a temper as hot as the flashpoint of racing fuel, and it s landed him at his uncle s trailer, a last chance home before military school But how can he take the guy seriously when he calls himself Race, eats Twinkies for breakfast, and pals around with rednecks who drive in circles every Saturday night What Cody doesn t expect is for the arrangement to worCody Everett has a temper as hot as the flashpoint of racing fuel, and it s landed him at his uncle s trailer, a last chance home before military school But how can he take the guy seriously when he calls himself Race, eats Twinkies for breakfast, and pals around with rednecks who drive in circles every Saturday night What Cody doesn t expect is for the arrangement to work Or for Race to become the friend and mentor he s been looking for all his life But just as Cody begins to settle in and get a handle on his supercharged temper, a crisis sends his life spinning out of control Everything he s come to care about is threatened, and he has to choose between falling back on his old, familiar anger or stepping up to prove his loyalty to the only person he s ever dared to trust.
    Running Wide Open Full Throttle Cody Everett has a temper as hot as the flashpoint of racing fuel and it s landed him at his uncle s trailer a last chance home before military school But how can he take the guy seriously when he c

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    1. Seasoned with laugh out loud humor, Running Wide Open is also a tale of growth, suspense, loyalty, and family dysfunction Cody is challenged to make a new life with his uncle Race, and in the process faces his own shortcomings Stock car racing becomes a metaphor for achieving personal excellence Believable characters and great dialogue keep things moving on and off the track.

    2. I rarely read books with male leads or narrators, but this one has a female mechanic in it so I decided to give it a go Though it was a bit too much testosterone for me at times, it is an enjoyable read.Cody is 15 and a juvie and he is an ungrateful brat I didn t like him at first but as the story unfolds, I could see WHY he is the way he is full of anger, insolent, disrespectful, ungrateful, bitter His family has made him that way His mother is a nightmare, his father a wuss, and his grandparen [...]

    3. Running Wide Open follows 15 year old Cody Everett, a troubled teen who has crossed paths with law enforcement one too many times His parents decide to ship him off to live with his Uncle Race, who is an avid stock car racer At first, Cody is convinced that his uncle will fail him just like his parents did, and keeps his distance As he learns about Race, Cody realizes that a normal, happy life might actually be within his reach.What I liked about this book Have you ever wondered how to write a [...]

    4. More like 2.75, but the voice won me over Would have been a solid 3 if not for the unnecessary 1980s setting I m really over that trend, 2011 YA novels Teens today don t relate, and it s not historical fiction Stop, please, stop 15 year old Cody got in trouble with the law, and he s been sent to live with his uncle to get his act together Except his uncle is weird and lives in a trailer and races stock cars Then things take a wrong turn, and it s Cody who has to step up and take care of himself [...]

    5. This book to any of you skeptics out there was amazing Lisa Nowak has a captivating way of hooking you into the story This book follows a fifteen year old boy named Cody on his journey of understanding His life is full of drama, humor, suspense, and life threatening challenges I don t want to say too much and give it all away I ll just say this,Lisa Nowak s book needs to be read by anyone who reads YA or is looking for a great read.

    6. When Cody Everett and his graffiti artist friends get caught by the Portland police, it s the last straw for the boy s father who puts two choices to his son military school or live with his mother s brother, Race Morgan, in a trailer park in Eugene Cody s uncle is a race car driver so the choice seems obvious Running Wide Open by Lisa Nowak is Cody s story about that episode in his life, which takes place in 1989.Cody arrives at his uncle s ungrateful He begins pulling endless, childish pranks [...]

    7. Totally Amazing Story line is intriguing and something that I can relate to not like those impossible thing The book draws you in and grasps you with both hands not letting go long after you are done reading it.

    8. Running Wide Open by Lisa Nowak is a YA novel that for once doesn t involve paranormal events, love triangles or female protagonists I know that some of you are probably dumb struck that a YA novel like that could actually exist but this book honestly is different to the norm Instead the book involves stock car racing, a troubled male protagonist and an emotional plot about overcoming the challenges of the past I found the entire novel to be a refreshing change in addition to being an enjoyable [...]

    9. Thank you to Lisa Nowak for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewMy first thought when I finished this book was, Whoa Lisa Nowak can WRITE One might think, from the the cover of this book, that it s about racing Although there s racing in it, it s SOOO not about that It s about relationships, acceptance and overcoming adversity It s told from the point of view of a 15 yr old troubled kid named Cody.This story takes place in Oregon in the 80 s Cody is sent to live [...]

    10. Story SummaryLisa Nowak s Running Wide Open is about Cody Everett a teenager who is hot tempered, loyal and brave He s protective of those he loves, but finds himself not afforded that same benefit Cody lives with his ineffectual father there in body but lost in spirit mind Cody s mother is a selfish, erratic woman who has left both father and son The mother leaving has a profound effect on Cody, a little boy who still seeks the love of a mother, who appears incapable of truly expressing the nat [...]

    11. I m not much of a fan of racing I like bikes and cars, and the feeling speed gives, but I m not much for racing I think that s the main reason why this isn t a 5 butterflies, a lot of the time we were focusing on this thing that isn t that interesting for me Now, that being said, this was one awesome book.For starters, I loved the fact it has a male MC, namely Cody He s a disoriented, sort of bitter young man, with less then stellar family history and some behavior issues minor compared to how b [...]

    12. No one said being a teen is easy Cody Everett is that one punk everyone remembers from high school as trouble That kid who sneaks out for a smoke, graffities buildings, and says things just to watch people squirm Would you take him in after the police pull him over, again I don t know if I would, yet that s exactly what his uncle Race does After testing his uncle, multiple times, Cody begins to realize that maybe Race does care, and he starts to let down his guard Then tragedy strikes, and Cody [...]

    13. I never ever thought that I would be into racing I ve never watched one on TV, don t know the first thing about how everyone is able to race around a track without crashing into each other and when I m in my own car, drive under the speed limit I m usually the one that other people are racing past However, I fell in love with this book Lisa creates a world of racing that totally makes sense and is developed organically After getting in trouble at home, the main character, Cody, is sent to live w [...]

    14. It s hard to find books that I love enough to reread countless times This stems from the fact that I have a very specific taste in literature and that I just don t have the money to buy books Libraries were hard for me to access during the past few years, so for a long time I relied on authors like Nowak to provide excellent reading material for no charge This in particular is one of the greatest gems I ve found among the free e books on.First off, I have to commend Nowak for the way she uses ve [...]

    15. Sometimes teens do crazy things that get them in trouble Growing up, finding oneself, is difficult, especially when a kid has little or no family support As a result of one wild moment, the teen may find himself at a crossroads, with few choices In author Lisa Nowak s young adult novel RUNNING WIDE OPEN Cody, caught in a prank painting a wall of the zoo with his friends, has to make a decision that will change his life forever When the police let Cody go, his dad gives him two choices military s [...]

    16. This story took my by surprised and I love it I love going into a book exactly knowing what is going to happen and it s not.What I enjoyed most about this book is the great plot line Filled with hurt and lies, Cody is being passed around like trash He is acting out and on his last resort The thing is Cody is not a bad kid He has just being treated badly Instantly, I was invested in Cody and my heart was with him every step of the way When ever he made a mistake, I am there rooting for him to get [...]

    17. Life can be hard for a person who has a mother that has not one good bone in her body, a dad that doesn t support them when being verbally attacked, and an anger problem that has you left living with a guy with a weird name Cody s life is about to be changed and though it may start off bad it turn bright in the end.I could never do what Cody has done, I would be too afraid to go home and face my parents Also his mom, I swear that she needs to show a little loving support to her son Constantly t [...]

    18. Ok, like most of the readers that have reviewed this book, I too am not into racing I just never got it I guess maybe if I was the one in the car, but I couldn t care less about watching it on tv So I didnt really relate to any of that part of the book BUT it was really a great book dispite all of the racing and car lingo that to me is a foreign language lol But I really enjoyed getting to know Cody and his uncle Race I especially enjoyed watching them grow together and become a family My heart [...]

    19. I got this on one of the free Kindle books deals I didn t think I d like it In fact, I wasn t sure I d even read it But since it was free and I am a race fan, I went for it Months later, looking for something light and mindless, I finally gave it a try To my surprise, it was neither light nor mindless And quite entertaining Cody is a troubled teenager with a hard family life Running out of options, his parents decide the best place for him would be to move in with his uncle Race Morgan From the [...]

    20. THERE ARE A FEW SPOILERS HERE I have to say I loved this book Lisa Nowak brought her characters and the intensity and dangers of stock car racing to life for me I loved how Cody Everett went from bad boy, thinks love is being cruel to someone, to finding out what loving someone really means His transformation throughout the novel is what touched me the most Not to say I didn t love everyone else in the novel Kasey was a surprise in that she was a female crew chief and I know there aren t many ou [...]

    21. Running Wide Open was in a word refreshing This novel was like a blast of fresh air, though perhaps with a strain of diesel fuel racing through it The voice in this novel is so authentic and gritty because the author herself was immersed in the world of stock cars I, myself, come from a family of stock car racing so this one was right up my alley Brought back a lot of fond memories of my father, uncle and cousin fixing cars in the big garage Cody was a character I could root for, because I saw m [...]

    22. I actually quite liked this book, though it did have a few problems I liked the characters, particularly Race Cody was hard to take for much of the first half, but I liked the learning experiences he had and the interaction with Race, who was unbelievably patient, wise, and understanding I liked the racing stuff, but would have liked depth and information about Cody s school experience and what exactly he was writing about all the time Not sure what I thought about the last half of the book Som [...]

    23. I usually do not read much YA books, but I was pleasently surprised with this book The book follows Cody, a 15 year old, who has a nasty temper and feels like no one cares or loves him After getting in trouble, he is sent to live with his uncle Race who is an artist by trade and a race car driver on the weekends Race is teaching Cody life leasons until an unexpected accident causes Cody to question everything Cody finaly learns that he can not control his mother but he can not let her control wh [...]

    24. A tale for gearheads rebels and most anyoneI wasn t sure what to expect when I got this book, but I was pleasantly surprised and caught off guard by how it drew me in Loaded with enough hot cars, racing action and accurate tech references to keep the hotrodder in me reading Still it was ultimately the personalities of the characters and development of their interactions that has me sold on following the series Easy to read and suitable for younger readers, but detailed enough for all ages With a [...]

    25. Running Wide Open tells the story of Cody, a teenage boy struggling with family dynamics and the emotions those bring up Nowak does a great job creating realistic characters who are also entertaining to read The style and language are well suited to the YA genre, but still very readable for us adults This accessibility holds for the mechanic and stock car elements of the story which is a world Cody learns about along with the reader I m looking forward to reading the other books in the series.

    26. I was curious about this book so I picked it up I was very pleasantly surprised I really enjoyed it I felt like the characters were real And trying to deal with the issues in there lives in a very realistic way, without feeling heavy Good read And even though it is in a series this one could stand on its own It doesn t leave you hanging for book 2 I wanted to read the second because I enjoyed her writing the premise, not to finish a cliffhanger Bonus points right there from me

    27. I always have my eye out for books that YA boys will like This is one of those books and hopefully series Young adults will relate to the teen rebellion, lack of trust issues, anger, and general disappointment in adults to follow through The book also presents ways in which to work on these and perhaps overcome some of them It also addresses that change comes with time and work To wrap all of this in a novel about cars and race car driving just about makes it perfect.

    28. What a nice change of pace reading from the perspective of a teenage boy I m so glad things turned out well for Cody He has such crappy parents I m glad Uncle Race stepped up and made such a difference I enjoyed this book up until the end, the very end Right in the middle of a thought it just ENDS What Is there a book 2 Everything is supposed to tie up in a little orderly bow Are you trying to make me crazy

    29. I came very, very close to giving up on this book only two pages in I am so glad I didn t The characters are so well written It s refreshing to read YA with a male protagonist and a story line that does not center around romance Although I would be lying if I said I wasn t disappointed that the developing relationship between Race and Kasey didn t get any farther I am hoping there is a book 2 where that can get sorted out.

    30. I loved this 3 book series RWO, Driven, and Getting Sideways about how a young man finds family in places he doesn t expect, and answers to questions about his own family Set in western Oregon, it felt real to me as I live there There is a good mix of pain, hope and humor in these books The racing context was interesting and accurate, as Lisa Nowak was an amateur racer My grandson is really liking these books, also.

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