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The Book of the Navajo By Raymond Friday Locke,

  • Title: The Book of the Navajo
  • Author: Raymond Friday Locke
  • ISBN: 9780876875001
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paperback deals with Navajo history and a description of Navajo life 496 pages.
    The Book of the Navajo Paperback deals with Navajo history and a description of Navajo life pages

    One thought on “The Book of the Navajo”

    1. Locke presents an overview of the history and culture of the Navajo people Some of the scandals by both Navajo and whites are covered This is a good reference read though as a retired history teacher and retired Marine, I would have liked to have seen some coverage of the Navajo s military service for example the Code Talkers of World War II.

    2. One of my best friends is Navajo and I used to pester her all the time with my questions about her culture She knew the answers to some things but not others Her response to many of my questions about why Navajos did this or that was, We just do I don t know why Finally she told me to go read this book because it was the best one out there and would answer my questions much better than she could And answer them it did An excellent book from start to finish Everything you d ever want to know abou [...]

    3. OK, I have read this book over and over and learn something new every time I consider it the definitive book on Navajo history written by a non native Yes it s long and hard to read, but worth it I also think for a fifth edition the proof reader should be shot, the Navajo words are inaccurate.

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