UNLIMITED PDF ☆ The Honeymoon's Over: True Stories of Love, Marriage, and Divorce - by Andrea Chapin Sally Wofford-Girand

The Honeymoon's Over: True Stories of Love, Marriage, and Divorce By Andrea Chapin Sally Wofford-Girand,

  • Title: The Honeymoon's Over: True Stories of Love, Marriage, and Divorce
  • Author: Andrea Chapin Sally Wofford-Girand
  • ISBN: 9780446580007
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this provocative collection of true stories of love, marriage, and divorce, prominent women including Terry McMillan, Joyce Maynard, and Annie Echols candidly discuss the good times, the bad times, and what makes or breaks a marriage.
    The Honeymoon s Over True Stories of Love Marriage and Divorce In this provocative collection of true stories of love marriage and divorce prominent women including Terry McMillan Joyce Maynard and Annie Echols candidly discuss the good times the bad times

    One thought on “The Honeymoon's Over: True Stories of Love, Marriage, and Divorce”

    1. I decided to read The Honeymoon s Over because of the great cover I mean what says the honeymoon s over better than completely burnt toast Basically this book is a collection of various authors talking about love, marriage and divorce It s really nice to see people talk about all the tough issues surrounding marriage I think so many people today think marriage is either perfect and should fulfill your every need and desire or just a temporary status that can be quickly ended through divorce I ve [...]

    2. This book is a therapeutic anthology of essays from gifted female writers from all genres The only one I didn t care for was Terry McMillan s rant against her gay husband For anyone contemplating a breakup or in the throes of one whatever it s depth, I highly recommend this read It will save you a visit to the therapist temporarily.

    3. What an amazing read To read these stories is to have a long dinner with an old friend with authentic conversation The joy, sorrow, pride, anger, love of what marriage is about is all there.

    4. Not all, but most of the essays are superb, thought inspiring, funny, sad definitely something to pause and think about

    5. After having read Zelda Lockhart s Fifth Born, I was eager to read from Lockhart Seeing she contributed to a compilation of essays edited by Andrea Chapin and Sally Wofford Girand, The Honeymoon s Over was next on my list The essays, written by a range of female authors, spans the emotional spectrum of dealing with the loss or rebirth of a marriage Unabashedly honest, these writers as a whole allow you to experience their pain, discovery, ignorance, etc firsthand The hub always asks what I m re [...]

    6. I very much enjoyed reading these essays The only real stinkers thus the loss of one star in my rating were the first one by Daniela Kuper and Terry McMillan, which was the absolute worst Who cares about her Top 100 angry rant Boring I just wanted to say, Ms McMillan, get over it Move on I particularly enjoyed the essays by Joyce Maynard, Nicole Lea Helget, Patricia McCormick, Ann Hood and Pamela Bol Riess It was a great compilation of stories, and with the rare exception of the above two exampl [...]

    7. This anthology is about marriage, the good, the hard and the ugly The first story I read was Terry McMillan s vignette She wrote in restropect, hard questions to her ex husband These are questions that probably should have been asked before, but how do you know to ask them before hindsight I loved this story The others made me think about my relationship as well as others and I respect that no marriage is the same, nor should it be A thoughtful read.

    8. Not sure I could get into this A lot of heartfelt stories, but not necessarily stuff I could connect with Some were especially good the title is now escaping me, but it s about the student who eventually married her prof , but I ve come across anthologies e.g The Other Woman where all the writing was bumped up a notch consistently on every level.This felt a lot like Lifetime for Women cross with some dorm room ranting and whispers.

    9. I enjoyed reading this book The essays made me think about what I liked about my own marriage, what I don t, and ultimately, why I stay I was confused by other reviews which blasted Terry Macmillan s essay I thought her questions were relevant and were the same ones I would have asked if I were in her situation.

    10. Some heavy, some frivolous, some bizarre, all enjoyable and a bit prosey which I tend to like Decent collection with enough variation without any stories being too outlandish ok maybe one or two were far out there.

    11. i really liked this book, each story was unique and dealt with different marital issues, although some were obscure good read if you re engaged or married, you can learn a lot from the women s experiences

    12. A collection of essays about love, marriage and divorce, and the hard sides of relationship I really liked some of the stories here, and others were less good I ve been reading a lot about divorce lately as research for something I d like to write.

    13. makes me grateful for my man the people in this book seem to have gotten married for the wrong reasons fun fun fun read like good gossip.

    14. Mostly written by spoiled bratty women who made poor choices and then took the easy way out of vows they made before God, family, and friends.

    15. The anthology is terrific Covers not only heartbreak but reconnecting with love as well Not at all the rant I thought it would be which was nice.

    16. I ll be giving this to a couple of friends who are working their way through divorce at the moment A few of the essays are obnoxious obvious or self indulgent but there several winners too.

    17. Great essays on relationships of all sorts Wonderful writing and I felt like I had a bunch of friends who were just sharing their take on life and love not all happy and wonderful, but all real.

    18. The book was predominantly about divorce I found it to be rather depressing But, there were a few good love stories and some thoughts that I will keep with me.

    19. I really enjoyed the story by Isabel Rose but most of the others were just depressing They seemed weighted to the sad ugly divorce side of the spectrum than the happy marriage side.

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