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The Candle Star By Michelle Isenhoff,

  • Title: The Candle Star
  • Author: Michelle Isenhoff
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  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a tantrum, Emily Preston is shipped from her plantation home to her inn keeping uncle in Detroit There she meets Malachi, son of freed slaves, who challenges many ideas she grew up believing But when Emily stumbles upon two runaways hidden in her uncle s barn, she finds that old ways die hard And Mr Burrows, the charming Southern slave catcher, is only yards awayAfter a tantrum, Emily Preston is shipped from her plantation home to her inn keeping uncle in Detroit There she meets Malachi, son of freed slaves, who challenges many ideas she grew up believing But when Emily stumbles upon two runaways hidden in her uncle s barn, she finds that old ways die hard And Mr Burrows, the charming Southern slave catcher, is only yards away, lodged in the hotel.The Divided Decade Collection includes three stand alone stories that view the American Civil War through three different lenses All are set within Michigan The Candle Star features the Underground Railroad Blood of Pioneers illustrates the trials faced on the rural homefront after the menfolk leave for war And Beneath the Slashings is set within a Northern lumber camp filled with returning soldiers The books can be read out of order or read alone, depending on the theme that most interests the reader or most closely relates to a classroom curriculum All three have been highly acclaimed by teachers and home schoolers Each has lesson plans and additional resources available.
    The Candle Star After a tantrum Emily Preston is shipped from her plantation home to her inn keeping uncle in Detroit There she meets Malachi son of freed slaves who challenges many ideas she grew up believing But

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    1. This book, in plot, was pretty much your typical pre Civil war fair A spoiled southern kid learns about the evils of slavery and how people are helping them.The writing was not typical It was poetic, gripping, and I didn t want to stop This is the kind of writing for youth readers is that we need It isn t dumbed down It is beautiful and rich.Emily, while spoiled was a likable character The story was populated by interesting and realistic people.One minor complaint While church and prayer were me [...]

    2. I was very impressed by the beginning of this book What a relief to see bratty heroines described honestly by the author as brats instead of being promoted as cute little beauties who deserve a good romance The author has a lot of ability Her description of sets is light and casual a rare thing in historical work and her dialogue quite natural and individualized to each character The plot concerns a spoiled fourteen year old whose rich plantation owner parents send her to Detroit to live with he [...]

    3. THE CANDLE STARDivided Decade Series Book OneAuthor Michele IsenhoffType of Book Audiobook UnabridgedNarrator Fred WolinskyLength 4 hours, 32 minutesGenre Historical Fiction Release Date April 30, 2015Publisher Michele Isenhoff Rating 4 out of 5 stars I received a free copy of this audiobook from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.Fourteen year old Emily Preston has grown up on a plantation in the South Her family is wealthy and they own over 200 slaves She is a wild and willful child [...]

    4. I picked up this Young Adult novel set back before slavery was abolished in the USA for free when I was checking out some of the author s other books, even though I don t read historical fiction, and I m so glad I did I was wonderfully surprised to read such a professionally written and edited story from an indie author It can be done, people The story progresses at a leisurely pace, about right for a southern belle, but the writing and characters kept me intrigued and I never once tired of it T [...]

    5. 4.5This felt like a middle grade book but I really enjoyed this A spoiled Southern belle gets sent up North to live with her uncle and finds her views on black people become radically changed I love novels that chart change and transformation and seeing Emily s journey from a stuck up Princess to a girl who risks her life for others is truly heart warming This portrays the horror of the slave trade in a gentle way that makes it suitable for the middle grade market But was Malachi too good to be [...]

    6. Surprisingly, largely historically accurate, and a truly enthralling read.The book is a short and easy read It has a very simplistic but heavily charged story that, while obviously geared for the younger end of young adult and pre teen readers, I think would be highly enjoyable for all age ranges.I wish there was detail on Emily s character development and how her thoughts finally formed into acceptance of racial equality, I would have also liked to see what happened exactly when she finally ar [...]

    7. An enlightening historical novel about a young southern girl who spends the summer with her uncle in the north and, shall we say, has the veil removed from her cherished and spoiled Southern way of life and the institutioin of slavery She faces a delimma when she finds that her uncle is involved with The Underground Railroad This book is appropriate for younger people as wellrhaps upper grade school levels and beyond.

    8. I got this book for free at podiobook and loved it so much I finished it in one day I wish the other two books of this series were also on podiobooks I will have to see if the library has them Very enjoyable light read.

    9. As I began to read, The Candle Star by Michelle Isenhoff, I was again enthralled by her magnificent talent as a wordsmith She has a real talent for stringing together words in beautiful patterns that capture the mind and reveal the essence of the story.My thoughts on The Candle Star This is a historical novel set immediately prior to the Civil War in the United States Emily is a true Southern Belle accustomed to the luxuries of wealthy plantation life as the daughter of the house She does, howev [...]

    10. Books about slavery always put me on edge Our story is painful to hear and read and yet it is our history But as I continued to read, I really began to get into the heart of the story Emily was sent to her uncle because she was on the road to becoming incorrigible Her Uncle Isaac, although he lost the family fortune would hopefully be able to straighten her out The story tells of her journey as a young woman and her change of heart at she stumbled upon something that challenges her way of thinki [...]

    11. A simplistic historical fiction that had some shining moments, I especially appreciated how Emily opened her heart and eyes to the inhumanity of slavery.

    12. For the first Fourteen years of her life, Emily had been raised in a life of privilege as the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner in Charleston, Carolina She was accustomed to being waited on by slaves who tended to her every wish But then she was sent to spend time with her uncle Isaak in Detroit where he owned a small hotel She was accompanied by Zeke, an old family slave This is prior to the Civil War so slavery remained legal and widespread, though many in the North did not consider it ri [...]

    13. I m not sure where to actually place this one, it is either a coming of age story or a finding her way story or maybe a bit of both, as little southern belle, Emily, has been sent to Detroit to live with her northern Uncle for a bit so he can give her something that her parents were not able to give her, ha ha discipline, for one But we also find that her belief in slavery is very different than that of most of the town people that she needs to learn to live with and around But there are still s [...]

    14. I mainly read this book to see if I wanted to use it in my classroom The first part of the book was hard for me to follow due to the author s fondness for figurative language and heavy handed description It is possible to have too much of a good thing About halfway through, I was better able to focus on the plot I realize the story calls for the main character to seem unlikable at first However, I had a hard time connecting with her at all That led to me not really being invested in a possible c [...]

    15. Having read many books off of indie presses, I was impressed with Candle Star This author and teacher has accomplished something I ve often thought about crafting a story about an era with local connections to her students community In Candle Star, she gives the reader an opportunity to view pre Civil War years through the eyes of a pampered Southern belle and also see the role their home state od Michigan had in the years leading up to the conflict Although the characters can be a bit stereotyp [...]

    16. A spoiled brat learns the error of her ways during the slave era I wish the characters had been fully developed The story is good and the topic important to our history To me it is a middle grade book, easy to read, flows well.

    17. Engagingly educational Looking into the mind of a young southern girl and her views on slavery is difficult Luckily she is blessed with diverse people who show her a different, yet equally daunting reality Her emergence from the cocoon of her past is breath taking

    18. The Candle Star by Michelle Isenhoff Set in the late 1850s, Southern Belle Emily Preston has been sent by her parents to live for a spell with her uncle Isaac Milford She comes from a slave plantation in Carolina and she is in for some culture shock in Detroit, a land where slavery is not tolerated Also, her uncle insists that she earn her keep and this means chores and attending school, things she did not have to do in Carolina.This was a very interesting book Most books I have read that are se [...]

    19. Excellent story and historical significance for classroomsThis author has made her YA historical stories available for free, as far as she can control this, just to get these stories into the hands of schools Personally, I think all schools should make this mandatory reading for all students.I won t go over the story itself in any detail Others have done that already What is important is that this is an easy, interesting and FUN story It moves along quickly as it follows a North Carolina spoiled [...]

    20. This is the first book in a trilogy examining the Civil War through the Underground railroad setting in Michigan in 1858 In this first volume, the protagonist is fourteen year old Emily whose petulant personality and insolent behavior has resulted in her parents shipping her off to stay with an uncle in Michigan Emily has never been off the Ella Wood plantation in the Carolinas She presumes her life will be much the same, and her faithful slave Zeke tries to make her comfortable.Things turn out [...]

    21. Here are my answers to the questions ask by Audible when I reviewed this book If you could sum up The Candle Star in three words, what would they be Thought provoking, entertaining, well writtenWho was your favorite character and why Emily Preston is the main character in this book and for the first few pages you want to pull her over your knee and give her a sound whooping note I do not condone spanking but this girl really needs one She is one of those characters that you just down right hate [...]

    22. Emily was a Southern girl who thought slaves working on he family s plantation was how things should be Emily LOVED living on the wonderful cotton plantation and was happy there When her parents decide to send her to her Uncle s place in Detroit, Michigan for a holiday, she was FURIOUS Actually, she got in trouble for her temper and her parents thought her Uncle Isaac would teach her to be disciplined In Detroit, Emily not only had to WORK in her uncle s hotel, but she had to work with freed sla [...]

    23. My daughter read and loved The Candle Star by Michelle Isenhoff This is her review The Candle Star is set back in the slave days and is about a 12 year old girl, Emily Preston, who lives on a plantation in South Carolina, but whose parents send her to stay with her uncle in Detroit Apparently, her parents think that she could use an attitude adjustment and that her uncle could maybe help with that And her parents are right Emily is sarcastic and self important When she first arrives at her uncle [...]

    24. SUMMARY Emily Preston has plans for her life plans in direct oppostion to her parents wishes After a moment of high spirits a tantrum her mother called it she is shipped off to stay with her Uncle Isaac But his Detroit hotel is nothing like the beautiful plantation she has always known.In Detroit, Emily meets Malachi, a son of freed slaves who has grand schemes of his own Their abrasive relationship gradually challenges many of the ideas Emily has grown up believing But when she stumbles upon tw [...]

    25. It is 1858 and young Emily Preston is headed to Detroit Her unpleasant behavior and poor attitude have resulted in her parents decision to send Emily to spend time with her mother s brother, Uncle Isaac Used to life on the plantation in Charleston and the attention of family owned slaves, Emily is out of her element when she arrives in Detroit Uncle Isaac owns and operates a hotel in the city Emily is expected to attend school and lend a hand helping around the hotel Dealing with the idea of bla [...]

    26. Candle Star Divided Decade Collection by Michelle IsenhoffRich, spoiled Emily Preston lived in Charleston, South Carolina until her frustrated parents put her on a train to Detroit Perhaps her uncle Isaac Milford could instill in her an appreciation for life, liberty, and her own potential With her racial prejudices, she was challenged by her new friend, who happened to be son to her uncle s maid, a black boy, and quite insightful He wanted to become a doctor to help his people and he wanted Emi [...]

    27. I wanted to love this book, but I couldn t The heroine is 14, but she acts like 7 throughout much of the book The little southern belle is so spoiled and ill mannered that her parents send her to her uncle in Michigan With heroine being a teenager I thought this book would be written a YA level, but it is clearly intended for a younger audience I can overlook that It was my fault for not clearly reading the product description I don t want to give away any of the book s plotbut I liked all the [...]

    28. Most books about pre civil war slavery take place in the South, but The Candle Star places you smack dab into downtown Detroit, giving us the experience from the abolitionist North Still, we view it through the eyes of a wealthy plantation belle, who was exiled there against her will by her parents She is confronted daily with messages and experiences that conflict with everything she has been taught and previously exposed to regarding slavery and slaves The author does a masterful job of showi [...]

    29. Although this book seems to target the younger audience, I really enjoyed it The research the author has done into the past shines through and it really felt like I was stepping back in time every occasion I picked up this story I couldn t stand Emily for most of the book I absolutely despised her, wanted to give her a good shake and a slap but that was part of the beauty of it how often do you read a book where you actually can t stand the main character I thought that was done very well I got [...]

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