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The Ivory Lyre By Shirley Rousseau Murphy,

  • Title: The Ivory Lyre
  • Author: Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780064470407
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the help of four shape shifting dragons, dragonbards Tebriel and Kiri are instrumental in inciting an uprising against the Dark and in locating the magical ivory lyre.
    The Ivory Lyre With the help of four shape shifting dragons dragonbards Tebriel and Kiri are instrumental in inciting an uprising against the Dark and in locating the magical ivory lyre

    One thought on “The Ivory Lyre”

    1. The second half so gripped me that I read it in an hour and a half It s been than a decade, maybe a decade and a half, since I last read this book, but I remembered certain moments, and it was the anticipation of those moments that gripped me.

    2. Second book of the Dragonbards trilogyPrince Tebriel of Auric has regained his memory of why he is, and has learned the secret of his heritage he is a dragonbard, and after a life of believing there were no dragons on Tirror, he was glad to be proved wrong Teamed with his dragon Seastrider, he and her siblings search the world for bards and dragons to fight against the darkness He also means to find his sister Camery, who he also knows to be a bard.After successfully freeing several small isl [...]

    3. It s the sequel to Nightpool, but it was much better than its predecessor There was still a lot of the pure good vs pure evil thing going on, but it wasn t as annoying because the main character was actually put in situations where he didn t know what the right thing was, and had to struggle with it I think the author is still very flat with how she characterizes good and evil, especially evil Evil doesn t seem to have a subtle side in the present, just the bit that enslaves children and torture [...]

    4. I cannot remember if I read this when I was younger I think I may have only read Nightpool This second book is very interesting but I think the parts with the hydrus were a little longer than I would have liked I wanted to read about dragons and their powers because I just can t get enough of them The dragons that the author has imagined are fascinating and I love the powers that they have Great bookbut like any book I like, I wish it was longer.

    5. An okay fantasy with too many minor problems Several times important things happened just offstage, and at least one of them baffled me while I was reading the chapter, which took me out of the story.At times, things seemed to happen because the writer said they would, rather than seeming to flow naturally from the story.

    6. Fun Quick read, mostly in two sittings More action than the first and backstory revealed I am about to start the third book in the series and hope to learn about some of the characters we met in this book.

    7. This was my favorite book for years growing up It inspired my love of dragons I read this book first in the trilogy, even though it was second.

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