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The Outlaws of Ennor By Michael Jecks,

  • Title: The Outlaws of Ennor
  • Author: Michael Jecks
  • ISBN: 9780755301737
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shipwrecked, Baldwin and Simon are washed ashore on neighboring islands Both are independently charged with investigating the murder of a tax gatherer, embroiling them in the bitter rivalry between two island communities Can they uncover the truth in time to prevent a massacre
    The Outlaws of Ennor Shipwrecked Baldwin and Simon are washed ashore on neighboring islands Both are independently charged with investigating the murder of a tax gatherer embroiling them in the bitter rivalry between tw

    One thought on “The Outlaws of Ennor”

    1. A historical look at what the first homicide might have been like If you enjoyed anything from Umberto Eco, you might like this.

    2. Fans of medieval mysteries can never go wrong with a Michael Jecks book This one benefits from a thoroughly unique setting the Scilly Isles, an archipelago off the Cornish coast of England As usual, Jecks s research helps create the foundation for an entirely convincing and swashbuckling adventure that involves all matter of mayhem, shipwrecks, backstabbing villains, cuckolding and masters with conflicting allegiances to a despicable king, the prior and their own greed Jecks is to be commended f [...]

    3. I m a fan of Michael Jecks, but The Outlaws of Ennor was a disappointment to me The story was fast paced and the mystery it s usual delightful puzzle It s the characters I was disappointed in the most Sir Baldwin has always been a man of honour A man who takes his oaths seriously and only breaks them when he is betrayed and even then it takes him years And now Michael Jecks will have us believe that the man who stayed chaste during his years as a Templar will commit adultery with an unpleasant w [...]

    4. This story brought in a lot of mail, mainly from women saying he wouldn t do that Well, I think he would Read the book to find out what However, it also brought tears to my eyes, and still does.You see, one lady wrote to tell me that she had given the book to her husband to see what he thought of the well, the thing to which I allude He read it quickly, with evident enjoyment, but reached one point where he stopped, and he couldn t read on When she asked him, it was because I detail in the book [...]

    5. A difficult read murder mystery set across a chain of islands Problem 1 I found it impossible to keep track of the many characters and their multiple secrets Specifically Thomas, William, Robert and David which one worked on which island After 200 pages, I was finally beginning to remember which characters was which, yet none were interesting.Problem 2 This is a murder mystery in which multiple characters were at the scene of the crime when it happened No clues point to one character over the ot [...]

    6. I was trying to clear off my to read shelf when I came across this book I d tried to read it once before and put it aside for some reason after the first couple chapters I decided to give it another chance What was especially interesting was that the story takes place on the Scilly Isles and I d forgotten how challenging it could be living on an island not that I ve lived on an Island I was thinking about setting a story I was working on on an island This book helped me figure out that it wouldn [...]

    7. While I tend to like Jecks mysteries this one was difficult to wade through I felt like I was continually be dragged down with descriptions of the geography of the group of small islands that is the setting for this installment And while some of that was needed as the geography definitely plays a part in the solution to the murder, I felt like it was too much.

    8. One of a long series by Michael Jecks It is set in the Middle Ages in The Scilly Islands I liked the change of setting from the usual West Country where the early books of the series were set I found that I had to constantly refer to the map and list of characters at the begining of the book.

    9. it has been awhile since I ve read a Michael Jecks book This one was pretty good I think there was 1 to many murders though.

    10. Up to Jeck s usual standard, interesting details of the time woven into plot s , couldn t forsee who dun it.

    11. Things never go as planned for Sir Baldwin Bailiff Simon Puttock, least of all on their voyage back to England from their pilgrimage Pirates, islands, felons abound in this tale.

    12. The intro chapters in this series are always slow due to Jecks cast of thousands However the effort is worth it.

    13. Another great read from Michael Jecks a fulfilling read in its own right as well as a clever mystery Full review at classicmystery.wordpress

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