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The Dear Departed By Stanley Houghton Herman P. Riess,

  • Title: The Dear Departed
  • Author: Stanley Houghton Herman P. Riess
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 267
  • Format: None
  • D.C Recreation Department twenty fourth annual one act play tournament, The Arts Club Players present The Dear Departed, by Stanley Houghton, directed by Herman P Riess.
    The Dear Departed D C Recreation Department twenty fourth annual one act play tournament The Arts Club Players present The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton directed by Herman P Riess

    One thought on “The Dear Departed”

    1. It s really good that they teach this in our college makes me sad the fact that this play was written in 1908, but the topic that s being addressed is actually happening now in 2016 we still hear of brothers killing each other just for the sake of money Greed blinds them Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough This quote isn t from the play.yways, I liked what mr,Abel did Lol, it s like he slapped everyone of them on their faces.

    2. Well, this is a drama that I was taught in schoolWell, it shows how love, compassion and respect is being swallowed by greed in the society It is a satire and gives you a lot to laugh about as well as a lot to think about.

    3. It s really a satirical drama.It made me chuckle at some scenes and that two sisters were extremely unscrupulous whatever Abel their father did was a big slap on their face.This makes me remember the proverb Tit for tat

    4. I read this play as a part of my 10th Standard English co curriculum Later on we were supposed to reenact it, and I became the grandfather, well he has a minor role but still the major role.The play is witty and delightful if not very humorous, but I think there was space for Nevertheless the playwright does not fail in bringing out the hypocrisy and abominably still present in our society.Well 3 things that i learnt from this play are Respect your parents You can get married at any stage It s [...]

    5. The Dear Departed was a play we had to read for school I liked it, it was funny in a way and ironical Elizabeth and Amelia were characters of their own, similar in ways and contrasting all the Still I don t regret reading this, it s got a message for us, the younger generation and I ve learned it

    6. I enacted this play, as Mr Abel Merry Weather Still gives me the tickles with the white frech beard i had put on P Anyhoo This has been one of my all time favourite play happy to see this again in here D Grin

    7. Satire and Irony , reminiscent of the Victorian middle class settings for Oscar Wilde s plays just without his trademark wit Not as delightful as a satire can be.

    8. A rather humorous account of how children assume that their old parents have become a liability and feel that the elderly are obliged to live a meagre existence under their dominance.

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