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Nuclear Winter Wonderland By Joshua Corin,

  • Title: Nuclear Winter Wonderland
  • Author: Joshua Corin
  • ISBN: 2940012304353
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Nook
  • An underachieving college kid has six days to save the world from atomic annihilation in this offbeat tale about a frenzied race from the icy Pocono Mountains to the dark heart of Walt Disney World.It all begins as Adam Weiss and his sister Anna head home to New Jersey for winter break Pulling into a highway rest stop, they are confronted suddenly by a lunatic nuclear terAn underachieving college kid has six days to save the world from atomic annihilation in this offbeat tale about a frenzied race from the icy Pocono Mountains to the dark heart of Walt Disney World.It all begins as Adam Weiss and his sister Anna head home to New Jersey for winter break Pulling into a highway rest stop, they are confronted suddenly by a lunatic nuclear terrorist who kidnaps Anna and leads Adam off in furious pursuit.Along the way he teams up with a dyspeptic ex mob thug and a Spanish speaking female clown, creating an oddball rescue squad that is soon busy dodging the police and defeating an army of shadowy opponents.But will they be in time to rescue Anna
    Nuclear Winter Wonderland An underachieving college kid has six days to save the world from atomic annihilation in this offbeat tale about a frenzied race from the icy Pocono Mountains to the dark heart of Walt Disney World It

    One thought on “Nuclear Winter Wonderland”

    1. 3.75 starsAdam is having a really tough time of it What ludicrous, awful thing can happen to him Yes, though ludicrous, it is quite a fun novel Who can pass up a book that touts a Spanish speaking, Croatian clown as one of its main characters.If you re into deep books this will not be one for you, but if you like rollicking WTH adventures or just need a light read this one could find a spot on your bookshelf A little gruesome and violent at times but not overly so.

    2. Book was O.K The first half dragged Stuck it out and it became much better in the middle of the book when it is revealed that Cherry Sundae is than just a Spanish speaking clown Was kind of irritated with how ridiculous the situations the main character found himself in over and over again Was just a bit too much The ending was satisfying There is nothing that I hate than when a book is ruined by a poor ending That does not mean that I believe that every ending must be happy, that is not what [...]

    3. If you like off the wall books, like I do, then try this one Along the lines of a Carl Hiassen, with intricate plot twists and completely implausibly situations and wild, over the top characters, Nuclear Winter Wonderland tells the story of a college student who has to save his sister and the planet from a nuclear terrorist.

    4. I almost put the book in the book drop after reading some of the college freak out humor as we used to call it in my improv troupebut I was glad I kept reading It ended up being really entertaining.

    5. I never knew what to expect, no one person should ever experience everything the main character experiences in just a few days The book was a wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever thought they have had a bad day.

    6. Entertaining enough story I especially liked all the vegas action and background In the end, I kept tossing it aside for other things, but man, talk about a bad day.

    7. I don t usually like this type of book But, this kept me interested on every last word til the end Very off the wall and exciting A great quick read.

    8. It s a little hard to believe that this is Joshua Corin s freshman effort I got to know of this book thanks to the International Thriller Writers website The first three chapters of this book are available as a free pdf download Once I read those chapters, I knew I had to read the rest of the book as well.The story revolves around a madman who captures the twin sister of the protagonist dares the protagonist to capture him in 7 days or he ll bring the end of the world by unleashing a nuclear Arm [...]

    9. This is the story of Adam On the way to his Uncle s funeral, his twin sister Anna is abducted by a lunatic hell bent on setting off 12 nuclear bombs on Christmas Eve Chaos then ensues as Adam hunts for Anna In his quest he teams up with a church robbing mobster called Filbert and a Croatian clown called Cherry Sundae who appears to only speak Spanish Along the way he meets all manner of weird and wonderful people, some who help and some who hinder him in his search for his sister.This was on the [...]

    10. According to the cover, this is going to be turned into a movie has nothing, so it s possible someone bought up the rights to it without any actual pre production Or it could be out by 2012 hard to say.Simple premise self absorbed college twenty something, on his way to a relative s funeral, picks up his sister and heads off on an overland cross country trip On the way, he pulls in to a rest stop, and his car gets hijacked with his sister still inside From there, he finds it within himself to be [...]

    11. I am not very fond of this book It is not really badly written, that s not a point What I have a problem with, is that the main character gets into stange events again and again and again The start of the book is good, it made me curious for what would follow But when the story continues, strange characters occur, who want something, need something or try to harm him too All in all the mountain of events, strange things and the fact that the main character is distracted from his main goal findi [...]

    12. Bizarre, Funny, Laugh out Loud from start to finishI went into this book blind, having purchased it as a freebie for Kindle It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable books I ve read and I read a lot.Well written, great plot, crazy cast of characters, bizarre twists and turns I was laughing out loud a couple minutes after I began reading and was still laughing when I came to the end.I read on there were plans to make this book into a movie It will be interesting to see who they cast.Nuclear W [...]

    13. I bought this book based strictly on the title, so I wasn t expecting much Boy, was I delightfully surprised The plot goes something like this slacker frat boy Adam is driving with his sister back home for the holidays, a crazy nuclear terrorist kidnaps the sister, a wild chase to Disney World ensues There is also a clown The clown is a woman The woman speaks Spanish There are also twelve nuclear warheads set to go at midnight on New Year s Eve If you think all this sounds terribly silly, you ar [...]

    14. This is one of those books where after the first chapter I thought I would be leaving a 4 star review, if only I had simply stopped reading then and there When I reached the end of the book the only points of redemption I could find were that it was well written, in a technical sense, and the early chapters are compelling enough to trick the reader into continuing on There is something to be said for a story holding a reader s attention long enough to where they will finish the book, but anythin [...]

    15. Oh my god, I m not even sure I can put a positive spin on this book I didn t want to finish this book and I forced myself to I feel that the book was poorly written The author felt the need to have to be incredibly redundant He d state a sentence, then do another sentence, only to repeat the first sentence immediately afterwards Did he have a character count he needed to reach On top of the poorly written book, the language in the book was incredibly vulgar and foul I was glad when I was finally [...]

    16. Whenever I d read some funny comment, I thought yep, that s Mr Corin from class He was my theatre appreciation teacher a good one, I might add In fact, he actually talked about this book in class one day he said it deals with a Spanish speaking clown etc But aside from the slight bias, this was a good book It was funny, it kind of dragged at the beginning before the action came I would LOVE a sequel to see what happens with Anna and her brother sorry don t have the book right in front of me so I [...]

    17. I recently read NUCLEAR WINTER WONDERLAND, not because it was my usual fare, but because I met the author and was intrigued I really enjoyed the book I thought it was a delightful combination of adventure and quirky Did I say I really enjoyed it Congratulations to the author on the movie and the new book deal I ll look forward to the movie to see how the producers handle this one.

    18. After reading Booklist s raving review of this, I thought I d be in for a great Good Omens ish funny nuclear apocolypse type read After investing myself in about 60 pages of it, I abandoned thorough reading in favor of skimming to see if started to look up Eeh The absurd humor and frat boy protaganist just didn t appeal to me Just couldn t get into it.

    19. One of the wackiest books that I have read recentlyyou might call it the Napoleon Dynamite of books Just when you might think you ve got it figured out, expect the unexpected It was bizarre and I couldn t put it down This is not family values as the moral majority defines it, yet Adam s rescue of his sister Anna is all that and Definitely worth a read

    20. Gym reading This one was interesting enough, but I didn t love it In the last 1 3, I was skipping quite a bit of the prose that seemed to go on and on and lead nowhere I didn t really feel much of anything for any of the characters I know this book is absurd on purpose, but I still just didn t like any of the characters Meh.

    21. This book took suspension of disbelief to an odd new level creepy frat kid saves the world from nuclear annihilation but I actually enjoyed it immensely I even read it in three sittings The creepy frat kid s voice is irreverent and unique, and the unusual turns made me smile The ebook version was littered with typos, though, which took away from the experience a little.

    22. What a lot of fun this book was It never let up right to the end The characters are well developed and Corin has a lot of funny things come out of their mouths.If you have a problem with people staring at you because you are laughing out loud then you should read this book in the privacy of your home.And as an extra bonus it makes for good holiday Christmas reading

    23. A funny dark comedy that if you wrote it as a screenplay it would work well in the same format as Pulp Fiction The characters are over the top and the way they reconnect with each other is seriously farfetched but it works At least it did for me.

    24. This okay not as interesting as advertised on the cover Each chapter ended in a cliffhanger so in that respect it was hard to put down But that is a cheap attempt at keeping readers on the part of the author, IMO It was worth the read, but barely.

    25. I loved this absurd, quirky book There are some novelsthat are so predictable that I can guess how they ll end, not with this book It was unpredictable from the beginning and kept me hooked until the end.

    26. This totally oddball story kept me amused for a couple of days I couldn t wait to see what would befall Adam next All in all, I found this to be a quirky tale, another of the surreal humour books I like so much.

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