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From Beowulf to Virginia Woolf By Robert Manson Myers,

  • Title: From Beowulf to Virginia Woolf
  • Author: Robert Manson Myers
  • ISBN: 9780252011269
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
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    From Beowulf to Virginia Woolf None

    One thought on “From Beowulf to Virginia Woolf”

    1. It should replace the English Lit exam if you don t laugh constantly, you don t know anything about English literature.

    2. Exquisitely painful or was it painfully exquisite Even an English history nekulturny like me can enjoy the acyrologia, malapropisms, misunderinformation, and delightful alternative fax so deadpannily presented here A real treat for lingua files.

    3. What did I just read Nonsensical and hilarious, full of groaning puns and sly malapropisms, this book was just plain silly and I enjoyed it quite a bit It was sort of like reading an academic version of Drunk History, and the illustrations apropos of nothing just added to the romp Luckily the book is short so the shenanigans did not have time to get old And to think I initially bought the book only because the cover of it was done by Edward Gorey

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