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The Sanibel Sunset Detective By Ron Base,

  • Title: The Sanibel Sunset Detective
  • Author: Ron Base
  • ISBN: 9780973695540
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tree Callister is not much of a private detective His first client just turned up at the door and he s twelve years old What s , the kid has the grand total of 7 with which to hire Tree to find his mother Everyone on Sanibel Island, Florida where Tree lives, thinks the former newspaper reporter is out of his mind His only defender is his wife Freddie, and even sheTree Callister is not much of a private detective His first client just turned up at the door and he s twelve years old What s , the kid has the grand total of 7 with which to hire Tree to find his mother Everyone on Sanibel Island, Florida where Tree lives, thinks the former newspaper reporter is out of his mind His only defender is his wife Freddie, and even she has doubts Then a headless body shows up, along with a threatening thug, a couple of suspicious detectives, and a former girlfriend now an ex FBI agent who suspects Tree knows than he is admitting Before long, Tree is up to his neck in the kind of murder and mystery he only imagined as a boy reading the private detective novels he loved Ron Base s new novel, The Sanibel Sunset Detective, is full of fast paced action, humor, unexpected plot twists, and memorable characters Steeped in the sun drenched atmosphere of Sanibel and Captiva, two of Florida s most beautiful and unusual islands, this is the first in a series of Tree Callister adventures.
    The Sanibel Sunset Detective Tree Callister is not much of a private detective His first client just turned up at the door and he s twelve years old What s the kid has the grand total of with which to hire Tree to find his mo

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    1. On very rare occasions, a book strikes me not only for its literary value but also for how it connects with me personally This is one of those books.While vacationing recently on Florida s Sanibel Island, I ran into Ron Base, the author He was signing books outside of the restaurant where my wife and I had just finished breakfast After having an enjoyable conversation with Ron, I bought one of his books, the first in his series of three about newbie detective Tree Callister.The idea of reading a [...]

    2. Notes On Writing a NovelIn the late 1970s, working as a journalist for a New York syndicate I went down to Murrell s Inlet, South Carolina to interview the legendary mystery writer, Mickey Spillane Beginning in 1947, Spillane wrote a series of hard boiled paperback novels starring a tough as nails private detective named Mike Hammer Titles such as Vengeance Is Mine and I, The Jury and My Gun Is Quick sold in excess of 180 million copies and created a publishing phenomenon that spawned movies and [...]

    3. Got to meet Ron Base at Bailey s one of Sanibel s favorite grocery haunts He most kindly signed his book It s a fun read that I went through quickly, which is unusual for me Ron and his fearless detective, Tree, are my kind of people If you get a chance, you should read it too Best if read on one of the best places on earth, Sanibel, but good too if you just want to escape here.

    4. A fun Beach read I enjoyed the characters The story line took place on Sanibel Island and used surrounding areas as the backdrop for the intrigue and his investigative adventures It was all so familiar to me thanks to our many visits there over the years, I felt like I was part of the story Not your typical gumshoe detective Can t help but cheer him on and hope he succeeds

    5. Spring break, April 2017 Found a cute little bookstore in Fort Myers and a nice man signing books ouside Struck up a conversation and got an autographed copy of my very own Ron has been writing for awhile and suggested this book, the beginning of his Sanibel Sunset Detective series Tree Callister is a former newspaperman, and fairly new resident of Florida His wife is busy with her own career and he most certainly is not busy Good natured, likeable and happily married but feeling the need to do [...]

    6. As a retired 60 something, I appreciated this plot line, as well as the humor A light hand helped the author move things along Waiting for the Return.

    7. Ron Base showed he might just be ready to play with the Florida big boys, Carl Hiaasen and Randy Wayne White, with the debut of Tree Callister in The Sanibel Sunset Detective Many years ago I discovered Randy White s Doc Ford series while browsing for a good beach read at MacIntosh Books on Sanibel Island Hoping for another unexpected treat I stopped in the same bookstore on my last visit to Sanibel and noticed The Sanibel Sunset Detective Could it be true Tree Callister, aka, the Sanibel Sunset [...]

    8. A 60 year old former newspaper journalist, downsized out of a job and considered a loser by everyone except his wife Tree Callister opens The Sanibel Sunset Detective Agency and takes on his first client, a 12 year old kid who pays seven dollars for Tree to find his mother While on vacation, I decided to check out some of the local bookstores and choose a couple books by the local authors from the Sanibel Island area I quickly decided that Randy Wayne White was too popular, so chose Ron Bases fi [...]

    9. This book is set in south Florida, a tropical paradise The crimes are horrifying because they are set against this lush backdrop Life should be easy for the Sunset Detective, a retired newspaper man, but his second career as a detective proves that even in paradise, easy is hard to come by This bumbling, stumbling novice detective manages to worry his wife, anger his friends, tickle the crooks, and still win the day He s the lovable for his failings A great beach read, and even if you aren t i [...]

    10. I really liked this book especially because we are on Sanibel now while I was reading it The characters were fun and this was a good beach read I especially liked the relationship between Tree and Freddie.February 23, 2016I met Ron Base again this year and purchased his latest book I decided since there are about 4 or 5 books in this series I wanted to read them in order So, I am starting over with the first book, The Sanibel Sunset Detective that I read a few years ago I remember enjoying the b [...]

    11. I picked up this book because it was based in a Florida town, and since I live in Florida I m a bit biased for local stories Honestly, this book could have been based anywhere IMHO, there wasn t really much that truly said Florida to me, other than a reference to the beach, towns I know of and have visited were referenced, and descriptions were somewhat what I would expect of those towns.Having said that, I still enjoyed the book The plot was interesting, if a bit far fetched The writing is good [...]

    12. A nice enough book, but there s something of a disconnect between the styles of the climax and the rest of the book The first 200 pages are the leisurely ramblings of a retiree detective, the last 40 are a gore fest leading to a revenge rampage However, the characters are nice and relatable I especially liked Freddie and the denouement was set up really well, the foreshadowing was really subtle All in all, it was a fun holiday read and it s always nice to read something set in a location you kno [...]

    13. This is a good, fun book The setting is great and a place somewhat familiar to me, as I come down to this area of Florida on vacations and I enjoyed the characters I like that, just like our fictional detective, there were points where I would sort of assume that I had figured out how things were going to go, and this book, like that detective, pulled the rug out from under me and showed that there was much than I had been giving it credit for Good fun I can t wait to read the rest

    14. I bought this book from the author in a grocery store on Sanibel While it isn t the most graceful read in the genre, it is solid and fun from one end to the other Pacing is good, characters are attractive Recommended, if you like modern murder mysteries like Sue Grafton s, or if you are fond of a certain island off the gulf coast of Florida.

    15. If you have ever vacationed on or near Sanibel Island on Florida s Gulf Coast, you will be intrigued with this story I read all 4 in the series while wintering there in winter, 2014 and look forward to the next one You will read about many familiar places and it is a good murder mystery

    16. Great beach read In fact, read it on the Sanibel Is beach Thanks Val Dal for letting us stay at your beautiful FL home Could not put this book down and was a bit sad when I finished it But ow see there is a sequel Onward

    17. This is a good vacation read There are likeable characters in a Florida setting Things wrap up nicely in the end, perhaps a bit too nicely, but it s a good way to end a vacation read There s another book in the series and I m tempted to read that one too.

    18. Kind of a far fetched plot I had some trouble with all the different characters remembering who is who But overall, a fun read, especially after being on Sanibel Island.

    19. A beach read and a page turner with not very well developed characters The page turner part is well done Keeping the characters believable and interesting needs a bit of work.

    20. For the love of Sanibel4 Star good book good plot good action AND I didn t figure out the ending Can t wait to read his other books.

    21. Great simple detective novel Made me imagine the entire novel like it was a television show or movie worth the read.

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