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The Grave Robber's Apprentice By Allan Stratton,

  • Title: The Grave Robber's Apprentice
  • Author: Allan Stratton
  • ISBN: 9780061976087
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hans doesn t know who he is or where he came from When he was a baby, he washed ashore in a wooden box and was adopted by the conniving grave robber Knobbe the Bent Now fate has thrown him together with Angela von Schwanenberg, a young countess fleeing for her life from the evil Archduke Arnulf and his dreaded necromancer Together, these friends are on a daring quest toHans doesn t know who he is or where he came from When he was a baby, he washed ashore in a wooden box and was adopted by the conniving grave robber Knobbe the Bent Now fate has thrown him together with Angela von Schwanenberg, a young countess fleeing for her life from the evil Archduke Arnulf and his dreaded necromancer Together, these friends are on a daring quest to discover Hans true identity and to save Angela s parents from the archduke In this world, anything is possible with luck and imagination even for a grave robber s apprentice.
    The Grave Robber s Apprentice Hans doesn t know who he is or where he came from When he was a baby he washed ashore in a wooden box and was adopted by the conniving grave robber Knobbe the Bent Now fate has thrown him together wi

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    1. 4.5 5 starsThis is a tale of two children whom under normal circumstances would never even meet, but whose destinies bring them together to save an entire kingdom Holy frack this is brutal for a kids book I knew it was a little on the gory side to start out with the main character is the apprentice of a grave robber, after all, which comes with quite a few interesting descriptions Plus entertaining little anecdotes, such as Hans being so good at keeping his balance on ice due to years of standin [...]

    2. I have to flee to a secret place, Angela said There ll be all sorts of perils Highwaymen Wolf packs And if I survive, even worse I ll be on a quest to free my parents from the devil himself Archduke Arnulf and his Necromancer I need someone I can count on That s me Hans exclaimed.Found by a grave robber when he was an infant, Hans grows up not knowing his past or his place in the world He is horrified by the thought of following in his foster father s footsteps as a grave robber, but cannot imag [...]

    3. HarperCollins has done a book trailer for THE GRAVE ROBBER S APPRENTICE that really captures the book s feel If you re interested, it s on YouTube at youtube watch v JT5WjYIncidentally, I dedicated the book to my mom She was amazing a single mother in the 1950s She took me to see Shakespeare s Twelfth Night when I was five and ever after My love of literature and theatre all stem from those early years I owe her, well, everything.

    4. I see a lot of reviews riffing on this one for having some darker themes, it really isn t as dark as those reviews make it out to be and honestly underestimate kids ability to get those themes whether parents and adults like it or not In fact, we actually fail kids when we assume they don t, we grew up with the likes of Labyrinth, Neverending Story, and Dark Crystal none of which were purified of all potentially sad plot points to better suit parents ideal outlook for kids because most parents o [...]

    5. I think this book was amazing.It had so much adventure,drama,horror,it never gets boring.I could read that book a million times and it would never get boring.I think that the other silver birch readers will like this book because like i said it never gets boring.Even when the are trying to fall asleep its intresting.I think it was amazing how they keep runing and geting away.

    6. The Good Stuff Fabulous opening chapter will grab the kids and adults attention right away The banter between Angela and Hans is delightful Angela is a fantastic heroine feisty and brave, yet compassionate and hilarious Hans is a perfect companion for Angela and they work so well together Wonderful adventure story full of nasty villians and wacky secondary characters Lots of scary and gross bits will attract the middle school boy reader Young kids save the day kids eat that sorta thing up Humor [...]

    7. I liked that the book was a mix of Thriller and Mystery because it starts out mysterious with knobbe doing his grave robbing deed and then it has Angela on an adventure with Hans to rescue her parents from the necromancer the devil himself I think it turns in to a thriller mid book and it starts to have that thought in it like you know something is going to happen it s like in a movie when it has that mysterious creepy music and it gets higher pitched but in the book Allan expresses it with tone [...]

    8. The Grave Robber s Apprentice was a fabulous mid grade fairytale adventure It had princesses, evil magicians, traveling performers and an unlikely hero The pace of the story was great it never dragged and had a lot of action while still managing to develop emotion and show character depth It was clearly written and easy to read I never found myself tripping over the story The plot was interesting and had themes of family, love and true bravery along with a lot of fun adventure Hans and Angela we [...]

    9. Well, that was legitimately disappointing I was really looking forward to reading this after I got a copy at ALA Midwinter, but the only expectation I had about it that was fulfilled was that it is a quick read But that was because I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible It s like someone crossed The Princess Bride with every Shakespeare play they read in high school, but took themselves completely seriously It was a huge pile of cliches, and as such, extremely predictable, except fo [...]

    10. I had to read this book because my tutor girl has a book report on it and has no idea what it was about Reading this book as an adult, I didn t mind it However, I understand now why my tutor girl understood nothing It is very difficult in terms of comprehension There is much disgusting blood, guts, violence and gore There are so many allusions to Shakespeare that a younger student would NEVER understand Admittedly, I probably missed a few The language is not easy to understand Again, I enjoyed i [...]

    11. I haven t read such a great book in a long time It is so good, I didn t want to read it because it would end The writing is superb, and with excellent pacing The characters and the action grab our interest and carry us along an amazing storyline I can t wait to recommend this book to many of our library s patrons They re often surprised that I read books in the juvenile section, but this is storytelling of a superior nature.

    12. Grave robbers apperentice was a good book for many reasons One reason was because it was very action packed Another reason is that it grabs your attention right off the bat My favourite chracter was hans because he ends up saving his papa in the end and i think he was very brave I would suggest this book for kids and adults who like action

    13. Though this seemed pitched at children, I often wondered if it was perhaps too gross and violent for the audience age It does have grave robbing aplenty, and a deliciously evil duke and necromancer and plenty of adventure with a plucky heroine and reluctant hero And I did love the Shakespearean touches Angela was quite like Viola in Twelfth Night, disguising herself as a man before embarking on her quest , and there were touches of MacBeth with the prophecy of the forest coming to Dunsanane, and [...]

    14. is novel falls somewhere between two and three in the star category, failing to achieve anything great while barely passing the muster of minimal expectations.The Moses like beginning to the story where the protagonist washes up as a baby and is found by the grave robber Knobbe is far from the tale s sole unoriginal aspect From the young boy Hans falling in love and vice versa with the daughter of distinguished family Angela , to said girl being longed for by a vainglorious, powerful ruler of a [...]

    15. Oh my goodness what a frolicking read Splendid adventures for brave and heroic underdogs impressive villany by devilish tyrants and a lively, colourful supportive cast Best afternoon of reading in a long time References to Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and the Holy Bible dash boldy and without apology throughout the story for those who can catch them Thoroughly enjoyable and recommended to all

    16. It is about a boy named Hans who was adopted by a grave robber, and a girl who the archduke wished to marry But my favorite part is when Hans s real father was actually the older brother of the archduke and the archduke tried to kill his older brother and his son so he could be archduke It was challenging because of the two plot lines but was tense and thrilling

    17. L apprenti pilleur de tombes est un livre jeunesse comme je les aime, fa on conte de f e avec de l aventure, des batailles, de l amiti.Et videmment comme dans tout conte qui se respecte, la fin tout est bien qui finit bien.J ai pass un excellent moment A mettre entre toutes les mains m me celles des adultes qui ont su garder leurs mes d enfants.

    18. The Grave Robber s Apprentice is a dark tale of the vilest sorcerer and the most sinister Archduke who constantly orchestrate unsettling dangers that protagonists Hans and Angela must endure to save themselves and their families.In this beautifully crafted literary tale Stratton offers first a found childssed into the sea in a box emblazoned with a strange crest and jewels, the child bears an eagle birth mark on his shoulder We next meet Knobbe the Bent, a grave robber, who finds the boy, decide [...]

    19. This book was okay but I didn t really like the characters too much and if I did, then this book would ve impacted me The main characters felt plain and not strong and developed enough to stand out The story was a bit touching, especially when Hans discovered his true identity, but I was able to figure out the plot twists and stuff and that made it seem typical and expected in a bad way.

    20. SPOILERYIt was fine I actually enjoyed it It was certainly action packed And grim Quite grim However, it was very obvious how it would turn out, and nothing at all came as a surprise to me or felt that fresh I kept thinking about A Horse and his Boy , because of the whole boy raised by gruff, poor, somewhat morally corrupt man, runs off with escaping noble girl, who treats him badly at first because she s classist, but learns that he s got a brave soul, but also it turns out he s really a prince [...]

    21. Review in Portuguese O Aprendiz do Ladr o de T mulos, de Allan StrattonPlaneta 300 p ginasJo o e ngela Gabriela vivem uma aventura sem igual com direito a muito perigo e recompensas impag veis.T tulo O Aprendiz do Ladr o de T mulosT tulo Original The Grave Robber s ApprenticeAutor Allan StrattonTradutora L via AlmedaryEditora PlanetaISBN 978 85 422 0077 5Ano da Edi o 2013Ano Original de Lan amento 2012N de P ginas 300Comprar Online Ingl s Book DepositoryPortugu s Cultura SaraivaSinopse Knobbe er [...]

    22. I had the pleasure of witnessing Allan Stratton speak to a group of young people last year He had the ability to engage everyone that had attended that seminar with enthusiasm And he uses the same skill in his book The Grave Robber s Apprentice to entice young people to read Page 3 4 The Boy in the Wooden ChestYears ago, in the Archduchy of Waldland, on a night when the wind was strong and the waves were high, a boy washed ashore in a small wooden chest The chest took refuge in a nest of boulder [...]

    23. I ll admit, I picked up the book because the font on the spine stood out to me The spine was dark, the font suggested something gothic without it being paranormal What got me to look at the first page was Kenneth Oppel s quote on the back.I was in the mood for a young adult fantasy adventure, nothing paranormal, dystopian, or too focused on romance Though this book is like middle grade, I still enjoyed it a lot, and finished it in one sitting.It reminded me of Harry Potter the boy with a great [...]

    24. Gr ce leurs collections Estampille et Millezime, les ditions Bayard Jeunesse proposent une grande vari t de romans pour les jeunes lecteurs partir de 10 ans Parmi les genres qui passionnent les enfants, on trouve videmment le roman de l auteur qu b cois Allan Stratton, L apprenti pilleur de tombes, paru en juin 2013.A r server aux lecteurs d j bien aguerris, partir de 10 ou 12 ans, L apprenti pilleur de tombes est un roman d un genre hybride, la fois conte et roman d apprentissage Allan Stratton [...]

    25. I have has this book to read for a couple years it ended up being an okay read It s decently written but very predictable The story reads a lot like a fairy tale and has a lot of elements of stories you ve probably read before a young girl running from an unwanted marriage, a young man who doesn t know his parents and finds out they have noble origins.Parts of the story are pretty gruesome I know this is aimed at the middle grade audience but I doubt I would want my son who is nine and reads lot [...]

    26. This was one of those books I must have gotten at a library book sale for a dollar or two It was really good A dark tale and a scary one there is a lot that goes on in this book that I found myself going that was really dark for a kids book and there was one part about corrupting the innocence of a young girl that had me thinking if I was a kid and reading this would I have even thought anything about it or would I have kept reading long into the night I m 100% that I would have just kept readin [...]

    27. A wooden chest baring a foreign royal crest with a babe baring an eagle birthmark on his shoulder are found washed ashore and is adopted by a greedy grave robber Raised as his apprentice, Han cannot help but despise the life he finds he has and longs to find friendship with the young countess he watches from outside her grounds Angela Gabriela von Schwanenberg is not your typical spoiled countess though Raised mostly by her nurse she dreams of adventures and loves the call of the theater, where [...]

    28. SUMMARY Hans is a foundling washed up on the beach and adopted and raised by a grave robber a job he does not look forward to By chance he meets Countess Angela Gabriela, nearly thirteen, on the run from an evil archduke interested in her families wealth and plans to get it through marrying her A deal with the sly necromancer goes wrong leaving Angela buried alive, her parents in an insane asylum, and the evil archduke loose upon the world What will it take for them to form an alliance, develop [...]

    29. All Hans knows of his past is that he washed ashore in an intricate wooden chest as a baby was found and adopted by Knobbe the Bent who just happens to be a Grave Robber Knobbe the Bent is getting older so an apprentice is just what he needs to initially be a lookout and then as Hans grows up to help with the arduous tasks of his grim profession The Countess Angela Gabriela von Schwanenberg lives in the nearby castle and loves puppetry but is often lonely with only her Nurse for company When th [...]

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