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Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse By Lee Goldberg Andy Breckman,

  • Title: Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse
  • Author: Lee Goldberg Andy Breckman
  • ISBN: 9780451217295
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Monk s house is being fumigated, and he has nowhere to go Fortunately, his assistant Natalie and her daughter are kind enough to welcome him into their home Unfortunately, their home is not quite up to Monk s standards of cleanliness and order.But while Monk attempts to arrange his surroundings just so, something else needs to be put straight The death of a dog at the lMonk s house is being fumigated, and he has nowhere to go Fortunately, his assistant Natalie and her daughter are kind enough to welcome him into their home Unfortunately, their home is not quite up to Monk s standards of cleanliness and order.But while Monk attempts to arrange his surroundings just so, something else needs to be put straight The death of a dog at the local firehouse on the same night as a fatal house fire has led Monk into a puzzling mystery And much to his horror, he s going to have to dig through a lot of dirt to find the answer.
    Mr Monk Goes to the Firehouse Monk s house is being fumigated and he has nowhere to go Fortunately his assistant Natalie and her daughter are kind enough to welcome him into their home Unfortunately their home is not quite up t

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    1. I want to start off this review with what the dedication in the front of the book says To Tony Shalhoub, the one and only Monk YES YES YES YES YES YES AND YES I would have rated it three stars had it not been for the fact that this is Adrian Monk we re talking about.Really, I have only three complaints 1 Said is dead Lee Goldberg kept using said over and over again, and it drove me crazy.2 There were a few bar scenesbleh That was expected But that doesn t mean that I had to like them.3 THIS IS T [...]

    2. Monk is one of my favorite T.V shows and it was bittersweet for me when the series ended Although I was happy with how the show wrapped up I had become very attached to the whimsical character Adrian Monk and his entourage of nurse Sharona and then assistant Natalie who is the narrator of the Monk books When I found out that Lee Goldberg, who was involved in the show, must have felt the same way and wrote fifteen Monk books I was thrilled It is a definite quick beach read But I thought the plot [...]

    3. This was a good one I feel like people can t read these unless they ve seen the TV series because it refers back to it often The Monk books are like a continuation of the series.

    4. Eccentric, obsessive, compulsive all describe detective Adrian Monk and each of the qualities adds a certain amount of charm, and frustration for some, to the character His long suffering companion Natalie Teeger and his former police partner Captain Leland Stottlemeyer take the brunt of his eccentricities but they manfully, and womanfully, retain their friendship and admiration for Monk despite the frustrations that he piles upon them Author Lee Goldberg captures their relationships, and Monk s [...]

    5. This was the first book in the Monk series It is not quite as good as the other, later books in the series, but good nevertheless.The story is that since Monk s house is being fumigated, he moves in with his assistant, Natalie When a local firehouse dog is killed, Monk investigates He discovers there was also a fatal house fire on the same night and feels they are all tied together somehow If only he could figure out how So it takes digging through garbage to find out, plus making some powerful [...]

    6. If you like the TV series Monk then you will enjoy this fun, light read I preferred when the tv series started and Sharona was Monk s assistant and I was hoping the book series would also start there The book series starts with Natalie as his assisant In this episode Monk has found termites in his building and it must be fumigated This leads him to stay with Natalie and Julie for a few days I read this on a plane and it was perfect brain candy I look forward to adding the rest of the series into [...]

    7. I picked up four of this series at the book exchange and with effort than expected, figured out that this was the first one These are based on a popular TV show which I, not having a TV, haven t seen, but I think my mother once mentioned enjoying it In any case, these feature a sort of alternate universe San Francisco in which a man with severe OCD managed to become a successful policeman, lost his job due to worsening symptoms, but continues to consult for the SFPD and solves murders right and [...]

    8. This was a wonderful tv novelization of USA s Monk series Goldberg really seemed to get at the heart of Monk s OCD issues, perhaps so than what you would see on the show Told through the eyes of his personal assistant Natalie Teager, it was so much easier to sympathize with her helping to care for Monk so he can function in daily life Monk was forced to move in with Natalie and her daughter Julie while his place was being fumigated for termites In turn, this forced Natlie and Monk to be in even [...]

    9. This really reminded me of the TV series, which makes sense as Lee Goldberg was apparently a writer for Monk It was very good I m not sure what I think about Natalie s POV, though Judgement reserved until later, har har I d suggest watching the TV series first, instead of the books, because some of the descriptions for some of the people aren t very good, seeing as you re supposed to know them from the TV series Plus it s just so much funnier if you know the TV characters and can picture them do [...]

    10. Well if you like the TV series of Monk you will love this book, the first in an all new series of original mysteries I think there is a little bit of Monk in all of us obsessive, compulsive and need for everything in its place But he carries it to an extreme which lets us laugh at ourselves Monk is a very different type of detective story and in this book he plays a dog detective and ends up with much than he expected.

    11. I loved the Monk TV series so I decided to try the book It was just as funny and heartfelt as the TV series The audio narrator, Laura Hicks, did an excellent job of capturing Natalie s essence from the TV series There were a few major discrepancies such as Monk holding a glass of milk, as if , but the overall story was true enough that I could overlook that I ll definitely read .

    12. I decided to start back over and read these in order, since it was bothering me that I read 4 and then 8 first Just call me Monk This one was definitely the funniest of the 3 I ve read so far I literally laughed out loud in so many parts This one was adapted into the episode Mr Monk Can t See a Thing , and now I really want that episode to come on TV so I can watch it again.

    13. This was my first audio book in a long time I enjoyed it very much Able to clean my house and read at the same time is great.I like the Mr Monk tv shows very much It was like watching tv book style Fun.

    14. This was a fun book I loved the characters and situations, but especially the description of San Francisco.

    15. I read this in the wrong order I acquired Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii first and and then Mr Monk Goes to the Firehouse I m sure glad I did that, though, because I found his visit to the Firehouse a little slower than his visit to Hawaii It seemed to me that Lee Goldberg started hitting his stride as he developed his stories.This book also didn t have as many plot twists as that trip to Hawaii offered In fact we spent quite a bit of time collecting evidence against the already agreed upon perpetrator [...]

    16. It was fast paced,funny and easy to read which I liked.Although some phrases and things Monk did, I couldn t see him doing.I have watched every single episode of Monk multiple times I love Monk Long story short, I m educated on Monk lol, but things like Monk owning a phone staring at a woman s breasts,him holding a glass of milk,him eating cereal with milk are inaccurate to the character I wonder if this man Lee Goldberg ever watched Monk cause milk and nudity even cleavage are one of his top ph [...]

    17. October 15, 2017 25.0% Mr.Monk is typical old school character, not very familiar with tech, but very familiar with Being clean and Having Order October 15, 2017 15.0% If there isn t order There is something wrong all the story October 15, 2017 Started Reading

    18. I thought it was a very respectable effort to recreate the magic of the TV show I found the audiobook for free through Hoopla I would definitely consider checking it out if you enjoyed the TV show.

    19. I miss this show Easy read Not amazing book but I ll read of them This book is based off the tv show not the other way around, maybe that s why it s just a eh book.

    20. If you love the tv show I love the show so I decided to try the books I loved it I am going to read them all.

    21. I like the Monk stories They are an easy read The complex character of Adrian Monk and his relationship with the Captain and Natalie are endearing Having seen the television version helps in visualizing while reading the story.

    22. It s really nice when the criminals AREN T people of color, like in the old Perry Mason days The ending is brilliant.

    23. Well, I definitely have mixed feelings on this one Let me start by saying that I love no, I mean LOVE Monk I have seen every single episode than once, own the whole series on DVD and watch episodes on Netflix every once in a while too My dad and I bonded over Monk when I was still in school and Monk was on its first run I would stay up past my bedtime to watch Monk Then I went to college and my best friend and I would get together just to watch the new episodes.When I found out there was a tie [...]

    24. Saya selalu suka baca novel misteri, terutama yang detektifnya eksentrik seperti Hercule Poirot dan Adrian Monk.Saya tau Mr.Monk pertama kali dari film serial di Star World Sayangnya jam tayangnya sangat nggak kondusif, selalu tabrakan sama jam sekolah atau lesnya Luna.Adrian Monk terkenal sebagai Obsessive, Compulsive Detective Kejeniusannya dibarengi dengan sifat yang aneh Monk sangat mendewakan keteraturan dan higienitas Dia juga sangat suka dengan sesuatu yang genap.Monk dulunya berprofesi s [...]

    25. Admittedly, writing about a book based on a television detective won t do much for my literary credibility but, I said I was going to write about all of the books I read this year and this was the second one I read I think you ll find as the year goes by, assuming that I keep this up, that I read a lot of different types of books and that there is nothing that is either too lo or too high brow for my attention.I m assuming that anyone reading this is probably at least a little familiar with the [...]

    26. It was fast paced,funny and to easy read which i like Although some phrases and stuff Monk does in the book, i can t see him doing I have watch every episode of monk several times I love Monk Long story short I am educated on Monk lol ,but some things like Monk owning a phone,staring at a woman s breasts, him holding a glass of milk ,and him eating cereal with milk are not true to his character Monk is deathly afraid of milk, he is actually afraid of it than death So he would not be caught dead [...]

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