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  • Title: A Love Story How God Pursued Me and Found Me: An Impossibly True Story
  • Author: Samantha Ryan Chandler
  • ISBN: 9781615077588
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Those who grow up with the knowledge of God s love know that He is there to guide them in their life Even in bad times, they know that God will help them see things through and come out better when the trials have ended But what about those who have not been raised with God in their lives Samantha Ryan Chandler knows about living without God Or at least she thought InThose who grow up with the knowledge of God s love know that He is there to guide them in their life Even in bad times, they know that God will help them see things through and come out better when the trials have ended But what about those who have not been raised with God in their lives Samantha Ryan Chandler knows about living without God Or at least she thought In A Love Story How God Pursued Me and Found Me, she tells her story of love, hatred, abuse, forgiveness, betrayal, greed, enlightenment, and fear Born to a pagan mother and a former altar boy living in a land of denial, she recounts how God was involved in her life even before she knew who He was She shares the story of her trip to the Holy Land and how her prayers at the Wailing Wall were interrupted because of a hamburger Yes, despite her tribulations, her life has had its funny moments as well.You ll find inspiration in A Love Story How God Pursued Me and Found Me and like Chandler, you, too, may find themselves pursued by God.
    A Love Story How God Pursued Me and Found Me An Impossibly True Story Those who grow up with the knowledge of God s love know that He is there to guide them in their life Even in bad times they know that God will help them see things through and come out better when th

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    1. A LONG JOURNEY FROM DISASTER TO TRIUMPH A young girl from Louisiana learns quickly the true definition of the words pain and suffering As a child, at the hands of her mother, she experiences abuse, sadness and confusing situations As an adult, she struggles with violence, a devastating divorce, and temporary loss of her children The same woman walked among the rich, but only found betrayal In desperation, she searched for sanity, but only found hopeless despair After fifteen years of Bible study [...]

    2. Samantha Chandler is a wonderful story teller and couples that gift with her faith, allowing herself to become completely vulnerable, as she unveils the raw emotions of pain and suffering she experienced as a child at the hands of her mother and then in adulthood at the hands of a sadly abusive and controlling husband that included the temporary loss of her children Her story is an amazing testimony to the power of faith and human courage sometimes strong and sometimes weakened and a desire to g [...]

    3. The author wrote this story to herself looking for God in her darkest moments, the most strenuous time being the process of her divorce from a rich and powerful man in which she lost just about everything including her children It is a short, quick read that could be a great inspiration or provider of hope to someone going through hard times, especially divorce, or someone struggling with their faith It also could act as encouragement to reflect on one s own life or simply provide food for thoug [...]

    4. What an absolutely remarkable true story A betrayal, a heartbreaking divorce, depression and desperation, and salvation Samantha Chandler s memoir She experiences such brutal treatment from someone she trusted so completely, it ripped through all aspects of her life, almost leaving her broken But with determination and a new love, she overcame It was such a personal story, written with such honesty, humour and passionI couldn t put it down.Samantha Chandler found her redemption and resolve throu [...]

    5. What a fantastic book this is So often you hear of a book that s supposed to be uplifting or rewarding or whatever, and it ends up being much of a muchness that you ve read many times before A Love Story by Samantha Chandler proved to be a real exception and I loved it from start to finish Great writing combined with such a beautiful story kept me hooked right from the start Make sure you have time put aside when you start it for yourself, or, if you re anything like me, you ll be late for your [...]

    6. A very honest, open life summary on how to handle life s ups and down An honest and frank assessment of how faith in God should be used Simply and honestly Highly Recommend.From the divine encounters with angels to the heartfelt moments of vulnerability, anyone who has ever struggled will connect with this captivating story.

    7. In A Love Story How God Pursued Me Found Me, An Impossibly True Story, Samantha Ryan Chandler tells her heartbreaking tale of abuse and broken families, and how discovering the power of faith in God saved her Describing herself as a skinny girl from Nowhere, Louisiana, Samantha reveals horrific abuse at the hands of her sick, confused mother and her manipulative ex husband, whom she comically nicknames Darth Vader She humbly admits that for much of her life, she was ignorant about God she knew o [...]

    8. Love Story How God Pursued Me and Found Me An Impossibly True StoryThe Book that I was anxiously waiting for to get my hands on was sent to me by the Author herself I read the book and I feel thankful for the waves that are tossing me right now It s hard for me to express how blessed I am to have known her and the family my name is ferew Mekonnen Aunt Sammy and I met when God gave her the ministry that saved my life My story is long I was severely burnt by a fire in a tiny village when I was on [...]

    9. A Love Story How God Pursued Me and Found Me by Samantha Ryan Chandler is a fun, thought provoking, and hope filled read The author starts off with a promise that the reader will laugh out loud and cry all within the same sentence Samantha shares her story of a sick and abusive mother, traumatic childhood experiences, several divorces, the temporary loss of her children, poverty and wealth, and a loving God who uses it all for her good Though she experienced many difficulties, she writes with ho [...]

    10. This wonderful lady deserves our salute, love and respect This amazing memoir fills my heart with respect and love for this wonderful lady Samantha Chandler and I salute her courage, believes and morals in life A Love Story is a heart warming yet enchanting journey of author Samantha Chandler where she paints vivid pictures of her abusive childhood to a devastating divorce and temporary loss of her children putting readers under her skin to envision her sufferings of pain and hurdles life threw [...]

    11. Fantastic A Love Story How God Pursed Me and Found Me An Impossibly True Story by Samantha Ryan Chandler is an inspiring life memoir and an account of the tribulation known as divorce that forever changed the author s life and the lives of her children Samantha Ryan Chandler gives a heart wrenching account of an evil plan perpetrated by her husband to rob her of everything, their homes, money, and stability to include her three precious daughters The author writes with purpose, giving the reader [...]

    12. Firstly I would like to thank the author as I won this as part of First Reads Thank you for selecting me to read and review your book.I only wish I could rate it higher I would have given it a 2.5 if I could Although I understand that this book is written to the author by the author, to an outsider it s very disjointed and the stories chop and change all over the place For example, as information is provided in bits and pieces all over the place, it seemed to me initially that the author was con [...]

    13. I was given a copy of this book by a friend and I found the story and the style very engrossing The author clearly has had her share of adventures and than her share of disasters It is interesting to read of her journey from the colorful world of Arcadian Louisiana, where she suffered at the hands of an abusive mother and a father who s love for her blinded him to the sufferings of his children, to a life of fantastic wealth The writing style reveals a whimsical nature that belies the inner str [...]

    14. This is a hard, yet encouraging book A love story from God to the author, which could not have been easy to write Ms Chandler opens her heart and pours out her soul in this story Another uneasy task, considering the pain involvedHer life journey starts out with abuse dealt out by her parents, which I believe led her to marry an abusive, overly controlling, extremely wealthy man She has lived through too many bad events and situations to list here, but the dear hubby sounds like the closest thin [...]

    15. My life hasn t been easy I lost my career and my first wife to cancer before our 15th anniversary, leaving me with four young boys to raise Later, I married Cherie, who was raising three boys As if raising 7 boys hasn t been enough of a challenge, I now help care for my 106 year old grandma Sometimes I need to be reassured that someone faced greater challenges and not only survived, but emerged stronger, joyful, and even better for having gone through it That s the assurance I feel after readin [...]

    16. For the full review please check out read2review I have to say that after reading this book I have a great admiration with Samantha for sharing her, at times, very painful story with us It must have taken a lot of courage to print this book after having written and stirred up the memories that caused so much pain.Samantha has been through a lot in her life and has laid it out for all to see From an abusive mother to Darth Vader I think she has had it all and then some thrown at her To keep faith [...]

    17. I really enjoyed reading this book Chandler allows you inside her mind as she faces each new challenge and trial I like the fact that the book is raw and honest but I also felt like I wanted inforamtion in some areas of the book like background on the children s situation I feel like this book allows readers to search their souls for what they truly believe and how far they are willing to go to trust it.It reminds us to look up and not down, God is in control

    18. This book was quite interesting and inspiring Samantha writes straight from her heart and her faith in God is unfailing I personally havehad some reawakening in my beliefs since reading her book tonight

    19. This memoir was so moving and so spiritual that it warmed my heart while I was reading it for this review Samantha Chandler was the daughter of a former altar boy in the Catholic religion father and a pagan mother whom she referred to as wicked and abusive Samantha claims she has been visited by three angels throughout her years on earth and has looked satan in the eye She writes her story with passages from the Holy Bible, quoting them and providing explanations on how they relate to the events [...]

    20. An Emotional and Inspirational Read for Christians and Non Christians AlikeI m going to start by pointing out that I m agnostic, so the Bible verses and discussions of God did not have as profound an effect on me as it would a Christian reader Nevertheless, I think this book would be very inspirational to anyone suffering through hard times, whether they re Christian or not It s slow in the beginning but soon enough you get to the heart of the book, a heart wrenching story of a woman s horrendou [...]

    21. This is the first Samantha Chandler novel I have read It is absolutely a stunning read with an amazing storyline A Love StoryHow God Pursued Me and Found Me is a unique, totally different spin compared to the type of stories I have read.Samantha painstakingly and intellectually creates the perfect balance of love, anxiety, suspense, hope , trials, and edge of your seat anticipation in this genre defying encounter of Samantha Ryan Chandler s life This book records the trials, betrayal, loss, angu [...]

    22. Love Story by Samantha Chandler s is such an inspiring memoir, that left me with the message that people can really achieve great things, no matter where they come from You can go through difficult things and emerge from the other side stronger than before From her humble beginnings in Louisiana, Samantha finds herself on the top rung of society, only for that life to crash completely From the ruins of that life, she found her faith, which gave her the strength to reconnect with her children and [...]

    23. Anyone that is experiences difficulties in their life should read Love StoryHow God Pursued Me and Found Me An Impossibly True Story by Samantha Chandler I read this memoir in one sitting, and although at times it is hard to read, the makes it all worth it It teaches you that has low points, but they help you to appreciate what you have and love, so much Samantha Chandler is a remarkable woman, and she has told her story of strength is a relatable and personal way Life can be ugly, but beauty c [...]

    24. This is a truly inspirational and uplifting memoir that I found touched me deeply while reading Chandler experienced so much in her life, and to be able to come through it all in a way that she can now help others by sharing her story is not only brave, but also selfless and giving and an inspiration to us all The warmth and concise style of the writing made progress through some of the difficult parts steady and effortless I will definitely be rereading A Love Story, and look for Chandler book [...]

    25. What an incredible read This book was a good read that I couldn t put down Usually when I finish a book, I feel a sense of accomplishment and am glad that I finished the journey But, with this book, I really wished it would have went on for pages It was just so engaging Samantha Ryan Chandler s life will have you shocked, awed, and inspired, I just couldn t put it down It is an addictive page turner from start to finish that will give you some pretty whacked out dreams if you read it right befo [...]

    26. About the Book The tale of Samantha Ryan Chandler s life is evocatively portrayed in her book A Love Story, How God Pursued Me and Found Me It tells of a life that is as disturbing and unsettling as it is uplifting and, in the end, gratifying How A girl from Nowhere, Louisiana finds her way from such humble beginnings to live and walk amongst presidents and the supremely rich, only to find her trust and faith betrayed by those that she loved and trusted the most She would be tested to the point [...]

    27. It s always a blessing to learn of the miraculous ways in which God works in His children s lives In the story of Samantha Ryan Chandler titled A Love StoryHow God Pursued Me and Found Me An Impossibly True Story, I had the pleasure of watching the power of God at work in her life to bring deliverance and renewal even when she didn t know God, but only knew of Him in her heart I greatly admire the author s strength and courage, especially during her most exhausting and difficult times Her unrele [...]

    28. A Love Story How God Pursued Me and Found Me An Impossibly True Story by Samantha Ryan Chandler is the story based on the author s account of her triumphs and trials in her life s walk This book is not only a personal account of her life but it speaks from the heart As you read, you feel the pain and anguish of this author come through In her own words, the author writes I am a child of God, and I win Amen Excerpt from the book Those who grow up with the knowledge of God s love know that He is t [...]

    29. Indie Excellence Finalist Samantha Ryan Chandler has written a love story for the ages This story could belong to any of us but it s her story of a love without understanding Samantha shares her tests, her testimony, and all the twists and turns in between I don t want to share too much, because I want you to buy the book, however this young ladies life was at times a nightmare, a dream or what must have seemed like hell Her experiences can instruct you, encourage you and fill you with a longing [...]

    30. A Love Story How God Pursued Me and Found Me An Impossibly True Story is a book written by Samantha Ryan Chandler about her life and the trials God used to draw her closer to Himself It is not an easy story to read, especially if you have experienced similar circumstances in your own life relationships In fact, you may find it a bit painful to read if your faith and trust in God is in a vulnerable place right now However, if you are in the midst of a particularly trying time, I would encourage y [...]

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