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Together Bound By ElizabethNoble,

  • Title: Together Bound
  • Author: ElizabethNoble
  • ISBN: 9781613721599
  • Page: 476
  • Format: ebook
  • Todd and Nick Ruger have settled into their life and work, the master slave bond in New Colorado tying them together in a sacred rite of service, protection, and in their case love But out of the blue, Todd receives a letter from the vice chancellor of New Colorado threatening their bond, demanding ownership of Nick under eminent domain.It turns out Vice Chancellor ClarkeTodd and Nick Ruger have settled into their life and work, the master slave bond in New Colorado tying them together in a sacred rite of service, protection, and in their case love But out of the blue, Todd receives a letter from the vice chancellor of New Colorado threatening their bond, demanding ownership of Nick under eminent domain.It turns out Vice Chancellor Clarke desperately needs the help of the sentries, especially Nick, to investigate a problem involving the Chancellor With New Colorado on the verge of war with West Caldera, a rift in the government would be disastrous Todd and Nick agree to help, and Nick enters the orphan slave compound while Todd joins the Estate security force.They don t expect the danger they discover Now the target of an unimaginable threat, Nick and Todd will face terrors that lead to murder, imprisonment, and the threat of separation forever as the hopeless battle escalates into full scale war.
    Together Bound Todd and Nick Ruger have settled into their life and work the master slave bond in New Colorado tying them together in a sacred rite of service protection and in their case love But out of the blue

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    1. OMG I loved it I loved seeing Todd and Nick show their closeness and you could feel how anxious Nick was about how they were going to have to work Even though Todd does not want to be a Master Master, he still embodies it unconciously and Nick does a very little bit of Topping from Below to get his needs met It is wonderfully and artfully done and written cause Todd is an Alpha Male and he cannot help dominating and being who he is yet in a loving and caring way, ready and willing to do anything [...]

    2. Start as you mean to go on is very fitting for both this series and the two main characters, Todd and Nick Ruger With this second book in the Sentries series the author s skill with world building and character development remains strong and true Layer by layer the hidden depths of this world and those that inhabit it is being slowly revealed and all is not always as it seems Almost two years after the conclusion of the first book Todd and Nicky are taking on their first undercover assignment as [...]

    3. I really loved this follow up to Marked Yours The world building continues and what Nicky and Todd when through was well thought out The new world order is terrifying Looking forward to the next one very, very much.

    4. Together Bound, Book 2 of the Sentries series by Elizabeth Noble, is a continuation of Todd and Nicky s love story Again set in the dystopian future, the story opens with the couple facing yet another challenge to their relationship Todd is summoned by the government to turn over his slave Not wanting to lose Nicky, Todd cuts a deal, agreeing to go undercover at a slave orphanage to investigate the strange behavior of the region s chancellor Todd and Nicky set out together on this clandestine mi [...]

    5. 4 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress I would advise that before you read this you read the first Sentries book Marked Yours as you get a better feel of the world building and the bond between Todd and Nick This is set in the future three hundred years after a cataclysmic natural disaster Nick is near to panicking when he receives a letter demanding that he hand over Todd, his slave, his lover, his mate He just wants to grab Todd and head for the hills but he [...]

    6. Better than the first this one had great action We see Nick grow up here which is nice The sex, as always, is hot I m not a huge fan of misunderstandings spouting from not feeling like characters can communicate but it actually works here though I hope that is not part of the next book as they are now beyond that I enjoyed the supernatural element it felt real and added a bit of scare and suspense I m now on to 3 in the series I m really enjoying this series It is a little corny at time, a litt [...]

    7. Returning to this fabulous post disaster world created by Elizabeth Noble was such fun Todd and Nick have been together for eighteen months now and their bond is stronger than ever My curiosity was completely piqued to see how their mating was working out and to watch them in action together again The fact that this story comes with so many possible repercussions, both positive and negative, due to its political machinations had me on the edge of my seat.Todd and Nick have been conscripted by Vi [...]

    8. I liked the first book, but this one was MUCH better Still a bit too much sex in it which would be okay if the scenes were shorter I get that it was necessary at the Estate, but before they went there were a number of sex scenes that could have been reduced to just one she writes amazing sex scenes not saying anything negative about that, just that I was anxious to get to the actual story I ve had limited time to read over the past days and had to put this book down a lot It wasn t really hard u [...]

    9. I have mixed feelings about this one, the second book in Noble s Sentries series I really like the premise of this series, but while I enjoyed the basic plot of this one, I found myself starting to skim through the numerous and extensive sex scenes It just felt a little unbalanced to me too much sex shock horror and not enough plot or character development for my taste.

    10. Turns out Eminent Domain sucks no matter what century you are stuck in And when you are the slave that s being domained, it sucks even worse Todd and Nicky, in this follow up to Marked Yours, have never been particularly fond of being separated, so it comes as no surprise that their reaction to being shanghaied into helping with the new chancellor s problems goes down about as well as Nicky on coffee restriction Forced to go undercover at the Chancellor s retreat orphan slave home, the pair are [...]

    11. Not a pretty review, if the star rating didn t give it away.It s somewhere around a 2 or 2.5, and the only reason it gets that high is because the premise of the universe is reasonably unique and the plot was half decent, though mired by unnecessary sex scenes view spoiler Seven of them, and a masturbation scene, which alltogether account for 1 6th of the total book At least the masturbation scene had plot behind it Most of them didn t hide spoiler I expected better of Nick s character, but he b [...]

    12. I was grateful when I got the second book in the Sentries series The first one introduced me to Todd and Nick, master and slave, and also Sentries, men who helped to keep others safe from the nasties of the world.We start out on an unbelievable happening Todd receives notice that he is to turn Nick over as eminent domain Nick is scared out of his mind that he will be separated from his master and Todd is trying desperately to come up with an alternative.When the time comes, Todd heads off to the [...]

    13. I have to give this one 4 stars just based on the fact that it was 100 times better than the first book in the series The boys were great together in the first book and they really come into their relationship in this one You really started to understand the way their relationship works and how it ll keep growing Though Todd did bug me in that half the book Nick tried to get him to listen to his apology and he just ignored him Which results in a small should have been major fight that could have [...]

    14. I love this series In this second book, we learn a little about the new world and get to see the growth in Nick and Todd s relationship Some unfair manipulation and coercion on the part of one government type leader sends them off on their next mission and straight into the clutches of a strong and cunning paranormal creature intent on destroying them but not before taking his pleasure first There was a definite creepy factor along with the suspense in this story As the creature started stalkin [...]

    15. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance 3.5 Stars Together Bound is the second book in the Sentries series, and it once again follows sentry Todd and his slave Nick It is a good story with a stormy atmosphere, although with maybe a little too much sex.I really liked Todd He was strong and loving I wanted to like Nick but I found him a little weak at times and I thought his insecurities after being with Todd for almost two years off putting There was a lack of communication on his part that led to issue [...]

    16. Read this one in almost one sitting the author tells an action drama very well and I didn t want to put it down Am enjoying this series and watching Nick and Todd grow both individually and as a couple 4 out of 5 4.5 because of all the sex it was well written and hot, but I find too much of it and I start to skim, which is what I was doing with the scenes not connected to the bad guy plot the the story went along Sorry

    17. Nick and Todd have been together for a while at the start of this book It didn t take me very long to figure out that I was interested in them getting together than I was in them actually being together I just wasn t that into them.

    18. Love this series This book was better than the first and I loved the first It had less plotting and suspending of belief issues, though, they were still there at times.Still, THIS BOOK IS GREAT.

    19. Loved it Can t stop now to write a review as I have to start the next one Will probably wrap up the review under the bundle one.

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