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The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood By Barb Bentler Ullman,

  • Title: The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood
  • Author: Barb Bentler Ullman
  • ISBN: 9780060736149
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After her parents divorce and she moves to the country with her mother, Willa, anxious and unhappy with the changes in her life, discovers a world of little people called Nutfolk living in the woods around her new home.
    The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood After her parents divorce and she moves to the country with her mother Willa anxious and unhappy with the changes in her life discovers a world of little people called Nutfolk living in the woods a

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    1. Ten year old Willa Jane is unhappy with all the changes that occur when her parents get divorced She must cope with moving to the country with her mother, not knowing anyone in her new town, missing her father, and being incessantly nervous She steadily becomes happier when she gets to know her elderly neighbor and the boy that works for her She becomes intrigued when she continually sees glimpses of a world of tiny people out of the corner of her eye, in her dreams, and in quick flashes, but sh [...]

    2. In the country town of Plunkit, where Willa and her mom start anew after her parents divorce, Willa catches sight of a strange sparkle by the creek and in the old woods Her older than old neighbor, Hazel Wicket, has a story about these surroundings and an imagined family of tiny people that inhabit a tree stump Willa knows there s no such thing as fairies, but when she spots and oddities around her, she can t stop an itchy feeling that there s some certainty to Hazel s curious tales of the Nut [...]

    3. Willa hates change but when divorce forces Willa and her mother to move to an isolated trailer home in a forest, change is everywhere Willa begins seeing odd visions in the forest then an elderly neighbor begins telling her stories of the Nutfolk, fairy like creatures Are her visions real I really enjoyed 3.5 stars this juvenile title which actually made me shed a few tears, not of sorrow but of longing, good feeling, joy at the thought of such creatures and the loving Hazel with her adherence t [...]

    4. 1 I rated it a 5 because it was just so wholesome, simple, and sweet I haven t read anything like it since I was a kid and it made me nostalgic.2 In the back of my mind I wonder if her dad really wrote the letters and whether or not he ll actually show up to her party.3 My parents got divorced when I was Willa s age and I remember my dad living four hours away and the situation felt the same way this story felt I was strong and imaginative so I understood Willa Plus my middle name is Jane, too W [...]

    5. The Fairies of Nutfolk WoodWilla s parents have just been divorced, and she and her mother are moving out into the country near their grandmother It s a beautiful area, and there s a wooden stump that Willa is attracted to.Willa learns the history of the stump and the fairy folk that live there and have been seen by other people She wants to somehow prove their existence The area is in danger from their drunken neighbor, though, and one of his sons hits Willa with his motorcycle, breaking her ar [...]

    6. To help cope after her parents divorce, 10 year old Willa moves with her mother to the little country village of Plunkit for a simpler life While her mother works, Willa spends her days helping Hazel, an old woman full of wise advice and fascinating tales of the Nutfolk, a community of fairies inhabiting a nearby tree stump Though she is grounded in reality, sparkling lights and fleeting glimpses of tiny creatures around the stump force Willa to consider the possibility that Hazel s stories are [...]

    7. While I enjoyed this book, I don t feel I can recommend it to Christian families The pros the main character s Willa Jane s parents have gotten a divorce and I think both the parents and child have handled it well, Willa Jane meets a nice elderly woman and helps her around her home, and WJ befriends a boy who is still grieving the loss of his mother The cons it s a fairy story, which I liked until the fairies started talking about auras, the grieving boy s father drinks too much although that re [...]

    8. This book is a lovely tale for younger readers but not immature ones that deals with the pain and loss that many children have felt from losing loved ones, from divorce or death, as well as the magic and mystery that can be found in the world if you look for it It s a gentle story, the kind that calms, but it is also still funny and exciting, as we watch the characters cope with their hardships and then find an amazing world that lurks just behind this one The nutfolk are each people, not just g [...]

    9. While I liked the thought of a little girl discovering fairies living in the woods in their cute little fairy tree houses, some of the subtopics were of a mature nature, especially for a book geared towards kids at this reading level There is divorce, death and drunkenness, as well as language and attitudes For a child who faces these harsh realities in their own lives, this book could possibly help them cope as they discover that they re not alone But for a child who has not been exposed to th [...]

    10. This book was an intreging book I was couldn t put the book down when Willa meat Hazel This part was so discriptive and made you feel like you were there The one part that stands out to me the most is when Willa told her uncle to turn on to a road and later found out that it was the fairies that helpd her notice the road Th one thing I didn t care for was all the little details Hazel didn t seam to remmber to tell Willa That made the book flow less and made you keep having to turn back in the bo [...]

    11. The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood is an enchanting tale of the little people of Nutfolk Wood Are fairies real, or are they real because we need them to be for whatever reason The story is geared toward 8 12 year olds I enjoyed Ullman s style and the easy way scenes and Willa s first person narrative wove the tale.Will is grappling with her parents divorce when her mom moves them to the country where Willa gets acquainted with the little people of Nutfolk Wood Willa questions her sanity, but local stor [...]

    12. This book does address some of the issues students may face Divorce, moving, changes in economic status, the loss of a parent, a father who drinks to hide his loss The intergenerational relationships that are formed helped give the book some depth The life style contrasts are interesting The characters learn that friends matter and families may not be perfect The touch of magic adds another layer of depth Whether you believe in fairies or not is up to you, but maybe you will learn to believe in [...]

    13. I really loved this book This is one of the children s books I ve read firstly in high school, and it made me miss my childhood fancy about magical creatures.It s certainly a really pure and charming book, but I have to say, I ship Willa with that boy To be honest, I forgot they were in grade school and it was a children s book when I was craving for a slight romantic feels on their part Sadly, that s just how I am, being a hopeless romantic.Great book to give or read to your little ones.

    14. This book is about this girl who s name is Willa Jane.Her parents got diviors.Willa move in with hegrandmother.Willa s mother and her grandmother are always discusing about Why did she divors.When Willa disided to go to the countryside with her mother.They went to mountains where her uncle lives When she went to the the woods to see the land area,she heard a little vocie.The little vocie said Win some Lose some,

    15. So so book Willa and Mom spend summer in the woods as they try to start life anew after a divorce Elderly neighbor and fairies help Willa gain self confidence and insight as the summer draws to an end Fairies and their village could have seemed magical and whimsical As usual mother is distant and preoccupied with her own issues Little bit of environmental protection issues going on too Not enough imagination into setting or fairy characters.

    16. This is my favorite book of all time Anytime I go to the public library I beg for this book I have read it about four times and I m gonna read it again Willa Jane reminds me a lot of myself because we are both people who like to spend the day outside I recommend this book to anyone who is a naturalist.

    17. My first impression of this book was way off I didn t think I wanted to read some silly book about fairies, but I picked it up anyway, since it was a state award nominee book Boy was I wrong about this book I absolutely loved it It is full of both reality and fantasy I was completely charmed and had to rethink my poor attitude and find creative ways to sell it to my students.

    18. I picked up this book for my 8 year old daughter She was not interested even though she loves to read about fairies This book talks about divorce and has characters that are drunk The book is a clean read, the mom does say h e double hockey sticks , although, does not actually swear Overall, I thought was a pretty good read.

    19. CIP After her parents divorce and she moves to the country with her mother, fourth grader Willa Jane, anxious and unhappy with the changes in her life, discovers a world of little people called Nutfolk living in the woods around her new home.

    20. I read this by mistake thinking it was a book that my sister had recommended It s actually about dealing with change ie divorce death for younger children I enjoyed it actually better than the bbok that was the intended book.

    21. A bit slow paced, even for the designated Grade 4 6 level Obligatory divorce background, a confused mystery of missing paintings, and little interaction with the Fairies themselves makes this an average book, perhaps a set up book for a continuing series, which could be interesting

    22. This book was sweet, fun, and interesting It s about a girl who searches to find fairies that her friend Hazel had told stories about It s truly delightful, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a book.

    23. Such a cute story I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and watching the main character grow throughout the book while dealing with her parents divorce I m very surprised this book is out of print, and I m grateful that my library had a copy

    24. This is something I would never had looked at but b c Kathy loved it I had to look I love the cover and it looks like a fun and easy read while I in walking upon finales this school semesterThanks Kathy

    25. A really good middle grade reader Invoking the charm of fairies and imagination while still leaving a lot open for interpretation by the reader The main character was good hearted and spunky and the characters real.

    26. This wonderful, gentle book would be a great read aloud for children who are around 6 9, who like fantasy, but don t like scary people, creatures, or themes.

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