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Falling in Love Again By Cathy Maxwell,

  • Title: Falling in Love Again
  • Author: Cathy Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9780380787180
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hell hath no fury like a bride scorned Highborn country heiress Mallory Edwards was dutifully fulfilling family obligations when she exchanged marriage vows with a dashing gentleman she barely knew But the charming beast abandoned her on their wedding night Years later facing prison because of her husband s debts she has finally found the blackguard, John Barron, again.Hell hath no fury like a bride scorned Highborn country heiress Mallory Edwards was dutifully fulfilling family obligations when she exchanged marriage vows with a dashing gentleman she barely knew But the charming beast abandoned her on their wedding night Years later facing prison because of her husband s debts she has finally found the blackguard, John Barron, again And she s not leaving until the faithless rogue grants her a divorce John is enchanted by this delightful hellion who causes a scene at his London soir e Could this be the forgotten rural miss whom his father once forced him to wed Now that Mallory s reentered his life, John desperately wants her to stay and not merely to help him snare the criminal who is ruining them both But winning her hardened heart will take than sweet words and sensuous kisses he will have to become the caring, thoughtful husband who is truly worthy of her passion and her love.
    Falling in Love Again Hell hath no fury like a bride scorned Highborn country heiress Mallory Edwards was dutifully fulfilling family obligations when she exchanged marriage vows with a dashing gentleman she barely knew Bu

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    1. Skimmed most of it Sure he s better in the second half, but he never accepts accountability for his treatment of her in the first 7 years of their marriage He accepts blame for not keeping track of his finances, but not his mistress and so called friends treatment of her To me, he seemed unforgivable As usual with selfish heroes view spoiler you never get to see her treated well, with respect from their peers He hangs around with a holes for 7 years or , and then what, he wakes up and smells the [...]

    2. Eh i teNe ok sevdim ne de nefret ettimKonusunu be endim, ama karakterlerden m tevellit midir art k nedir bilemiyorum ok da bay larak okuyamad m.Bu yazara 3 y ld zdan fazla vermedi imi de imdi fark ettim bu aradaUmar m Marriage serisi daha g zeldir.

    3. Hi ummad m kadar zevkli bir okuma oldu benim i in Konu s radan bir kurgu olsa da olduk a ba ar l bir romandi.Yay nevine sormak istiyorum nereden buldunuz o kapa Daha nce ba ka bir kitapta kullan lm kapa bu g zel kitaba hi yak t ramad m zira roman golgeleyen bir kapak

    4. Ay, ay ok sevdim kitab ya Yine kli eydi tabii ama bence Maxwell de z ne d nmeye ba lam ok g zel ele alm Hele kad n karakter ne g zeldi yle Jack, beni sinir etti ger i ama Mallory iyiydi.Yani imdi ben mi fazla tak nt l y m bilmiyorum ama sen 7 y l eve gelme, stelik g n n g n et ve geldi inde kad n b rakt n gibi bulmay bekle Cidden sinirleniyorum Kad nlara da k z yorum ger i ama evlilik yeminine sadakat oldu undan bir ey diyemiyorum Sonu ta sen o adama de il, s z ne sad k kal yorsun O y zden benim [...]

    5. Mallory Edwards was forced to marry John Barron in order to keep her home After their wedding night, he left to join the army and she hasn t seen him since When she shows up at the home of his mistress, during a party, she s steaming mad and ready for a divorce She accuses him of neglecting his properties namely her home and neglecting her these past 7 years Before long, John discovers that someone has indebted him and he is in some serious trouble The story of their romance really starts when t [...]

    6. I m not sorry to rated this story at two stars.I can t forgive John no matter how fab he appeared to be from the middle of the story to the end I ve read many separation stories and I can forgive the hero if the separation is forced on him, like he couldn t control the event that forced him to go away Putting the excuse of I was young and immature at that time is not it for me John was like this, unknowingly insulted Mallory s pride in front of his misstress he didn t even know his wife s name, [...]

    7. I loved this book This was like a guilty pleasure type book It wasn t a deep, emotional book But I liked the dynamic between the two characters, and how funny it was I think for someone wanting a quick, get lost in a romance type read This book would be perfect Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught has been one of my fav romances I ve been looking for a similar book for a while, and I thought this one had a lot of similarities Heroine is a strong girl with fiery spirit Hero is a rake and of ran [...]

    8. Gec Kalm A k kurgu olarak ba ar l yd , yaz m da iyiydi ama niyeyse cok i ine alamadi beni Daha bask n irkekksiii h t dedik karakterleri sevdigimden belki de K z m z hakliydi ama erkegi biraz fazla hirpaladi sanki gerci oglumuz da pek bask n bir karakter gibi durmuyordu Okunabilirdi t r sevenlere oneririm

    9. Cathy Maxwell benim i in hep y ld zl k bir yazar oldu bu g ne kadar ama bu kitab n bir t k daha sevdim.Mallory nin son ana kadar affetmeyip John u s r nd rmesi kitab n en e lenceli yeriydi.Sadece iki k s mdan pek ho lanmad m.John ok abuk a k oldu birde amca meselesi ok oldu bittiye geldi.

    10. The book was cute I really enjoy a reformed take There was good chemistry between the two, but I felt the ending wrapped up too quickly and the leads weren t incredibly deep characters However the book was a fun and easy read.

    11. This was another great story from Cathy Maxwell I have been collecting her books since reading my first one a few months ago This book was enjoyable on dealing with a wayward husband in a humorous way.

    12. Overall, this was probably of a 3 3.5 star read for me, but I m giving Falling in Love Again 4 stars mainly because I liked that the plot was quite different from the average historical It was interesting to see what happened after John, the hero, discovered that his uncle had stolen his entire fortune, forcing him to go on the run and take a job as an estate steward to support himself and his wife, Mallory, while they searched for his uncle For this reason, the vast majority of the book took p [...]

    13. Mallory seeks the husband she hasn t seen in years only to find the rake running from authorities who want to imprison him for debt It appears his uncle, whom he d left in charge of his estate while he went off to war, has stolen all his funds and borrowed from moneylenders in his name Forced to flee with him, Mallory begs for a divorce The man has made her destitute and cast out of her castle But as she gets to know John better during their hideout on a farm where he gets a job as steward, her [...]

    14. The story of Mallory and John and the marriage arranged by their parents Mallory is marrying to save their home, John is marrying because his father is making him John leaves on their wedding night never planning to return He believes Mallory has everything she wants by having her home saved John goes no with his rakish ways until years later Mallory shows up at his mistresses wanting a divorce A stream of misunderstandings drive Mallory and John together running from the law As a reader I shoul [...]

    15. Great plot but it needed time to flush out both the plot, characters and relationship between them The characters were well presented but the romance was not as believable but still there, it came off as being far too early to be truly great There was no climax to their situation and every thing was wrapped up way too fast without actually spending much time on the problem whats so ever Spending time on the acutal problem that they are facing might have helped cement the story and relationship [...]

    16. This is pretty much your typical historical romance Although, initially, very young, the heroine is wise beyond her years While the hero is dashing, he is just as rich in foolishness and pride The story does involve characters that come from either less than legitimate stock or humbling circumstances which is not altogether typical of regency romances and the aristocracy of those times This twist on the main characters makes for interest, empathy, and a deeper plot A very pleasant read.

    17. I have never read any of Cathy Maxwell s books before, but I thought the story was very sweet Despite it being in Regency times when women tend to bend to whatever the male wants, it was nice to have a female lead who grew up to be strong and resourceful Mallory thought John had abandoned her because he didn t want her, but there was a complicated situation she wasn t aware of that made him run I did feel like it took them a long time to figure out the mystery for them to all of a sudden think [...]

    18. John Barron and Mallory Edwards are married the day after they meet The next night John departs with no word for seven years After losing the castle she lives in, Mallory heads to London to find her husband He just happens to be at a party at his mistresses house Believe me the sparks fly John insists he provided for her and the estate but Mallory never saw the money The new courtship is entertaining to behold and the mystery keeps the story moving along Very enjoyable.

    19. indeed love is lovelier the second time around for mallory and john even if they didn t fell head over heels with each other when they first met, the second chance given to them brought a whole new feelings and perspective towards each other mallory s character really touched me, since i can relate to what she feels, being an outsider then again i also admire john s character too and how he soon realizes how much he love his wife i love this story.

    20. Not one of my favorites by Cathy Maxwell I only made it half way thru the book because there was nothing at all to make me like the hero He came off as a huge, irresponsible jerk and I found myself not caring at all what happened next so I gave up on the book I still love Cathy Maxwell though, some of her books are on my Keeper Shelf.

    21. I love Cathy Maxwell but I feel like all her books end the same, the beginning and the middle are great but then everything comes to end Everything just comes to a sweet, happy abrupt ending with only ten pages left in the book.

    22. Ceritanya ringan, emosi antara H H tidak terlalu terasa Menikah, ditinggalkan, ketemu lagi saat sang Hero sedang berada di rumah mistress nya, kabur berdua ke desa karena ada masalah hutang piutang, jatuh cinta lagi dan tamat.

    23. This was one of Cathy Maxwells older books but it was still charming and a pleasure to read It s a story of a young couple marrying to please their parents but eventually finding a true deep love once they grew up and got to know each other.

    24. I liked this story line, but I am not a fan of trashy romance novels and this did not seem far off from falling in that category I will probably not read any further works by this author

    25. It s a decent book book but there was no magic in it In the beginning there was a frisson of it Unfortunately, it dissipated and was gone after a few chapters.

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