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The Spider Weaver: A Legend Of Kente Cloth By Margaret Musgrove Julia Cairns,

  • Title: The Spider Weaver: A Legend Of Kente Cloth
  • Author: Margaret Musgrove Julia Cairns
  • ISBN: 9780590987875
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is the legend of a master spider weaver and the remarkable gift she gave to the people of Ghana The colorful patterns of its magical web were woven into the unique fabric of kente cloth.
    The Spider Weaver A Legend Of Kente Cloth This is the legend of a master spider weaver and the remarkable gift she gave to the people of Ghana The colorful patterns of its magical web were woven into the unique fabric of kente cloth

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    1. The Spider Weaver follows a very simple structure, yet stands out as a rich and engaging tale that children will undoubtedly enjoy The story begins with two weavers from a tiny Ghanaian village who come a across a spider creating the most extraordinary patterns with its web The men try to take the web home with them to show their village, but it is too delicate and falls apart in their hands The men feel terrible, but, on returning to the spider s location, they find that it is already making a [...]

    2. No AwardsAppropriate grade levels 1 3This book is about two men that find a web that they are very impressed by They return the next day to find and see the spider web again Eventually, they go back to their village and they try to replicate the web by creating what is called kente cloth I enjoyed reading this book I would definitely use it in my future classroom The illustrations are simple, yet beautiful and they add to the story You could use this in a classroom to teach about a different cul [...]

    3. Title italicize The Spider WeaverAuthor Margaret MusgroveIllustrator if separate from author Julia CairnsGenre Non European FolktaleTheme s teamwork, determination, problem solvingOpening line sentence type directly from text Once, long ago, in the Ashanti village of Bonwire in the country of Ghana, there lived two expert weavers Brief Book Summary 2 3 sentences in your own words The book is about two men who find a web that really impresses them They go back the next day to find the spider and [...]

    4. Long ago in Gahana two weavers stumble upon a beautiful web and are inspired they try to take it home to study it but it falls apart on them They become despondent Interestingly, it is the wife of one of the weaver s who encourages them to find another one They find and then watch a spider weave a similar web for hours when they recreate the pattern themselves the result is Kente cloth The watercolors capture albeit a bit stereotypically an African village and the jungle The kente cloth illustra [...]

    5. This was a big hit in my classroom After teaching my students a little bit about Africa, and about Kente cloth in particular, I noticed that I had this book in my classroom library and I honestly had never read it before so I skimmed through and decided to use it with my students It is a folk tale a porquoi tale that explains how Kente cloth came to be Two weavers saw a beautiful spider web they wanted to copy it but when they tried to take it home with them, it was destroyed So instead they ret [...]

    6. Our summer camp program is focusing on Gana West Africa this summer hildren will come and learn rhythms on hand drums dances to go with the rhythms they will create mud cloth and jewlery They will have a closing ceremony wearing kente cloth and performing all that they learned in a village celebration As a part of the program we infuse literature that relates o the experience This is the book that our Visual Arts Specialist picked out it is a lovely tale of two weavers who have a magnificant les [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book very much and think it could be incorporated in to the elementary classroom in many ways The book is about weavers in Ghana and has beautiful illustrations that would help keep children s attention, as well as help them understand unfamiliar words I thought it could be a good book to assign to a group in which they would read aloud to their classmates and research and present their findings about this culture Along with this, other groups could research, present, and read a b [...]

    8. I liked reading this book and looking at the illustrations It was bright and the characters names were fun to say and I liked that it was simple enough for a preschooler to understand I think this would be a great book to present in a classroom to talk about other cultures and traditions There are many unique words that children could use their knowledge of context clues to guess their meaning There is a pronunciation guide in the back along with in depth information about kente cloths and the [...]

    9. The kente cloth is something that is literally foreign to me but it was very easy to get pulled into This folklore picture book tells the mythology behind the creation of the colorful kente cloth in Africa Essentially two men discover a beautiful web in the forest and they search to find the origin of it.I would use this book when I teach mythology Too many mythology lessons are western centric and this is a good chance to share world mythology with a class I would probably have my students crea [...]

    10. In this African legend two weavers discover a magical looking spider web in the jungle They find out it was made by spiders and ask the spider to teach them how to make it The men return to their village and create complete patterns of their own, adding color and made their patterns into what we now know as Kente cloth.

    11. A lovely book with amazingly vibrant colors with the legend of the Ashanti people and their weaving abilities intertwined.

    12. I was happy to find an example of non European folklore The illustrations are interesting they re in the style of the kente cloth which the story s about.

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