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Bokura Ga Ita 10 By Yuuki Obata,

  • Title: Bokura Ga Ita 10
  • Author: Yuuki Obata
  • ISBN: 9783770471041
  • Page: 406
  • Format: None
  • R to L Japanese Style The award winning series known as Bokura ga Ita in Japan Don t regret Do everything you can while you still have the chance.That s what I think it means have a happy heart.
    Bokura Ga Ita R to L Japanese Style The award winning series known as Bokura ga Ita in Japan Don t regret Do everything you can while you still have the chance That s what I think it means have a happy heart

    One thought on “Bokura Ga Ita 10”

    1. Estoy bastante frustrada con este manga y no lo puedo leer r pido, es demasiado para mi pobre coraz n y es que No le pueden dejar al menos al FUCKING perro al pobre de Yano Hay necesidad de ser tan cruel Definitivamente odio a la autora y tengo miedo por lo que est por venir Pocas veces me ha pasado que un libro me pusiera mal al leerlo a tal punto que necesito parar para tomar un respiro Con este, necesito respiros al menos 5 o 6 veces por cada tomo Y Por qu rayos lo estoy leyendo Porque el fin [...]

    2. Este tomo me ha emocionado de nuevo Los estoy dosificando al m ximo pero est n dejando un foso en mi que no podr olvidar Cada vez que termino la lectura de uno me deja completamente k.o.

    3. It was definitely interesting to see Yano s version of things While I don t understand what girls see in him I do somewhat have some respect for him as a person He s working hard to try and make sure that things are okay, however, I think he should have eventually told Takahasi instead of letting it get to the point where he just stops talking to her Sengenji is setting herself up for disappointment and is way to obsessed with Yano I get she cares about him, but she also needs to think about her [...]

    4. 3.5Yano, Yano sentimientos encontrados totales en m Por un lado, su situaci n es dif cil, dif cil y eso hace que simpatice un poco m s con l que antes al saber solo que desapareci sin embargo, sigue sin gustarme como maneja las cosas con Nanami Entiendo su l gica, al no querer dec rselo, pero es necesario llevar toda la carga solo No nota que eso solo lo alejar de ella, pues tendr que mentir una y otra vez Y podr a acercarlo a alguien m sY la aparici n de Yuri realmente, no la soporto ya Por qu [...]

    5. Finally I m starting to full in the blanks about Yano s side of the story and why he disappeared from Nana s life His mother getting cancer was such a shock And it also throws a HUGE wrench in Yano s life she has to stop working so there isn t enough money, he has to look after himself by cooking and getting a part time job, and he isn t sure if he can go to college any I just wish he would tell Nana about it It s so interesting that this manga focuses exclusively on Yano, whereas the previous o [...]

    6. I actually enjoyed this one a lot Yano s character while I hate him with Nana , is a lot bearable by himself And the friends he has at his new school, along with the variety of personal struggles he s having, are actually interesting Yay Faith in the series renewed

    7. Finalmente vediamo cosa successo a Yano nei quattro anni precedenti Mi piaciuto questo volume interamente dedicato a lui e anche al suo rapporto con Senjengi

    8. Yano is put under a lot of pressure when Yuri Yamamoto runs away all the way to Tokyo to visit Yano and try again to win him over, and when his newest closest friend, Akiko, makes it harder on him by allowing Yuri to stay at her house when he tries to force her back home Yano eventually gets Yuri to return home after she begs him not to act like their hookup after Nana san died never happened Every time he says nothing Later, she sends him another letter and he throws it in the trash Yano has al [...]

    9. This volume is all about Yano, when he just got in Tokyo.I already disliked Yuri Yamamoto, because she apparently doesn t know how to stop, how to get the hint that Yano doesn t want her Never That it was just a mistake back then But now again, she is here, suddenly and apparently expecting things from Yano God, that girl is really dense and annoying Glad Yano finally said something to her, brushed her off Let s hope for all that is good, that she will understand it, and that we won t see her in [...]

    10. Numero tutto dedicato a ci che ha fatto Yano dopo essersi trasferito a Tokyo Ovvio, se gi Yano sta poco simpatico Non so, non che migliori leggendo del suo passato Alla fine, ci viene mostrato un ragazzo che in difficolt , perch la madre malata e non in grado di chiedere aiuto Non si fida di nessuno e allora prova a salvarsi da solo Nessuno sa che la madre malata, nessuno sa che ha bisogno di soldi Ci non lo rende un eroe Mi dispiace per Yuri Neanche lei mi mai piaciuta come personaggio ma la sc [...]

    11. The books are always surprisng to me, with thei different points of view and changing emotions One moment Nanami is like, fuck no, I m not going to see him or care about him, then shes like, I love him so much I miss him She needs to get her priorities straight.

    12. Yuki Obata why do you like hurting my heart I never felt a knot ,with holding it tears in public reading this.I cried like a baby.Wishing ,scared of what will happen to them ,can t just tease us with this cover.

    13. The first and the best shoujo manga I have ever read nothing made me feel what I felt the same as We Were there did.

    14. Back story this time And geez series, how can you pull so many emotions left and right Not fair, not fair But wow just better it seems Now and then anyway Still, it has its moments.

    15. No, no estoy llorando Es que justo se trab la cortadora de c sped y me llen la cara de pastito De ese pastito que te llega hasta el alma y te estruja el coraz n.

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