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Bridger By Megan Curd,

  • Title: Bridger
  • Author: Megan Curd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ashlyn McVean doesn t believe in fairy tales.That is, until Ashlyn is thrown into the crosshairs of grudges her grandmother created long ago After finding out she is one of two people able to cross between faerie realms, Ashlyn is faced with trying to understand her abilities, along with navigating a new relationship with her boyfriend, Liam As if being on a centuries olAshlyn McVean doesn t believe in fairy tales.That is, until Ashlyn is thrown into the crosshairs of grudges her grandmother created long ago After finding out she is one of two people able to cross between faerie realms, Ashlyn is faced with trying to understand her abilities, along with navigating a new relationship with her boyfriend, Liam As if being on a centuries old hit list and dealing with crazed pixies isn t enough, her new abilities mean trouble for Liam.Knowing her new life puts everyone she loves in danger, Ashlyn must decide what s most important in her life between friends, family, love and ultimately, realms.
    Bridger Ashlyn McVean doesn t believe in fairy tales That is until Ashlyn is thrown into the crosshairs of grudges her grandmother created long ago After finding out she is one of two people able to cross be

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    1. Some background very little to no spoilers Ashlyn is your average high school student living in Ohio She has a crazy bestie friend and another great guy friend that loves her, although she does not reciprocate the feelings Approaching Christmas, all was well, she was planning a trip to visit Ireland with her father And then the book starts with the death of her father The callousness of the paramedics, and her grief cause her to do a seemingly impossible act throwing the paramedic against the ca [...]

    2. From Ashlyn McVean doesn t believe in fairy tales That is, until Ashlyn is thrown into the crosshairs of grudges her grandmother created long ago After finding out she is one of two people able to cross between faerie realms, Ashlyn is faced with trying to understand her abilities, along with navigating a new relationship with her boyfriend, Liam As if being on a centuries old hit list and dealing with crazed pixies isn t enough, her new abilities mean trouble for Liam Knowing her new life puts [...]

    3. I received this book as a part of Read 2 Review program.Overall, I really liked this book The author has an amazing imagination which made for an enjoyable read I haven t read a ton of fairy books, but this was certainly very different from anything I ve read and that s a good thing.I enjoyed the romance in this book and at first I thought it was going to happen to fast, but then it blossomed the way it should have There were twists I didn t expect, but at the same time it added to the realism.I [...]

    4. I got this book to read and review from the Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Fanatics I liked the book it began well, the story was good but it did suffer from the main character is too stupid to see what was right in front of her syndrome For about a quarter of the book, Ash got on my nerves For the rest of the story, I could put up with her enough to enjoy the story The other problem I had was the Changelings bad and humans good concept But I m sure the author has plans to dispel that notion s [...]

    5. 5 5 stars Amazing This book was FREAKING AMAZING Okay I ve received this book as a read to review and yes the synopsis sounded good almost plain like when you watch a movie trailer and it has no action but looks alright and then you go see the actual movie and your blown away So I gave this book a go and let me tell you this book took me far and beyond blown away Megan,Megan,MeganI am your biggest fan and a fan of this series My synopsis Ashlyn McVean is not your typical girl she is the descenda [...]

    6. Bridger is a story Ashlyn, a 16 year old girl who is just beginning to find out she is a little bit than she ever thought The first few chapters of this book seemed to jump around a bit to me, and I was having trouble following The book picked up after Ashlyn and her friend Jamie got to Ireland, and things started falling into place for Ashlyn This is when the book really started getting interesting for me I liked the characters and thought they were written well I would have loved to see a lit [...]

    7. Bridger by Megan Curd Bridger is one of the better books I ve read this year Megan Curd did a terrific job in writing this story her descriptions are great and the story bring us a different view on the fairy world There is murder, mystery, romance and betrayal something every good book requires.The story begins with the drowning of Ashlyn and Chris s father, they are distraught and trying to understand what has happened Struggling through the shock Ashlyn displays serge of power trying to get t [...]

    8. I enjoyed reading this story it had lots of action scenes, interesting characters and loads of mystery Ashlyn McVean was a strong heroine and I enjoyed her prospective of all the changes she went through I love any kind of fairy faery tale and this was an interesting premise and the plot was great The mythology and storytelling was very in depth I did find it a bit jumpy and confusing at times when the background was being explained but it rolls through and regains its momentum easily Megan Curd [...]

    9. Bridger creates a magical and intriguing world that held my attention and left me wanting so much .The characters are great and beautifully written Ash had me at hello with such an emotional connection right away Ash has a strong voice and I love how there are funny moments thrown in at all the right times.I loved and hated the presence of MeMaw right away, she has such a strong personality, and I love where the character arc goes.I also love the sarcasm and easy going nature between her and Jai [...]

    10. Find my reviews on Blogger Reviews by Bookish Sarah This book opens up to a sad chilling quite literally scene It s days before Christmas, and Ashlyn McVean s father has just been pulled out of a frozen lake Unfortunately though, it wasn t soon enough to save his life Ashlyn, her brother Chris, their mother, along with with Memaw aka Emily, the grandmother now have to attempt to pick up the pieces and move on.Pretty much immediately following the death of her father, Ashlyn begins to experience [...]

    11. I was fortunate enough to make the cut for reviewing this book for the Read 2 Review when the author offered up extra copies for all of those who whimpered about not being fast enough Oh, and just for the record, this in no way it affects my review Let us chitchat for a brief minute shall we Anyone who knows me will tell you that once upon time I never judged a book by its cover Well just, like the season s things change and now than ever I am such a total cover whore Which lends one to beg why [...]

    12. Where to start I loved it That s pretty much the entire review Everything was brilliant, and made sense There was nothing that left me rolling my eyes and being able to connect the idea to six other different books It felt completely original Urban Fantasy isn t usually my thing, but this time around, I really think this has become a favourite book.The plot moved quick enough to keep me interested, but not too fast that I felt rushed and like everything was happening at once I think I may have s [...]

    13. My rating is not quite 3 stars, but I ve decided to round up First let me say that this story is very compelling It s hard to put down as you must know what happens next That said, it has a few problems The fae lore is confusing, though very interesting For those who are fascinated with the fae, it s a different, intriguing take on them But like I said, it s confusing And the thing with the chairs was weird, throwing me out of the story a bit they just didn t fit at all The love story was well d [...]

    14. The book is about Ashlyn Mcvean an ordinary girl who simply can t conquer the love of her grandmother, or so it would seem When Ashlyn s father dies in an unexpected accident Ashlyn is forced into a world that she never believed existed Her grandmother had always told her stories about the Irish Folklore, but Ashlyn always dismissed her tales until when she travelled to Ireland, there she learnt the stories were actually true Ashlyn is special, she is a rare breed of faery and human, she can cro [...]

    15. An amazing story with twists and turns I never saw coming Unique and intriguing with the just right mixture of excitement, romance, and mystery, BRIDGER is sure to make a splash in the YA realm Curd s characters, plot, and pacing are excellent Her ability to draw the reader in and knack for world building are enviable Eagerly awaiting the sequel

    16. I honestly did not know what to expect from this debut novel I m not well versed in faerie lore despite being half Irish , and have not read many books where faeries factor so prominently in the tale.The novel did not draw me in immediately, I found myself questioning characters motives and the timing of events The opening scene is the sudden, tragic, and very unexpected death of Ashlyn s father Of course, this event proves of utter importance later in the novel, but at the onset it felt rushed [...]

    17. I am what you would call an Emotional Reader I sometimes get so involved within a book that I block out everything, much to the annoyance of my family when they are trying to get my attention.Well, this is what happened with the book Brider by Megan Curd It grabbed me and sucked me right in from the first heartwrenching page This is one of those stories that is quite action packed, full of suspense, but also has some fun, love and levity in it This book also has faeries, portals to other lands, [...]

    18. I am not going to rate this book, because to be honest, I don t know what to give it It would probably range around a 2, but the idea behind the story was REALLY good so in that sense it would deserve than a two but, in my opinion, it could have been better written It reads as though the author didn t read back over her own story to fix some minor mix ups that there were a lot of And not just spelling and grammar mistakes Firstly, if an author is going to write about a country that is foreign t [...]

    19. Wow Bridger was so great I started writing a review right after I finished the book and all I was doing was gushing over and over again So I decided to wait a little bit, so my review was not just variations of I love this book and OMG Bridger was so great But now i m back after a few hours and i m still gushing So why fight it Let s gush people Bridger is going on my favorite s of 2011 shelf for sure It is so exciting and the story is really well developed A lot happens, and it is so fast paced [...]

    20. 3.5 starsThis is a fun, fast paced read with an exciting fey lore mixed with Irish folktales Bridger gives the fey world a whole new refreshing feel in the way that Megan introduces both her story s lore and her characters I liked the way her fey world collides with that of the human world This story follows her main character, Ashlyn, as she is not only dealing with the death of her father, but she learns some startling things about who she is and her ties to the fey world.Ashlyn is a fun chara [...]

    21. so first, and foremost, thank you to R2R and the author Ms Megan Curd, for the opportunity to read this one Lately, some things are over done, and repetitive, say, vampires, angels, faeries, sometimes werewolves There are some concepts of this book that follow all paranormal lines, but this one is fresh, and has a certain take on the Faerie part that no one else has done Ashlyn is BORN different and because of this difference which she has no idea about until the middle of the book it puts some [...]

    22. Let me start off by saying I m not usually that into fairy faery books, but this book converted me Megan Curd put a different twist to the whole faery theme I had fun reading this book Ashlyn went through a major tragedy in the beginning of the book and to be honest I thought it was weird to start a book with such an intense scene, but it paid off She was devastated and dealt with the outcome as best she could, which she did very admirably She gets thrown into this new world of Irish folklore th [...]

    23. If you haven t been paying attention to my Tweets or updates, you should know that I am kind of obsessed with Bridger Not only because the main character and I share the same name Did you notice that yet Hehe , but because the book was absolutely awesome Every page either made me laugh, made me angry at annoying water pixies particularly or made me extremely hungry Megan Curd is very descriptive, especially with describing food I m getting hungry right now just thinking about it Curd has also wr [...]

    24. Find Full Review at readingangel 2011 10 bAshlyn s story begins with her fathers death When she finds herself lifting the EMT, who is a male that is well over twice her size, off his feet and slamming him into his ambulance just like she saw on that action movie the other day, she just thinks it s the adrenaline Her cranky Memaw, who has always been telling her crazy tales of Irish folklore, thinks otherwise and sends her to meet family in Ireland It s not long before Ashlyn discovers that all o [...]

    25. GENRE Paranormal RomanceTHEME Fae and ChanglingRECEIVED Received for Review for TourBLOG seeingnight REVIEW I was happy to be asked to be apart of the tour for Bridger Bridger by Megan Curd is an intense new young adult series that leaves you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page Curd really kept me guessing I never knew what twists she was going to throw out Ashlyn has just lost one of the most important people to her, only nights before Christmas Soon after Ashlyn starts to show [...]

    26. livetoread krystalLosing your father a week before Christmas would ruin any normal person s holiday Ashlyn McVean decides to honor her father s memory by taking the trip her father always dreamed of taking with her, a tour of Ireland and a meet up with his extended family On this trip, she finds out that she isn t human and neither is her Grandmother, Memaw In addition to mythical creatures and adventure, a love interest adds spice to this story.The heroine, Ashlyn, has a spicy, practical person [...]

    27. Bridger by Megan Curd is the story of Ashlyn McVean who seems like a normal teenage girl with two great friends Jamie and Reese On the very first pages of the book the action starts with Ashlyn and her brother trying desperately to save their father s life During this Ashlyn displays physical strength that no normal human would possess A week or so later Ashlyn continues on the trip to Ireland that she was to be taking with her father to meet family that lives there and find out about her herita [...]

    28. Review from RadicalParenting Emotional wounds still fresh from her father s death, Ashlyn McVean discovers that faeries exist Not just that, but that she herself is a Bridger one of two in existence Add that to a plethora of secrets slowly seeping out of her family, being stuck between a friend who wants to be than just a friend, a boyfriend she can t be completely honest with, and a best friend who may or may not be psycho, and you have Ashlyn McVean s life.What I love about Ashlyn is that she [...]

    29. Ashlyn is excited to visit her grandmother s home country of Ireland Things get even exciting when she meets a super cute guy When her best friend and travel companion seems to turn on her though, Ashlyn realizes that something is very strange She learns that all the Irish fairy tales she grew up hearing are actually real, and she is a vital part of them Ashlyn now has to deal with secrets, supernatural surprises, and danger around every corner Can she manage to stay alive and keep a boyfriend [...]

    30. Bridger is well thought out Megan Curd has created a unique twist to fairy legends She delves into they myth of the changeling The story begins with a tragedy Ashlyn and her brother, Chris, are struggling through the shock of loosing their father to drowning The circumstances surrounding the death are bizarre and not easily understood.Ash and her father had planned a trip to Ireland to visit the land of their heritage Ash decides to continue on the trip and take her best friend along with her In [...]

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