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Graham Greene: The Enemy Within By Michael Shelden Graham Greene,

  • Title: Graham Greene: The Enemy Within
  • Author: Michael Shelden Graham Greene
  • ISBN: 9780679428831
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This stunning biography, already a bestseller in England, reveals Graham Greene s mysterous double life and identity the respected novelist who was also a spy whose life was based on deception Bold and unhesitating Times Literary Supplement London 16 pages of photos.
    Graham Greene The Enemy Within This stunning biography already a bestseller in England reveals Graham Greene s mysterous double life and identity the respected novelist who was also a spy whose life was based on deception Bold an

    One thought on “Graham Greene: The Enemy Within”

    1. I knew Greene was a bit of a kook going into this book but manI think maybe I shouldn t have read this book The author tries to make suppositions about what he was actually thinking and what his motivations were while he was involved in subversive work for everyone from Noriega to Pol Pot to Papa Doc Duvalier Greene s loyalty shifting like blowing sand assuming he had any loyalties besides his dick and his money My summation of the guy is he s just a right pervert rat bastard and someone should [...]

    2. quite, quite good so good, in fact, I had to order an inexpensive used copy to have on hand Not only a good biography but also a review of all his books, putting them into the context of his life Greene was quite a prolific writer and often used his books as codes to divulge parts of his private life as I read of Greene, it will be nice to be able to refer back to this biography to better understand the hidden meanings and the context in which it was written.

    3. This biography is a lively and irreverent one of the controversial writer and author of such modern classics as The Third Man , Brighton Rock and The Human Factor , who died in 1991 Greene spent many years in building up a carefully controlled public persona, in which the many skeletons in his cupboard did not figure Norman Sherry s exhaustive, three volume biography is the standard, authorised one, but Shelden s is much exciting and amusing, not to say digestible, and is informative enough.She [...]

    4. I think I made it half way through this book before I put it away There is plenty of interesting information in it, to be sure, but unfortunately it just became too much work filtering out Sheldon s opinions I don t have doubt that Greene was driven by a lot of complex and abnormal motives, and that deception plays a major part in everything he did, but I don t find this fact, and the great lengths at which Sheldon goes to prove it, that important To me, as a reader and great admirer of Greene s [...]

    5. Graham Greene a spy Read the book I plan to This same author did a new bio on Twain ,which I am reading right now It s been excellent Very engaging,and of course it the big anniversary of Twain s this year So, great book to be reading right now due to the anniversaries twain2010 indexml I sooo look forward to this one about Greene This is for all you big Greene fans out there

    6. Interesting bio of Greene I am definitely going to read Brighton Rock Sheldon describes him as passionately disloyal.

    7. Something of a character assassination with little documented evidence to back up some of the extreme postulations.

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