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Eyes of the Seer By Peter W. Dawes,

  • Title: Eyes of the Seer
  • Author: Peter W. Dawes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: ebook
  • First Book of The Vampire Flynn Series from USA Today Best Selling Author Peter DawesFormerly titled Eyes of the SeerFlynn is a killer of killers an assassin who targets his own kind, and the perfect weapon in a world of warring immortal factions But the sure footed steps and quick hands that make him one of the deadliest vampires ever sired are attributes of a mortalFirst Book of The Vampire Flynn Series from USA Today Best Selling Author Peter DawesFormerly titled Eyes of the SeerFlynn is a killer of killers an assassin who targets his own kind, and the perfect weapon in a world of warring immortal factions But the sure footed steps and quick hands that make him one of the deadliest vampires ever sired are attributes of a mortal destiny which haunts him even beyond death When his other powers awaken, his cold blooded nature is pitted against the shreds of his humanity that were never completely silenced His maker would have him bloodthirsty and in her thrall, slaying their enemies to build a dark empire A quixotic sorceress sees the pieces of his broken and shattered soul, and believes he can become the hero he was always meant to be Until he knows which side of him will win, Flynn must walk a careful line of deception, because anything other than complete devotion to his maker will cost him his life.
    Eyes of the Seer First Book of The Vampire Flynn Series from USA Today Best Selling Author Peter DawesFormerly titled Eyes of the SeerFlynn is a killer of killers an assassin who targets his own kind and the perfect

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    1. 3.5 stars warning may contain spoilers I bought this at Philly Comic Con and I had a hard time putting it down at first, then I had a hard time picking it back up Peter Dawes, a doctor in Philadelphia, comes home to find his girlfriend cheating and proceeds to murder them both Instead of just flipping out in anger and breaking up, the guy who let me remind you is a doctor someone who s supposed to SAVE lives murders them both, blaming her That evening while he begins his run from the authorities [...]

    2. I was fascinated by the twisting psyche of Peter Flynn Whether good or evil, healer or killer, the author managed to put me in the character s head and understand his motivation I rooted for him no matter what he was doing The twists in the plot and the supporting characters enhanced the experience Good read even for non vampire fans.

    3. Not rating it as it is slow to get into it it is not grabbing me, so shelving it for now at some point in time I will try to get back into it.

    4. Eyes Of The Seer,by Peter Dawes A pen name I assure you surprised me, not because it was trying to recreate mythos, but because it embraced it.I grappled with the star system because whereas the beginning of the story dragged a big, it MORE than compensated in the second half.Here is the 411 Peter Dawes is an ordinary man living an ordinary life The story begins with a murder Two people are dead at Peter s own hands, and these deaths were NOT an accident.From the scene of his transgressions, he [...]

    5. My review would be biased I am Peter Dawes Or, rather, his is the internal voice which gave unction to this work But it as well as the other books in this series were a labor of love to write and have been a labor of love to publish.I wrote this book not to saturate the market with another vampire novel, but to focus on a character Peter A man forced to reckon with a calling, a past, a present, and a nature which forces him to be at odds with himself But this is no brooding vampire This is a kil [...]

    6. Eyes of the Seer by Peter Dawes takes you on a journey in the supernatural world with twists and turns one won t expect It s not the typical journey one would read about vampires Tension is built and continues throughout the entire book This is one I just couldn t put down.Flynn, the main character, battles himself throughout the journey as well as those who he encounters The main character s mortal name is that of the author which only adds to the mystery within the book.I would definitely reco [...]

    7. Absolutely loved this story As a long time fan of vampire stories, I thoroughly enjoyed delving into the mind of Peter Dawes the Dark Killer The mystery of his true self unravels amist his climb to power as the most feared assassin Probably not since Anne Rice have I felt like I have bathed in such a deliciously complex character I recommend this book to any true lover of classic vampires and look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.

    8. Eyes of the Seer is the first in the Vampire Flynn series, and it tells the origin story of the vampire formerly known as Dr Peter Dawes The novel begins with Flynn s descent into bloodlust, his transformation into a vampire, and his progression to assassin This novel is told from Flynn s point of view, and attempts to explore his conflicted psyche, but the prose fails to fully establish Flynn as a multidimensional character, and instead relies far too much on telling and not enough showing.The [...]

    9. The Good The Vampires If you have read my blog noreecosper 2012 about vampires you know I am wanted to see vampires as monsters depicted in novels again Or if they want to hold onto their humanity, I want to see a struggle This book gives me both is spades Though the vampire mythos is standard, because they are depicted as monsters makes it even better.Voice Writing Style One word comes to mind elegant It flows so easily that my eyes devour the next sentence and the next I can never call my styl [...]

    10. REVIEWED BY SARAII have to admit it has been 2 weeks since I finished this book and I am still uncertain as to what I think about it It is one of those books that make you re evaluate your thoughts on vampires The simple fact that I am still thinking about this book says something It is a violent, bloody, cussing, no moral hold book Flynn is a vampire and he loves being a vampire, but not just a vampire he s a trained killer who relishes his kills There are some twist and turns in this novel The [...]

    11. To tell you the truth, I m not much of a vampire reader, I read Eyes of the Seer for three reasons, 1 I ve read some shorter fiction written by the author and enjoyed their writing voice, 2 the author is a friend, and 3 embarrassingly enough I adore the sword on the front of the book.That said, I am very glad that I did read it The characters are vivid and realistic, and thank goodness no weak, whiney or defanged vampires in sight These are real vampires real hunters with a lust for blood and a [...]

    12. Seriously, what a head trip It s not the kind of vampire literature I usually read which, to put that in perspective, encompasses nothing written after 1900 which is genre appropriate, if nothing else , but I think I ve added this trilogy to my Great Folio of Fangy Stuff.The language in a few parts struck me as stilted, but not nearly enough so to make me put it down.The psychological exploration of a bisected mind is fascinating stuff, just unbelievable enough to make it appropriate for a vampi [...]

    13. Eyes of the Seer by Peter W Dawes is longally long It has levels and layers that unfurl gradually, but it is a good story, with good characters, and a really solid endingr a minute Without the Epilogue, this could have ended here Now I will need to see what comes next Nice tag.

    14. Full disclosure I received a free paperback copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I ll admit it I like vampires Not the wimpy sparkly ones of Twilight, but the cold blooded killers that are as ruthless as they are beautiful that you find in many movies and other books So when I was contacted about reading Eyes of the Seer, I knew I was in for a treat I was not disappointed.Flynn Peter is a complicated character He just killed his fiancee and her lover and then is suddenly turn [...]

    15. 2.5 starsThis was another book with an interesting concept, but I feel like it fell short of hitting its mark It wasn t a bad read, don t get me wrong, but it felt like the story took a very long time to transpire Peter Dawes automatically captures the reader s attention as he explains how he came to be a vampire the cold blooded murders he commits are intense and Peter quickly sets the scene for a read that seems like it will be fast paced and incredibly intriguing But, once Peter becomes a vam [...]

    16. In Eyes of the Seer, Peter Dawes introduces us to a new vampire and a new vampire series yet both feel like old friends.This isn t a complaint Dawes knows the classic vampire archetype and uses it to craft a tale that manages to be both timeless and refreshing at the same time Flynn is, in many ways, the quintessential vampire He s a ruthless, heartless, soulless killing machine but there s still something endearing about him Even while he s sinking deeper and deeper into depravity, one can t he [...]

    17. I ve read almost every incarnation of this book, from the rough draft all the way up to its current version Peter has a confident style that s easy and comfortable to read, but also poetic and detailed enough to really draw you into his personality and his tale Yes, it s a story of a vampire But than that, it s a story of humanity lost, found, and the shades of gray between Everyone s got their quirks, their ways of being, and draw their own moral lines In that setting, a massive plot unfolds, [...]

    18. WOW what a book called EYES OF THE SEER by the author Peter W Dawes I won this book from for my honest review of the book This book takes you on a journey in the supernatural world with twist and turns you won t expect it s not the typical journey one would read about vampires This is one book that I just couldn t put down This was a book 1 of the series and it came with book 2 and 3 also when I won the book set I have to say that I love vampires movies and have to say that these books are even [...]

    19. Received this book as part of the Kindle compilation Pandora but will be reviewing it separately.Initial impression very vivid conversion to being a vampire Writing style seems a little long winded, old fashioned, gothic, or something I can t quite describe.Does it strike anyone else as weird that the author names his main character after himself The book was ok I am not a huge vampire fan so got a bit weary of this story Thankfully Peter AKA Flynn wasn t just an ordinary vampire but was also a [...]

    20. Read bits and pieces of it already when it was just a lil bit of story in DeviantArt Bribed, traded or whatever I did cannot really remember with the author to get my hands on a signed copy Now it s proudly on my shelf First e book I bought when I recently got my first e reader Now looking forward to re read it and get my hands on the sequels as well You can tell I must ve loved it More thorough review once I finish the re read

    21. I liked it I like Mr Dawes s writing style, I like his way of expressing what Flynn is thinking and even when Flynn was being his evil bastard self he was still so likable that impressed me I am wary of vampire books now after the whole sparkle debacle, but this was definitely old school, and I can t wait to read the second in the series.

    22. Guess there really is a first time for everything.For the first time a book I read based on reviews has dissapointed me completely.I barely managed to finish it.There s too much I didn t like for me to list it now, but I was extremely surprised after I read all the positive reviews about this book how much it didn t sit well with me.

    23. 3.5 starsI read this as a part of the Pandora Collection.After a very slow start this book improved The story line was well thought out but the delivery a little long unfolding There are only a few books that have enjoyed that were written from a male POV this would be one of them Worth a read.

    24. Awesome storyline I became fond of the characters even when they weren t so nice Some parts fdrug a bit and seemed redundant Overall a very exciting book.

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