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This is the Bear By Sarah Hayes Helen Craig,

  • Title: This is the Bear
  • Author: Sarah Hayes Helen Craig
  • ISBN: 9780785772316
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Fred the bear lands in the town dump on a big pile of garbage, his faithful owner and dog are close behind Will they ever find him
    This is the Bear When Fred the bear lands in the town dump on a big pile of garbage his faithful owner and dog are close behind Will they ever find him

    One thought on “This is the Bear”

    1. This is a fast paced children s book It is about a Bear called Fred, who accidently get s thrown in the bin and taken to the dump The little boy who own s the bear goes racing to the dump to find him He enlists the help of the Grumpy dump worker and eventually they find the bear and go home The bear is excited and wants to go on another adventure.The book had a lovely flow to it and uses rhyming throughout the book This is the bear who went to the dump and fell on the pile with a bit of a bump i [...]

    2. Ugh So a dog pushes the bear into the garbage on purpose Then the boy who owns the bear goes to the dump BY HIMSELF to retrieve his bear taking the dog with him And it ends with the boy finding his bear and the dog getting a bone This book is filled with secrets, sneaky behavior and kids just going wherever they please with no consequences To me, this just encourages children to behave in inappropriate habits Not a bad dog nor does the dog apologize to the bear for what happened Oh no he gets a [...]

    3. This is a cute little story of a teddy after a mischievous dog pushes him in the bin and a little boys adventure to try and get his teddy bear back.Mainly written in rhyming couplets this book contains an attractive rhythm, which really makes a KS1 class want to hear With simple and evocative pictures this is the bear really keeps a class engaged in the story My personal experience of using this book on the visualizer saw the class reading the comical speech bubbles included in the pictures and [...]

    4. Fantastically illustrated book about the adventures of an anthropomorphic teddy bear A dog called Fred drops him in the bin and much to his chagrin he ends up at the dump His upset owner travels to the dump and he is found He is subsequently scrubbed clean and boasts of his exploits to the other toys It s a rhyming book and I studied it with my Reception class over 4 days They had great fun looking for pairs of rhyming words and also acted out the story in the playground.

    5. Yet another lovely rhyming book with simple, decodable words which offer a fun and engaging way of practising phonics skills.

    6. A story about a bear who feel into the bin and the dog came along pushed him right inside The poor bear was taken all the way to the dumb The boy had found out that the bear had been taken to the dump and went to search for him When the boy got to the dump, he made a very big fuss and wanted the man to help him search for the bear Bear was very cold and but didn t feel lonely The boy, the man and the dog had started to search for the bear The dog sniffed his way around and found the bear The dri [...]

    7. This story is about a bear that gets lost from his owner after being taken to the dump.This would be a great guided reading book as it is a big book, the simplistic text can be easy to read aloud either independently or as a whole group The language is simple and have short snappy sentences which has a colour coded scheme which can help in children reading different parts of the book The book is very funny for me so I would say this would be even funnier for young children and because this book [...]

    8. This is bear by Sarah Hayes, is a nice rhyming story about a lost teddy bear.The book uses rhyming to tell the story This is the bear who fell in the bin This is the dog who pushed him in This book could be used by teachers in an English lesson who are introducing the topic of rhyming to their class The story is simple, it is about a bear who gets lost at a rubbish tip by accident and is rescued by a boy Due to the simple story and the rhyming nature of the story, as well as its engaging illustr [...]

    9. What I liked best about this book was the instruction on how to use it with your kids Valuable information that helps the parents take this beyond just a sit down and read out loud kind of thing This is engaging with your child on many levels.The story itself is ok, the rhyme is perfect for the storyline I think I had a reaction to a child going to the dump and digging in garbage for his bear Ick This series intrigues though, and it would be worth looking at the other titles available.

    10. This is a lovely little story or a bear that goes on a journey with its owner looking for him just behind It uses rhyming words in the sentences, this appears to make the story fun for the reader The sentences are short and easy to read for children The illustrations help to tell the story and are quite realistic I would consider it suitable for children up to the age of about four five.

    11. This is the bear that has an amazing adventure thanks to a little help from the family dog This book is a great book to read together because while the words are telling the story the pictures are also telling a story of there own This Is a great book to show how the illustrations can help further a story along.

    12. There is mischief and the dog is not so kind, but the book is entertaining for a little one because of the suspense and the adventure Iiked that the book included a guide at the beginning and end for how parents might read books with their child to develop a reader.

    13. A rollicking rhyming story of Fred the ted s trip to the dump As a teddy bear, he didn t grab my heart like others have done and his owner was a bit of a brat, but it was still a cute story.

    14. This book is cute and it d be great for a pajama storytime paired with Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems All the kids could bring their stuffed animals.

    15. Read with little sister as part of the 1,001 Children s Books To Read I liked how different the story formula is by starting each sentence with This is the Uniquely fresh

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