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Il mondo, la carne e Padre Smith By Bruce Marshall Margherita Santi Farina,

  • Title: Il mondo, la carne e Padre Smith
  • Author: Bruce Marshall Margherita Santi Farina
  • ISBN: 9788878190986
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Library Binding
  • La vita e i pensieri di un ingenuo e, al tempo stesso, disincantato sacerdote, pieno di buona volont e di comprensione per tutti gli uomini, peccatori inclusi Un capolavoro di umorismo e di toccante umanit.
    Il mondo la carne e Padre Smith La vita e i pensieri di un ingenuo e al tempo stesso disincantato sacerdote pieno di buona volont e di comprensione per tutti gli uomini peccatori inclusi Un capolavoro di umorismo e di toccante u

    One thought on “Il mondo, la carne e Padre Smith”

    1. The story of a preacher who tries to cope with modernity, The World, the Flesh and Father Smith doesn t pound religion into readers heads, but instead offers up light comedy on the subject and paints a realistic picture of a man who sees what he stands for collapsing.

    2. Pope Francis recommended this author to me Well not to me exactly Let s back up a little In the Holy Father s recent book, The Name of God is Mercy, the pope mentions an incident from the Bruce Marshall book, To Every Man a Penny It s a whimsical incident about a young man who can t quite bring himself to feel contrition over past trysts with lovely young creatures His compassionate confessor suggests maybe he can feel sorry that he can t yet be sorry This the penitent can do As I was unable to [...]

    3. Excellent book set in Scotland covering roughly the 1st half of the 20th Century from approximately 1908 through WW2 Follows the life of a Priest, Father Smith, and the Community both Catholic and Non Catholic, in an unnamed Scottish City Funny, philosophical, excellent distillation of Christian Catholic philosophy without being to stringently dogmatic or philosophic It s a distillation of theology into virtues everyone can understand and appreciate Good story, brings to life the character and c [...]

    4. I read this very insightful and humorous books as a seminarian on the advice of an old priest Now that I am priest I appreciate this book even Far from being an intimidating read, this book opens up the reader to a much different way of life and love the parish priest I understand now why that older priest suggested that I should read it every year If you want to understand what the priesthood is really about, read this little book.

    5. I read this title in English The World, the Flesh and Father Smith For some reason, the English book is not on.I d like to give it 3.5 stars Father Smith is a Catholic priest in Presbyterian Scotland, a priest who prays daily for Scotland s conversion I don t think I ve ever read a novel with such a strong emphasis on Catholic theology, and, at first, I found it off putting But I discovered that I appreciated many of this humble man s thoughts I think any conservative would appreciate the strugg [...]

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    7. A Book of the Month Club selection back in 1945, this hilarious book by Bruce Marshall tells the story of Father Smith, a catholic priest in a Scottish city, of his friends, the exiled French nuns, of the Bishop, of Monsignor O Duffy, who wages simple, violent war against simple sins, of father Bonnyboat, the liturgical scholar and all the people who come into the gentle orbit of Father Smith Three decades are covered.

    8. A great story of what the Catholic church in Scotland was like in the early 20th century The story lines lead Father Smith and the others to compare views on life and on the Catholic faith Since Scotland at that time was anti Catholic, there is good discussion on the variances and on the ecumenism that comes naturally to people who are generally good of heart.

    9. Beautifully written story about a Catholic priest in a small industrial city in Scotland during World War I, the 1920s and the 1930s Deals with anti Catholic bigotry, the everyday travails of living as a Christian and the meaning of sin Very well written like taking a trip back in time to a simpler era I had to keep looking up out of date phrases.

    10. A sweet little book of fiction about a priest s life, written in 1945, set around 1908 1940 This is a favorite of mine since I was about 12 Funny serious delightful I re read it every few years.

    11. I first read this book when I was in high school, and I loved it Reread it to see if I could still find anything in it, and I did it s a gentle book,with musings about the world, the Catholic church, and it s meaning and purpose.

    12. This is a Catholic book, a story of everyday holiness over a long and faithful life, and a portrait of a particular time and place in the life of the Church and of Scotland.

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