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City of Bones By Cassandra Clare Mike Raicht Nicole Virella,

  • Title: City of Bones
  • Author: Cassandra Clare Mike Raicht Nicole Virella
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Digital
  • The Part 1 of 9Th3rd World s adaptation of Cassandra Clare s New York Times best selling novel, The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Set in modern day New York, the Mortal Instruments series centers on the Shadowhunters, human angel hybrids that hunt down demons while also keeping peace between the warlocks, vampires, werewolves, faeries and other mythical creatures whThe Part 1 of 9Th3rd World s adaptation of Cassandra Clare s New York Times best selling novel, The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Set in modern day New York, the Mortal Instruments series centers on the Shadowhunters, human angel hybrids that hunt down demons while also keeping peace between the warlocks, vampires, werewolves, faeries and other mythical creatures who inhabit the Earth.
    City of Bones The Part of Th rd World s adaptation of Cassandra Clare s New York Times best selling novel The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Set in modern day New York the Mortal Instruments series centers o

    One thought on “City of Bones”

    1. I doubt that anyone on GoodReads actually cares about my opinion but the Internet allows me to write something anyway.I don t know if I want to read this book In some ways it would be cool, but under the same ideology right word as the movie, I don t want to have my image of Clary and Jace and all the others ruined I want to see them how I see them Yet I cannot help but be curious about how this will turn out I mean, it might even be God forbid I say this good.

    2. Two things to say 1 What is with this trend of making graphic novels out of books that just really need to be left alone to fester Not saying that about TMI COUGH hushhushtwilight COUGH 2 Who the hell are those people on the cover, because they certainly aren t my Clary and Jace Honestly, they look like Steve Irwin and whatever the heck his wife is named.

    3. Qu demonios acabo de leer Soy una gran fan tica de The Mortal Instruments y todo lo relacionado con Shadowhunters Esos libros me gustan mucho, y siempre van a tener un lugar especial en mi coraz n A n no me canso de ellos Entiendo perfectamente que esto sea un negocio No todos los autores escriben libros por amor al arte y a la literatura Hemos visto muchas veces c mo algunos autores decidieron continuar sagas y trilog as que se daban por acabadas para hacer m s dinero Creo que el autor debe ser [...]

    4. ISSUE ONE happy sigh I love the art in this 3 First issue was awesome ISSUE TWO Ughhhh 3 I can t stand the one month wait for thisJUST RELEASE THE WHOLE GRAPHIC NOVEL JEEZ I continue to love the art and how hot Jace is in this 3

    5. I finally took the time to read this and my review It was just okay The illustrations worked, but the story felt really condensed And some of the demons were, well, not exactly what I pictured when I read it.

    6. Here I was all angry that the COB graphic novel was only going to be a digital release, that is until I came across this booksmonandschuster CitLooks like it ll be published by SS in hardcover paperback format next year It seems they are aiming to release it around the same time the movie is set to hit theatres August 2013 Good news for me considering I LOVE graphic novels and equally adore The Mortal Instruments series D

    7. I liked the artwork in this graphic novel This is my first graphic novel ever so I was pretty impressed Compared to the movie and the book it definitely does get straight to the point with the important scenes.Not much else to say, but great work

    8. The artwork in this graphic novel is stunning I really like the style and much like the movie book it contains a bit of info dumping I wish they had adapted this for people who are already familiar with the story though and kept the plot moving Besides that, like most graphic novels this is short but it is kind of ridiculously short considering it is a continuous story from one novel For example The Walking Dead Vol 1 Days Gone Bye is 144 pages Yes, you can buy it per episode which is six separa [...]

    9. This was a very good read Very entertaining with a different take on supernatural season I highly recommend it.

    10. WHAT That s it Only 20 something pages And it stopped in the scene where there s an attack in Clary s house WTF Too short Will there be a next volume or something I wonder Sigh.

    11. After witnessing a murder, commited by three teenagers with strange marking and strange weapons, Clary Fray is baffled by what she had just seen Was the victim a boy Were these people even real She tries to report it, but seems to be the only one who can see these teenagers Clary had finally had her first encounter with the Shadowhunters, warriors designated to rid the world of freely roaming demons One of them is Jace, whom she will be pulled into a journey of vengance with Within only 24 hours [...]

    12. I loved the art of the graphic novel.It has many elements of the story.I would love to have entire TMI,TID TDA books by the same artists.

    13. This book was about a girl named Clary and her adventure to find out what happen to her mother The book started off with her going to a party and following some suspicious people into a back room, but she is the only one who can see them The next day, she goes out with her friend when she gets a call from her mother to stay away from the house All of a sudden, one of the people only she can see The boy s name is Jace, and apparently he is a shadow hunter somebody who kills demons Jace tries to t [...]

    14. Hey Well, have you read anything about The Mortal Instruments If the answer of this questions is a NO you have to go immediately to your nearest library and start reading City of Bones If the answer is YES , welcome to the group, buddy Keep reading if you have read the books Well, the plot is incredible and kind of unsuspect I knew that Clary and Jace couldn t be siblings, because it didn t make any sense However, all about the angel s blood is kind of creepy How would you react if anyone goes u [...]

    15. Me gusto muchisisissimo este libro esta lleno de fantasia , accion y muchas cosas mas que me encantaron.En lo personal cuando lo leei senti que estaba vivivendo lo del libro es muy chido jejeje pero tiene ese aspecto que me encanta incluyendo demonios , angeles, cazadores de sombras , brujos, hombres lobo, vampiros y un buen de subterraneos , me encantaron los personajes uno de mis personajes favoritos fue Alec siento un tipo de conexion con el o que somos con gustos iguales y manera de ser , ex [...]

    16. Fairly entertaining Unfortunately there s so many stories in this genre now, it s hard for me to say how this story stands out above the others like it with magic, magical beings, a super villian with evil underlings and a fanaticism about purity of his magical race, and a teenage protagonist who doesn t know her true calling sound familiar, Harry Potter Clary, the heroine, was reasonably appealing, and intelligent, if dense about her feelings and relationships I felt that the story was a little [...]

    17. The real question is why is there a trend of turning YA novels and ASOIAF into graphic novels Are illustrators hoping this will make people look at other, better graphic novels like Watchmen, Batman Year One, etc I feel like the people who will read these will only read the comic version of their beloved YA series and those of us who genuinely enjoy graphic novels as a medium will continue to read the plentiful graphic novels out there.

    18. So I was reading this AMAZING book but got to the part where Jason learns he s Kara or whatever her names bro an my reaction was like BIATCH WHAT The next day I go to a friends house and I read her that same part She yelled the exact same thing AND THROW THE BOOK IN THE TRASH She then took it out and said she was sorry After that we decided to watch Legally blonde and we were giggling and dieing because EXCUSE ME BUT IM NATURALLY BLONDE Jason

    19. This book has a lot of action, adventure, and drama I love this book because it has so many fictional beings There are vampires and werewolves and faeries The book starts off as the normal life of a teenage girl, but it all goes wrong when she runs into a murder But the murder isn t a normal murder, its a vampire murder She immediately falls in love with the killer Then she starts seeing things that her mother has tried to stop her from seeing Then her mom is kidnapped.

    20. omg, There s a graphic novel on this I m excited to read this one.Graphic novels are awesome because they really do follow the book as much as they possible I ve only read two books that became graphic novels, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and so far I haven t been disappointed So I m guessing this one won t be a disappointment as well.

    21. OK, so this was quite a disappointment Mainly because of the art I much prefer the drawing style in the House of Night graphic novels, this just had a very basic, Scooby Doo feel to it It was still fun to read and I imagine fans of the series will want to add these graphic novels to their collections, but I think I ll pass on the rest of these At least for now.

    22. A beautifully written book It was exciting and fun to read A great YA storyline which incorporated monsters, demons and magic in a way which was grown up and captured the reader However a disappointing ending leaves me questioning whether to read the series.

    23. I was fun to read, I really enjoyed this graphic novel Read it after I finished City of Bones and it just halped me refresh some images in my head and make a story even visual I think you should check this out as quick and easy companion read.

    24. Artwork 5 out of 5Story.5 out of 52 stars was being generous.It s pretty to look at, but not worth trying to read.

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