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The Dead Boy Detectives By Jill Thompson,

  • Title: The Dead Boy Detectives
  • Author: Jill Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781401203139
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • They ll do anything to solve the case.Rowland and Paine, the dead British teenagers who first appeared in Neil Gaiman s THE SANDMAN SEASON OF MISTS, travel stateside to investigate a strange missing persons case at a posh International Academy for Girls.Naturally, the inquisitive duo is forced to go undercover in drag if they re to have a hope in hell of solving the cThey ll do anything to solve the case.Rowland and Paine, the dead British teenagers who first appeared in Neil Gaiman s THE SANDMAN SEASON OF MISTS, travel stateside to investigate a strange missing persons case at a posh International Academy for Girls.Naturally, the inquisitive duo is forced to go undercover in drag if they re to have a hope in hell of solving the case It s time for dark secrets, food fights and spies as the Dead Boy Detectives learn a lot about life from the precocious daughters of rich ambassadors and rebellious rock stars.This manga digest also features an introduction to the SANDMAN library and an excerpt from DEATH AT DEATH S DOOR, Jill Thompson s first manga digest.
    The Dead Boy Detectives They ll do anything to solve the case Rowland and Paine the dead British teenagers who first appeared in Neil Gaiman s THE SANDMAN SEASON OF MISTS travel stateside to investigate a strange missing p

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    1. Maybe I m being a wee bit generous here, because I like Jill Thompson It s an odd idea, though take two characters previously seen only in one issue of Sandman and spin them off into a shojo manga It s an odd change of tone from their previous appearance Especially since both have been given the bishonen treatment Ok, but is it good To which I can only say, Well The truth is that I enjoyed it out of my shameless affection for shojo But if you don t like shojo manga in general, you might want to [...]

    2. Oh, I found a new library to wander through her corridors searching for a literary gem The Scottsdale library also boasts a much larger graphic novel section.I thought this might be one of those gems But alas no This book uses a couple minor characters from the Sandman Universe drawn in manga form Two ghost boy detectives are asked by students from a girl school to investigate a murder They zoom across the Atlantic and go under cover as girls.It s aimed at a much younger crowd than the Sandman M [...]

    3. Came in a graphic novel bundle I won in a raffle I m clearly not the target audience, but sheesh Everything about this was excessively twee.

    4. The Dead Boy Detectives are fictional characters that have appeared in comic books published by DC Comics Vertigo imprint They were created by writer Neil Gaiman and artists Matt Wagner and Malcolm Jones III in The Sandman 25 April, 1991.The characters are the ghosts of two dead children, Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine, who rather than enter the afterlife stay on Earth to become detectives investigating crimes which involve the supernatural.The characters were created by Gaiman and Wagner durin [...]

    5. Ghosts Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland, introduced in Gaiman s fourth Sandman opus Season of Mists and featured in Thompson s At Death s Door , are still avoiding Death the most adorable goth girl ever and still finding time to run their own detective agency The ghosts are only visible to children and to a few adults, which comes in handy when solving mysteries Their latest case brings them stateside to a girls posh boarding school in Chicago While undercover, they work their way through the clu [...]

    6. A younger member of my family was reading this and left it lying about, so I read it in the tub in about twenty minutes lol.The two main characters and Death who also appears are lifted with permission from Neil Gaiman s Sandman series.It s a cute story, and an amusing read for younger folk, I suppose It s a manga aimed at girls than boys, and it features two eternally young ghosts who solve a mystery at a girls school in Chicago While they re dressed in drag I suppose they re sort of emo.Here [...]

    7. I like Jill Thompson, but I like her Scary Godmother and Fables work better Her Manga style work has a decent look, but oddly it is the layout that doesn t fit This book was chaotic and confusing to follow from a visual flow standpoint There is an art to shojo manga, and Jill hasn t mastered it yet From what I have seen of her Death manga, it flows much better Storywise, it was clearly aimed at a young female audience that really doesn t necessarily mesh with the average Vertigo reader Rowland a [...]

    8. Jill Thompson, The Dead Boy Detectives Vertigo, 2005 Thompson gives us another riff on Sandman, as she did in Death s Door the year before This time, we get an adventure from two relatively minor characters from A Season of Mists, a pair of young ghost detectives who head off to Chicago to solve the mystery of a missing schoolgirl When they get there, they find out it s an all girl school Wackiness ensues Thompson s manga style art is appealing, and while the ending is at least somewhat predicta [...]

    9. I really like Jill Thompson s art, and this story shows just how cute that can be This is kind of a Sandman spinoff it has some cameos but it s really a stand alone comic I found the recap kind of annoying since I ve read the first one too, but I guess that has to be done The plot centers around two young British ghosts who act as detectives for lack of something better to do I guess They get hired buy some American private school girls to investigate the disappearance of one of their friends Wa [...]

    10. Jill Thompson expands on the adventures of Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland, the Dead Boy Detectives This time they head to America at the behest of a young girl attending an international school in Chicago who is concerned over the disappearance of her friend.Each clue the boys find lead them to some sinister conclusions, and everything finally comes to a head during the school Christmas pageant Also, the boys are forced to disguise themselves as girls since they are investigating in an all girl [...]

    11. My god, the cover alone near put me in saccharine shock This book is so appallingly cutesy I m ashamed to see it associated with Sandman, and the artwork is as twee as the plot.Profoundly un recommended to any Sandman fan.Extremely tentatively recommended as shared reading material between pre literate children and parents who for some inexplicable reason wish to destroy the likelihood of the child ever enjoying Sandman proper and or warp developing conceptions toward Shoujo style manga.Please n [...]

    12. I love Sandman and it was nice to see Rowland and Paine get out and play, but this was not the strongest addition to the Sandman universe First, Death actually is not in this story, despite saying featuring a cameo by Death It is like a brief mention of Death Also, I can t figure out who is the audience for this book The goofy manga style is offputting to Sandman die hards, and the series isn t going to pick up new fans from a story that they won t understand unless they ve read them all This s [...]

    13. I read it because I love The Sandman Universe and this was one of the last books that I didn t read yet.It s mostly an american manga for gothic pre teens and young teenagers It s not bad, the book is well written, the story is very cute and innocent, and the art is adorable It s the kind of book that I did give to my daughter if she was 12 years old So, yeah, being Christmas and all, if you hadn t choose a present yet, consider buying this book, pre teens and young teenagers will love it

    14. The Dead Boy Detectives manga is done by Jill Thompson, who also did the Death At Death s Door manga The art is really cutesy and the whole atmosphere is much lighter than in the actual series It s fun to see Edwin and Charles, although there aren t really any other characters from the series in it Death, Dream and the Corinthian all briefly appear, but only for a panel or two each, and not for any great plot purpose.The plot is ridiculous and silly, and includes ghost boys in drag It s fun, but [...]

    15. Following the ghosts of Edwin and Charles, this book sees them travelling stateside to an all girls boarding school where one girl appears to have vanished As the boys have to go undercover and they look so cute doing so I must say they manage to find many a clue as to the girl s whereabouts although they do find themselves a little off base in their conclusions This is quite an entertaining read with brilliant illustrations to boot with a guest appearance by Death herself just to top it all off [...]

    16. I like the art a lot, and I m always happy to see Rowland and Paine But in plot and characterization, this needs some work I think that if you re going to take up telling stories about characters on whom the original work was done by Neil Gaiman, you re inviting readers to hold you to a high standard in these departments and in these regards the book is disappointingly fluffy and depthless NB to Thompson making a group of giggly girls multiethnic does _not_ substitute for giving them character d [...]

    17. Rowland and Paine are some of my favourite minor Sandman characters, since they provide a light comedic touch of adventure Thompson s take on them is even playful that other authors and it suits them perfectly Both of the boys have adorably school boy crushes on the girls who hire them to find a missing classmate, so even though they are searching for an apparent kidnapper murderer there are many moments of light hearted fun.

    18. Jill Thompson is one of my favourite illustrators so I hunted down a list of things she worked on and found that she had done this and it tied in with Sandman I d read Death At Death s door beforehand and was sad to see some of the frames are recycled from that but it was a very entertaining read.

    19. This was a lot of fun to read The story of Edwin and Charles was my favorite part of Season of Mists, and when I found out their story continued, I was eager to read it Although the cuteness was a bit of a curve ball at first , I found myself enjoying the story I don t know if there are Dead Boy stories, but I would love to read them if they exist.

    20. I like Jill Thompson a lot, and I especially enjoy her Sandman work, but this story was a little flat to me I had the same problem with her characterizations of the girls at the school as I do with lots of teen programming BOY do kids not talk like that At all.Still, hella cute art I still love Jill and I ll still read whatever she cranks out.

    21. Divertida y entra able aproximaci n manga a nuestros ya conocidos Dead Boy Detectives Los personajes siguen siendo tan carism ticos como de costumbre, aunque a esta aventura le falta oscuridad y le sobra, en ocasiones, esperpento.3 1 2

    22. NO TO EVERYTHING TO INTEGRATION INTO THE FRANCHISE TO THE CHARACTERS TO THE PLOT.This is literally one of the worst mangas I ve ever read.I can t believe I actually paid money for this.

    23. Tiene momentos divertidos, me gusta el estilo de la autora, pero lo lees buscando algo m s del estilo de Sandman y es simplemente entretenido.

    24. Divertid sima revisi n en plan manga a los personajes de Neil Gaiman Thompson vuelve a acertar en su dinamismo y aptitud para dar una nueva dimensi n a estos detectives Da para secuela.

    25. A cute manga take on the Sandman characters in a funny original story I really like Jill Thompson s style.

    26. Mostly cute A little bit of plot Not really that great of plot, lol Mostly just cute art Most of the three stars is for the character design for Death in her one page cameo loved it.

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