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Death: At Death's Door By Jill Thompson Neil Gaiman,

  • Title: Death: At Death's Door
  • Author: Jill Thompson Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9781563899386
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the party from hell literally at Death s door.Everyone s favourite Goth girl, Death, practically gets pushed out of her own realm when sisters Delirium and Despair throw a wild party for the dead It all starts when Lucifer Morningstar abdicates his throne leaving the Key to Hell with Death s brother, Dream As the reluctant Sandman contemplates what to do, hellIt s the party from hell literally at Death s door.Everyone s favourite Goth girl, Death, practically gets pushed out of her own realm when sisters Delirium and Despair throw a wild party for the dead It all starts when Lucifer Morningstar abdicates his throne leaving the Key to Hell with Death s brother, Dream As the reluctant Sandman contemplates what to do, hell s nastiest denizens are free to evacuate the premises Unfortunately for Death, they end up in her apartment It s up to Death to save the day and the afterlife not to mention the carpet Written and illustrated by Eisner Award winner and Sandman fan favorite artist Jill Thompson, this digest also features a special sketchbook section and an introduction to the character and the ten volume Sandman library.
    Death At Death s Door It s the party from hell literally at Death s door Everyone s favourite Goth girl Death practically gets pushed out of her own realm when sisters Delirium and Despair throw a wild party for the dead

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    1. Why did this have to be done Jill Thompson could have made perfectly fine goofy big eyed imitation manga about whatever, and the parts of this that she wrote from scratch are pretty good for morbid children I like the slapstick bit about gruesome things happening to a ghost who never complains But trying to remake Neil Gaiman sSeason of Mists from another character s point of view, and dropping in huge chunks of the original dialogue, doesn t work at all Not only is it a very weird style contras [...]

    2. The Sandman fans, ever wondered how Death dealt with the repercussions of Lucifer Morningstar s abduction of Hell s throne in Season of Mists Wonder no longer, because Jill Thompson the artist responsible for reducing a large percentage of TSM fans into uncontrollable geeks wanting to squish little Dream and Death from A Parliament of Rooks provided all the answers to in her manga style Death centric book At Death s Door.Backtrack in the wake of his resignation in Season of Mists, Lucifer warded [...]

    3. This is my first real introduction to manga Although familiar with it because of popular culture, I d never actually sat down and read anything along those lines That being said, I did enjoy this novel to a degree The campy aspects of it were sometimes annoying, but overall, I thought Thompson did a good job of providing some background information on what was occurring during Dream s journey into Hell.

    4. Jill Thompson telling a side story set in the corners of Sandman Season of Mists sounded great Unfortunately, it doesn t come off Part of the problem is that what seems like fully half the book is devoted to retelling scenes from Gaiman s original story, with plots and dialogue reproduced entirely verbatim which makes the experience kind of tedious if you ve read the original at all recently, since you want the new story to Just Get On With It Sadly, the original material here is also pretty lac [...]

    5. Fan comic pretty much sums up this book.While I was reading it, I couldn t shake the feeling that I d read something like this before and it is true, it s based upon Neil s Sandman story s first book Season of Mists.Now, I m not a keen reader of recycled stuff, or say watching an anime and then finding the manga is EXACTLY the same Not good, it s an interest killer for me.Clearly Jill was mainly interested in making money off her own idol s ideas and so this product is here, maybe even to just s [...]

    6. I think that Gaiman did a good job with Season of Mists Thompson, not so much The Sandman series played with style a bit throughout it s run, but I don t think that manga really fits the tone of what the stories are about and this adaptation doesn t really make much sense if you haven t already read at least the Season of Mists book and the ones that came before it.

    7. I usually love anything having to do with the Endless, but this left me cold If you like anime, this may be your thing, but the anime style of this story is exactly what put me off Gaiman himself wrote the same story, but in much fuller and easier to follow form.

    8. Charming companion to Season of Mists Jill Thompson retells the story from the perspective of Death in a sometimes silly but very pleasant Manga style It s not required reading for a Sandman reread, but it s a nice diversion.

    9. I must admit, I am a little baffled as to why this book exists It s a strange addition to The Sandman canon, adding a magical girl esque manga as an aside to a particularly serious segment of the comic series It doesn t really aim to please the normal readers of Sandman, and the younger women that Thompson s book appeals to are probably too young for the comic as a whole So it s weird But not actually terrible It s silly and the art is a bit weak, but it s a fun read that focuses on the three wo [...]

    10. the characterization of all the elements was spot on and their features impeccable I didn t like the ending anyhow but it surely added some great ideas and analogies into my eclectic mind if you are into graphic novels then this is surely my suggestion.

    11. If you liked Season of Mists, but thought both the writing and artwork were done too well, then this is the perfect book for you Retread of the original story, with some bolted on tedious new material, all done in a generic manga style Death deserves better.

    12. Una remake a lo manga m s que interesante y bien lograda de la saga Estaci n de Nieblas de Sandman, o algo as M s all de casi todo lo escrito por Gaiman, no he le do muchas historias ubicadas en el universo del Ensue o Alguna saga de The Dreaming, la miniserie de la chica que quer a ser Muerte, y poco m s Son comics pasables, pero que al tener vedados la utilizaci n de los Eternos, se encierran mucho en s mismos y a veces eso les deja poca gracia De todos modos, estoy de acuerdo con que no se pu [...]

    13. Review This is a book vaguely tied into Neil Gaiman s Sandman series, with a different spin on it It focuses on Death rather than Dream, and has a completely separate storyline Lucifer abdicates and gives the key to Hell to Dream who doesn t particularly want it And while Dream hears from rulers of other Underworlds as to why they should claim Hell and its inhabitants, said inhabitants leave And end up in Death s apartment and at some point start having a party The story is generally Death, with [...]

    14. I recommend that you read this just after reading Season of Mists This is a quick read, with a well thought out and executed idea and I thoroughly enjoyed it The whole thing is written and drawn in a cutesy and over the top manga style, which adds humour to the original SoM story and provides a well though out, yet comic, new storyline too If you re a Sandman fan, don t overlook it Track down a copy and read it, it s worth having it in your collection.The first 21 pages are a retelling of the st [...]

    15. I tracked down my copy of Death At Death s Door through a bookswap site, and I hadn t look at it very closely before requesting that it be sent to me I was surprised and little disappointed to learn that it s manga I had expected it to be a graphic novel along the lines of Death The Time of Your Life and Death The High Cost of Living Still Manga can be a lovely medium, even if I m a sucker for color pictures, and I ve enjoyed other examples of Jill Thompson s artwork before I started reading At [...]

    16. Next to Morpheus, the most popular cast member of the acclaimed Sandman comic book series is his older sister, Death no hooded grim reaper, but a perky, black clad Goth chick In retelling the series Season of Mists story line, writer artist Thompson depicts Death in manga style, as a button cute punkette Similarly, her godlike siblings are given huge eyes and exaggerated expressions, and whole compositions take on the cartoony, freewheeling look of shoujo , the manga aimed at girls The story beg [...]

    17. If you really, really like Neil Gaiman s Sandman , then you might want to give this a look.If you don t, this is really not worth your time.For really big fans, we revisit the story of when Dream went to Hell and received ownership of the place from Lucifer, only this time we get to see it from Death s perspective, with Despair and Delerium in tow This is a chance to see the story from a different artistic narrative perspective It fills in how Death dealt with the fallout from it all It s intere [...]

    18. Death is a sibling of the Endless, a family that is older than the gods themselves When her brother stirs up trouble, Lucifer closes the gates to hell, and lets everyone go Because Death is a familiar, the souls flock to her for guidance Together with her two sisters, Delirium and Despair, she must stop the insanity and save the Underworld Meh That s pretty much my unprofessional opinion on this book I understand that this is simply a personal preference, but I am not a fan of using grayscale in [...]

    19. OK, let me see if I remember them allThe Endless Death, Dream, Destiny, Destruction, Desire, Despair, Delirium Once upon a time, Neil Gaiman created a graphic novel called Sandman, which was about Dream in the above list.When Gaiman left Sandman to pursue his writing carreer, it was decided at DC Vertigo, that no other writer would write any new stories of the Endless of course that didn t last long and the Endless started popping up in other DC and Vertigo books before long.Dream, however, seem [...]

    20. Death At Death s Door isn t written by Neil Gaiman It s one of the spinoff novels, focusing mainly on death but also on Despair and Delirium It s a manga, with manga style rather than any of the typical styles for the series, which just looks odd It s very very cute, but it looks odd It suits Delirium, and mischievous looking Desire is pretty awesome, but it looks weird on Destiny, Despair and Dream Death pulls it off okay, she s cute as a button anyway, but It still looks kind of weird.The plo [...]

    21. A cute little story, done in a manga style, set during the bigger Sandman story A season of mists.Lucifer has quit, closed hell and set the dead damned all free.While the major mythical powers are trying to settle who gets hell and how to make that decision without starting a war, Death s quiet afternoon is interupted by a horde of dead people that show up at her house demanding she take them to their final reward, again.Death recruits her two sisters, Delirium and Despair, to help and the whole [...]

    22. Jill Thompson takes Gaiman s Sandman story Season of Mists and looks at the events from the perspective of Death herself Mainly, how she dealt with all the former dead of Hell returning to her place because she s the last thing they can remember before the pit Thompson draws all this in a manga style, making it much light hearted than that synopsis seems Even so, it sticks true to Gaiman s characters.I really enjoy this story because it focuses on my favorite Endless, Death It also gives reader [...]

    23. The devil kicks all the souls out of hell and locks the gates shut With their newfound freedom, the damned wander throughout creation, causing varying degrees of chaos as they search for a new place to reside Hilarity ensues.This story of what was going on outside of the main storyline of Season of the Mists , is a delight It obviously does not have the gravity of the original tale, but that is just fine by me With Death, Despair and Delirium leading the way, it is a very funny romp about how th [...]

    24. A chance encounter with a book at the library while looking for something else often leads to a pleasurable time This rules A manga re interpretation of Neil Gaiman s Sandman, the mixture of cute with the dark, sometimes gruesome storyline of that series is very neat This story coincides with Dream s attempt to rescue Nada from Hell, only to find Lucifer has emptied the realm, is ready to resign, and hands Dream the key Meanwhile, all the souls driven out of Hell wind up at Death s apartment whe [...]

    25. I was fairly disappointed with Thompson s overly cutsie manga esque take on the endless It lacked pretty much everything i love about Gaiman s work the mystery, the wicked wit, the creeping feelings that crawl up your spine and lodge in the base of the skull One think i will give to her is that she gave a good deal of face time to death, who is a favorite of mine, though i felt that she captured of a cartoon caricature of Gaiman s character, not just visually but also conceptually.

    26. Charming but shallow, as have also been my previous experiences with Jill Thompson s books I have The Dead Boy Detectives in mind Her line is lovely, but little matters like plot arc, pacing, characterization, and coherence seem to dissolve halfway through her stories, if not earlier.If only her charming graphism was served by a better pen Or perhaps her cute Endless characters are destined to work well only in vignettes I mean, there s a reason Japanese manga ka don t usually give their chibi i [...]

    27. Its ok I like Jill Thonpson s style, especially with Scary Godmother, and this story had some cute scenes, it was manga chibi version of the classic Sandman characters in a stand alone story that kinda repeats part of the story in Sandman But if you re interested in anything Sandman related, want to see the family in a totally different light, and also think death is one of the best characters ok, that last bit isn t required, but you know she is then you ll probably enjoy this quick read.

    28. A Manga version of the character Death from Neil Gaiman s Sandman This story takes place during the time when Dream has inherited Hell and is trying to determine who will get the key While Hell is closed all the dead show up at Death s home and Delirium and Despair help to throw a dead man s party Not as good as the originals, obviously, but worth a chuckle Delirium is actually the most interesting character here.

    29. A manga retelling of a Neil Gaiman Sandman comic on Death personifiedwhat s not to love For those of you uninitiated into Neil Gaiman s the Sandman seriesI d love to sell you on it Forgive my fuzzy memory on it, but the Sandman is Sleep personified, and there are occasional appearances of his brothers and sisters Death, Chaos, Delerium It s an intellecutal fantasy fan thrill ride oh, and the art is incredible too.

    30. I m really not sure how to review this The art was just GORGEOUS I loved every page The problem was the story, being a re telling of Sandman comic just weakened both versions It was interesting to have a different perspective but without the emotion of the original it was just kinda odd I think it would be better to see original stories Such a talented artist definitely deserves her own.

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