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Henry James: The Master: 1901-1916 By Leon Edel,

  • Title: Henry James: The Master: 1901-1916
  • Author: Leon Edel
  • ISBN: 9780380396856
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Henry James, the Master 1901 1916 by Leon Edel
    Henry James The Master Henry James the Master by Leon Edel

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    1. Last night I finished reading the fifth, and final, volume of Leon Edel s biography of Henry James I started reading Volume One in December, and now it is March The reading was fitful, most of it done during school breaks and long weekends Coming to the end of the massive Life, I read New York 1950 Honolulu 1971 I take the dates to mark the start and the end of the writing of this biography, though the dreaming and conception of such a work presumably began even earlier So, at least, 21 years to [...]

    2. Edel is considered the ultimate Henry James expert, and he definitely gives off the sense of being immersed in James life and work I suppose it is his knowledge of James that gives him the confidence to make some of the assumptions he does about what James thinks and feels at a given moment.In general I liked Edel s approach to the biography in the introduction to this volume he writes about his non traditional structure and rather imaginative approach, which he sees as dictated by the material [...]

    3. I did it I read all five volumes of Henry James biography It really hurt when close to the end, I submitted to the temptation of Google and was dismayed to find that the 1972 New York Review of Books attributed the length of Leon Edel s biography to glut of detail, of which much is only of minor interest I beg your pardon, Philip Rahv, I loved every G train escaping minute of it 2,091 pages Somebody agrees with me it s a goddamn Pulitzer Prize winner after all I miss ole HJ already What will I d [...]

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