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Forever Is Over By Calvin Wade,

  • Title: Forever Is Over
  • Author: Calvin Wade
  • ISBN: 9781456770099
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Forever Is Over is an equilateral love triangle focusing on life, love and precious time.Richie Billingham, a married father of two in his early thirties, is attending a party held in his honour and organised by his wife, Jemma He has terminal cancer.Through the eyes of several characters, we are taken back through the lives of Richie and Jemma.Richie is from a large mi Forever Is Over is an equilateral love triangle focusing on life, love and precious time.Richie Billingham, a married father of two in his early thirties, is attending a party held in his honour and organised by his wife, Jemma He has terminal cancer.Through the eyes of several characters, we are taken back through the lives of Richie and Jemma.Richie is from a large middle class family His father is a gambler, his younger brother Jim, a constant irritant and his older sister Caroline provides an unusual insight into her romantic world.Jemma is from a working class, one parent family As her mother, who she refers to as Vomit Breath, is far interested in partying than parenthood, Jemma establishes a strong bond with her sister, Kelly, until one day their worlds are torn apart.Kelly was Richie s first love The idyllic, countryside setting where Richie and Kelly used to escape they called their Sunny Road When Kelly disappears, Richie is forced to move on, but several years later, not knowing that Richie is now married to her sister, Jemma, Kelly writes a letter to Richie, stating her intention to return and suggests they rekindle their romance.The novel was initially inspired by the song Sunny Road by Emiliana Torrini.
    Forever Is Over Forever Is Over is an equilateral love triangle focusing on life love and precious time Richie Billingham a married father of two in his early thirties is attending a party held in his honour and o

    One thought on “Forever Is Over”

    1. This is a magnificent book Roller coaster of emotions but I can honestly say this is one of the best books I have ever read I cried so much at the end, partly because it was a very emotional ending but also because the wonderful Richie Billingham and Miss Jemma Watkinson are no longer in my life I read this 600 page book within 3 days as I literally couldn t put it down I cannot recommend this book highly enough 5 stars is not enough.

    2. Forever Is Over is one of those books that begins at the end.We find out right from the outset that Richie has cancer and he s dying but rewind back to his childhood and that s where the story starts.Told in an almost journal like way, we follow Richie from his teenage years through to adulthood and we meet a wide variety of characters Each chapter is a story within the main story from a different character and this a great way to get to know each of them and find out about their lives and shar [...]

    3. Wow, where do I start I thought I knew a thing or two about writing, but Calvin Wades sensational book makes me look like a complete novice.I don t usually do love stories, but this one intrigued me, so I thought I d take a look I m so happy I did, I read books all the time, but I was totally gripped by this story, I kept carrying the book around with me in order to read a bit at every given opportunity It s not just a love story, if you were ever a teenager and I suspect you were once and you v [...]

    4. Wow This was such a wonderful book Pretty long 618 pages but even then I didn t find it a struggle, I wanted to keep reading and I m sad that it s over Great story telling, great characters, and I loved the way in which it was written, from each character s perspective, with new perspectives introduced along the way All of the references to the 1980s in the first few chapters really resonated with me personally, having been a teenager then also A criticism, which is no fault of the author s, are [...]

    5. Teenage angst, murder, sibling rivalry, terminal cancer the story line had real potential, but the execution was dreadful There are some glimmers of capturing real emotion, but ultimately, all the characters showed little dimension, and in truth the book read like it was written by an adolescent Not only does the writing need a lot of work, but it seemed clear that no editing was done at all In fact, I was rather convinced at first that the proliferation of exclamation points was a literary devi [...]

    6. I had never read anything of this author but id been told good things so decided to give it a bash, it is a long my read but it s perfect if your looking for a book that is going to take you on a journey This is the story of two people, from beginning to end I laughed and cried It s not the best written book out there and there was some formatting issues on my kindle version but it s definitely worth a read.

    7. Deeply touchingI m so glad this book was recommended by the Facebook book group I loved that it took you through every moment of the trios lives until literally the end, and those end words will stay with me for a long time, if not forever Fab read

    8. A love story that goes beyond a simple boy meets girl, which normally has me rolling my eyes A real and honest story of love between husband and wife, between friends and between family And the best thing It s not a short book

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed this book The constant change of character perspective makes the book a very good read and at times I couldn t put it down as I was desperate to know what happened next The book, apart from being funny and exciting, does have a serious side to it cancer and its effects on the lives of the sufferer and their family This element of the story made the book even touching and likable as, behind the slightly far fetched story lines of the various characters and the funny parts t [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book but I think I might have loved it if it had been a third shorter It was nice to take a trip down memory lane and I could relate to all the 70s and 80s storylines but ultimately it just took too long to reach the conclusion, particularly knowing from the first chapter where we were headed The details say it was re formatted in June 2015 but it is riddled with typos and formatting issues which were the reason I didn t finish it at my first attempt to read it I read it th [...]

    11. A brilliantly written story The author s frequent use of analogies were both clever and helpful in bringing the reader closer to the subject he was conveying I found it most comforting in the fact that like Calvin, I share a passion for sports, particularly English football, and popular music, in which he refers to both disciplines on several occasions Also, I am of the romantic persuasion and this love story certainly tugs at the heartstrings In British speak, it ticks all the right boxes

    12. Big potential with story, but started so sad so I am going to halt 1 2 way through Although I did cheat and read the last chapter and it is a big time sobber The story is based in England and I really struggled with all the inside jokes and slang Every chapter was from different characters point of view, therefore it jumped around a lot on the timeline I think if I read this when I was in a different mood I might have been able to finish, but it was sort of depressing knowing the ending in the f [...]

    13. When I first started reading this book I wasn t sure if I wanted to continue, but it been such a roller coaster of a ride At times I laughed out loud at Richie, and Kelly s antics Then there was Jemma and her story What a mix, this was a sorry of Richie s illness, and a serious one at that Even though I am from down South, we still used some of these terms This is of an awareness book, but it is quite long At the end i cried you cannot read it in public I would recommend it to everybody I have [...]

    14. Brilliant Loved reading a book from my obscure home town of Ormskirk Characters were warm and familiar, one of my fave reads of 2012 Dont read in public, this book does cause emotional distress

    15. Loved it Written from many different people s views this grabbed me straight away I felt I knew all the characters, just brilliant

    16. This is one of those stories that stays with you If you enjoyed Edward and Ove then this may be your sort of story.The story of a group of youngsters mainly focussed around Richie his girlfriend Jemma and her sister Kelly An emotional tale taking them from primary school through to married life Characters that come to life through the pages with events that are traumatic for those involved and those around them Some very wise words Its the weak that bully because they re scared Something scares [...]

    17. Quite a big read this one, but I absolutely loved every minute of it, a truly lovely read, the characters were great and easy to love and get to know, this is a big fat recommend to my usual ladies and of course my Auntie Lyn x

    18. this is the second book ive read by this author I can t believe how fantastic he writes lt feels soal I forget it s a storyis is such a wonderful story starts at the end but then takes to the beginning of two wonderful life s of riches billingham who as cancer and gemma watkinson what an emotional roller coaster I could not put this down I will be diffently reading another one of his book when I ve recovered from this one they are just do emotional

    19. What can I possibly say about this book It had me feeling so many emotions I would say it s one of my top ten favourite books to date Thank You Calvin XX

    20. I received this book from a free offer on and it was the first book that I read on my new Kindle Fire HD.This is not the usual type of book I would instantly read however the story line interested me and also the fact that it was based around an area where I was brought up.Reading the book brought out all kinds of emotions in me from laughing to crying and to thinking about the future and remembering the poast I would really recommend everyone to read this book, it is a real page turner and I ho [...]

    21. If you left school in the mid 80 s, had children in the 90 s and hit a few bumps along the way this book will speak to you The book is written from the perspective of several different characters Amazingly it works without being disjointed You get to see several different peoples perspectives on the same thing Although it is ultimately about someone who is terminally ill it manages to not be a depressing read At times funny, other times tense and very heart warming Not the sort of book I normall [...]

    22. Brilliant Book Kept me engrossed the whole time reading it The fact I grew up in Aughton Ormskirk helped alot as I was able to picture a lot of the places mentioned and relate to a lot of the things going on.You really get the feeling you genuinely know the characters and you start feeling for them throughout their problems.Recommend this to anyone it has an appeal to both men and women, with love triangles, football, gangs, gambling etc Looking forward to the next book

    23. I liked the way the book bounced between characters and time I gave it a 4 star not because it was an great book but because I will miss the characters it took me a few days to read the end because I was sad it was over and hate it when a book makes me cry 0 A unique story about a couples relationship from their courtship through his fight with cancer.

    24. I loved it This was a Book a Club recommendation Normally I would never have bought it as the cover was pretty bland but how glad I am It very much reminded me of Lisa Jewell and Jo Jo Moyes novels Not laugh aloud humour but that gentle smile and pleasure you get from a well told relationship story Highly recommended.

    25. This made me cry and I am one tough old bird, so expressions of emotion are a true indicator that this book touched me Imagine the fear of having testicular cancer, recovering and then back it comes, this book plays out the life stories of those involved throughout those troubled times.

    26. This book will make you laugh and cry I wouldn t say it s the best piece of literature I ve ever read, but it is still a great read and I did struggle to put it down several times A year or so ago I missed Emma and Dexter, now I miss Richie and Gemma.

    27. Funny, witty and incredibly moving I really liked the way the lives of the main characters evolved through their own and others observations of the same situation It kept me engaged the whole way through.

    28. Wowwhat a book This one is long, but well worth it As a child if the 80 s I could relate to the characters and the raw honesty of the characters was literally gripping Great but sad book

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