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Jo Nesbø Collection: Redbreast, Nemesis, Devil’s Star, Snowman & Redemeer By Jo Nesbø,

  • Title: Jo Nesbø Collection: Redbreast, Nemesis, Devil’s Star, Snowman & Redemeer
  • Author: Jo Nesbø
  • ISBN: 9781780482743
  • Page: 487
  • Format: None
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    Jo Nesb Collection Redbreast Nemesis Devil s Star Snowman Redemeer None

    One thought on “Jo Nesbø Collection: Redbreast, Nemesis, Devil’s Star, Snowman & Redemeer”

    1. The books I read are the first 3 in the title, and I am looking for the rest 2 Jo Nesbo was my thrilling discovery about tear and a half ago I got the Redbreast just to check it out, I knew nothing about the Scandinavian authors I saw a trailer for the Girl with the dragon tattoo and I tough, well, I ll check Nesbo God Moody, dark, brutal, honest, smart, seductive, illusive,I could go on and on His main character, Harry Hole, brilliant detective, who s also a drunk, looser and with obvious conte [...]

    2. Quite simply the best crime writer around at the moment Harry Hole is a phenomenon He is brutally real Of all the messed up detectives I have read Hole is just the most whole pardon the lame pun I would have liked to have reviewed each book individually They are all the same in one respect Totally absorbing and exciting reads.Other than that they are imaginative and raw The depiction of a seedy Oslo is fascinating and Hole is perfectly at home there.There is violence, sure But there has to be Th [...]

    3. The Readbreast was the 1st one I read and it was a bit difficult to follow I then read the Nemesis and Devil s Star and they had me hooked, couldn t put them down As you read each book in the series you have to pick up the next one I am currently reading Snowman and I wake up at night and have to read one chapter.

    4. Excellent addition to Scandinavian crime Almost as good as Henning Mankell Harry Hole is as dark and despairing as one would want, but it also give a good insight into Norwegian history and character Try to read the books in order as there is a story running through it Start with Redbreast.

    5. Wow Love the complex main character, Detective Harry Hole pron hoolay , a laconic Scandinavian twist on the classic disillusioned investigator who s often unlucky or in trouble and always underappreciated Best read in order, as Nesbo weaves an ongoing love interest and an unsolved mystery throughout Redbreast is the best thanks to its fascinating glimpse into post WWII ramifications of the occupation Memesis is a heist investigation, superbly plotted Devil s Star finds Harry close on the heels o [...]

    6. Actually I have just finished book 2, Nemesis At times it had me lost, so complex is the plotting Just when you think you have got the hang of what is happening, Nesbo does a switchback and throws you off the road again And still the all important subplot rolls on into book 3 will the author stretch this too far Only time and reading the next installment will tell A thoroughly absorbing novel and I like Harry Hole and His new sidekick is going to rival Lisbeth Salander.

    7. Amazing writingJo Nesbo keeps you wanting You can not put these books down You will be sad when each one is finished Harry Hole is a funny, witty, complex main character to love If you love crime novels you will enjoy these books.

    8. JO NESBOThe Snowman in Czech will be published 11 10 2012 at Kniha Zl n Review Lic Jind i ka Mendozov Women are disappearing In their place there are snowmen Crazy Sure Every murderer and rapist that the detective Harry Hole, in a series of books about him, has ever caught are like that Deranged Unpredictable They have motivations that would never occur to the common man and that is why an ordinary reader can follow with excitement the plot of the book without knowing or suspecting from the midd [...]

    9. Firstly, let it be said I am not a reader of contemporary thrillers, although in younger days I did enjoy the Bourne books they count I am not a fan of the crime genre pre se.I do not particularly enjoy stories tv movies about serial killers, crime, CSI etc etc.I came across Jo Nesbo by accident.His are not works I would have picked out or chosen myselfHOWEVER I listened to an interview with Nesbo and found myself interested in what he had to say I read a review on his book The Snowman , and whe [...]

    10. Review only of The Redeemer by Jo nesbo WEAR WARM CLOTHES WHEN READING THIS BOOKThe I read of Jo Nesbo s writings, the amazed I become at this man s talent The Redeemer again provides us with another of Nesbo s usual brilliantly plotted, multi layered mysteries, fascinating, absorbing and complex We can take that for granted with Nesbo A wonderful story a fantastic read.But now I begin to notice the world in which the mysteries are set, a large and real world, peopled with real people going un [...]

    11. This is a review of The Redeemer I did not read all 5 books but I could not find a listing for The Redeemer by itself If you like tangled, complicated murder mysteries with interesting characters and great dialgue and prose with layers of revelations like peeling an onion this is the book for you I loved it You ve got Croatian soldiers, the Salvation Army, drug addicts, money, gun running rings, sex, rape, corruption, suicides, and I thought Norway was such a calm and peaceful country I can see [...]

    12. I am reading this collection I have finished Redbreast, Nemesis, and Devil s star I am starting Snowman Redemeer I like the series but I am not a crazy fan I do like Harry Hole and like that the way his name is said changes with each book I am mostly reading them because others in my family are enjoying them and it is fun to compare notes with them There are some expressions and observations that stay with you marks of a great book But there are places where keeping the number, names and complic [...]

    13. This series was highly recommended to me If I m honest I was a bit disappointed by Redbreast, but enjoyed it enough to get the unabridged recording of Nemesis which I listened to avidly in my car which I spend a lot of time in and now I m looking forward to read Devil s Star next As you get to know our hero Harry, you get and drawn in to the intricacies and complications of his life as a somewhat rebellious detective and the cases he works on I m now longing to know .

    14. A Swedish crime novel in the league with Steig Larsson but with fewer compelling characters Our protagonist, Harry Hole pronounced Hoel eh is the ubiquitous booze loving detective whose reputation for solving crimes is counterbalanced with his lack of respect from his peers on the police force But, he solves the crime, gets the girl and serves justice all with a grin on his face Nesb uses wry wit better than does Larsson who uses suspense effectively I enjoyed reading it although not compelling [...]

    15. Really enjoyed this I liked the back and forth between eras and the connections to past and present in the crime story The concluseion took a turn that I didn t expect I think I am going to be a BIG Nesbo fan I am disappointed that the first two books are not available in the US I felt like I d missed the first 15 minutes of a great movie so in order to get to know Harry Hole a little bit better I am planning to read in order will go with The Nemesis next but The Snowman is tempting me

    16. Finished The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo and enjoyed the suspense and the story line very much Harry Hole is again on the trail of justice and redemption with the killer, would be killer and himself Methodically he goes through the situation as it changes and the truths come out Why was the hit man, after fulfilling the contract, still stalking prey Who is the enemy that started the ball rolling This is Harry Hole s mission Quite a ride from Jo Nesbo and a good one.

    17. There is always a sadness when a book comes to an end Harry Hole was an interesting character to follow and get to know He is tough But one gets to know his softer human side too The other characters that are around him help create an interesting story of following a serial killer.You turn from page to page, wondering what will happen next I quite liked the inclusion of the guy who was fixing Harry Hole s apartment Fixing the walls of mold Rather random and quirky inclusion.

    18. The Redeemer there isn t an entry for this book by itself.Nesbo s Harry Hole which he claims is pronounced hula , even though the audio books consistently pronounce it hole I wonder why this is Don t they consult the author anyway his novels are always intriguing, very well written and definitely keep me interested I have liked every one and look forward to the rest I liked Redbreast and this one the best so far.

    19. This was a very dense book It would have helped if I took notes in the beginning as the characters were introduced I kept having to flip back to see who was who There were lots of story lines dealing with nazi sentiment in Norway in both the past and present, good and evil, retribution, and lots I m going to try another one of his books Not an easy read, but LOTS to think about Very complex characters.

    20. I have read listen to the complete Harry Hole series 10 and loved them all Jo Nesbo has given real life to all of the characters in these gritty, suspense crime thrillers.I quite often have a long commute and work that allows me to listen to the audio versions of books The choices of readers performers for these books has been outstanding though my favorites are the ones performed by the late Robin Sachs, his gravelly voice was absolutely perfect for Harry.

    21. NemesisI read Nemesis and listened to the audio book at the same time I do that because I have no idea how to pronounce Scandinavian names This plot has twists and turns in it than a maze Just when you think you have an idea of whodunnit, your suspect turns into a victim Extremely enjoyable reading

    22. I read the first four of Jo Nesbo s series while holidaying in Crete this summer Hard to say whether I thought the books where great because I was on holiday, or whether he is a good writer His characters are full of angst and the plot twists are thrilling I would also recommend that the books are read in order, as characters personas are built and the various plot lines are developed.

    23. Harry Hole is an alcoholic Norwegian cop who founds himself in an incriminating situation involving a former lover He must extricate himself from that mess and solve a murder that is cleverly designed to look like a bank robber The plot is convoluted than complex, and Hole is not a likable protagonist, unfortunately.

    24. I have read the books in this collection singly This review is for THE REDEEMER Another great Harry Hole mystery by Jo Nesbo This is the book in which Detective Hole loses his second partner, Halverson It is the expected twisting turning, you have the clues but are still surprised, kind of read at which Nesbo excels A wonderful collection

    25. Jo Nesbo is just great fun Have now read The Redeemer it is just great Sometimes its good to read for the joy of it Non stop action a slick plot line that I don t always follow but as with all good thrillers this doesn t always matter Well done Harry Hole, what an intriguing man you are Have read The Snowman so The Leopard is next when I need light relief

    26. Just finished Snowman As with all Jo Nesbo books you get hooked mid way and would nt want to close the book till you finish the last page Love the character of Harry Hole, portraying him as a mortal with alcohol problem bordering alcohol absue One can find parallels to Sherlock Homes, brillant mind with tortured soul.

    27. Actually I only read The Snowman My intro to Jo Nesbo and liked it very much in spite of the very forgettable norwegian placenames Complicatetd plot and quite but not completely gripping Still, I enjoyed it enough to read anothe by Nesbo.

    28. Awesome Gritty yet human super suspensful mystery series So good to find another smart inspector to follow Do read in order since the personal story of Harry Hole is a nice balance to all the grit and sadism.

    29. I have become a loyal fan of Nesbo waiting anxiously for the next novel to be translated All of them are brutal, extremely well written and translated, and difficult to put down Highly recommended.

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