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The Adventurist: My Life in Dangerous Places By Robert Young Pelton,

  • Title: The Adventurist: My Life in Dangerous Places
  • Author: Robert Young Pelton
  • ISBN: 9780767905763
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Adventurist is one man s story, a story that will change the way you think about travel, survival, where you have been, and where you are going.Enter the world of Robert Young Pelton if you dare , adventurer extraordinaire, author of Come Back Alive and The World s Most Dangerous Places required reading at the CIA , and host of his TV series, Robert Young Pelton s ThThe Adventurist is one man s story, a story that will change the way you think about travel, survival, where you have been, and where you are going.Enter the world of Robert Young Pelton if you dare , adventurer extraordinaire, author of Come Back Alive and The World s Most Dangerous Places required reading at the CIA , and host of his TV series, Robert Young Pelton s The World s Most Dangerous Places.A breakneck autobiography, The Adventurist blasts across six continents and spans four decades of hard core living with its dispatches of mayhem, adventure in exotic locales, survival against formidable odds, memories of the pivotal events, and memorable portraits of the people that have shaped Pelton s obsessive spirit.Be shelled with the Talibs on the front lines of Afghanistan hang out with hit men and rebels in the Philippines survive a plane crash in Borneo narrowly escape a terrorist bombing in Africa dance with headhunters in Sarawak crew with pirates in the Sulu Sea explore the events that led Pelton to his unusual calling including how he honed his survival skills at the toughest boys school in North America and, perhaps most important, discover Pelton s secret mission to understand the hearts and minds of the people he meets The Adventurist is a real book about the real world, an inspirational read that takes you places you might never willingly go.From the Hardcover edition.
    The Adventurist My Life in Dangerous Places The Adventurist is one man s story a story that will change the way you think about travel survival where you have been and where you are going Enter the world of Robert Young Pelton if you dare

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    1. On the way to a 24 hour trail ultramarathon race, a friend of mine lent me The Adventurist It is the autobiography of Robert Young Pelton, a guy who essentially travels around the world trying to have adventures and then writes about them He deliberately goes to the most dangerous places on earth, including war zones, unexplored jungles, and areas with high rates of violent crime Although he is not a journalist per se he does write books about his travels, including the popular The World s Most [...]

    2. I picked this up on a whim because of the intriguing title and ended up really enjoying it, especially from the perspective that it s a first hand account of places most of us will never go It s written as a series of mini stories sometimes there just one short chapter on one of his adventures, other times there are several but they may be scattered throughout the book I was most fascinated by his encounters with the wilderness because his interactions with people aren t always explored in much [...]

    3. A glimpse into how to survive, and even thrive, in environments that would scare the bejesus out of most men Well written and insightful, it has helped me to adapt when I find myself outside of my comfort zone Plus some great adventure to entertain while lounging on my back deck.

    4. If you read DP and thought it was amazing, and wanted to learn about it s author, thinking surely his autobiography would be an illuminating read about a fascinating person, then you are very much like me, and like me will probably be very disappointed When speaking in a shorter, journalistic style about political situations, or logistics, or anything that doesn t require, or lend itself to waxing poetic or philosophic as in DP , he excels He doesn t do introspective, apparently This book is c [...]

    5. While I m sure Mr Pelton has lead a very interesting life, you only get minor glimpses of this fact reading The Adventurist The book suffers from too short snippets of his adventures around the globe that are presented in no discernible order, interspersed with even briefer snippets of his childhood, education, work history, marriage, etc I was interested enough to keep reading to the end, and some of the stories were very compelling However, most of them end abruptly, often leaving me to wonder [...]

    6. A short, somewhat chaotic memoir of one the greatest living travel writers but not just any travel writer Pelton has made a life of seeking out the most dangerous, god forsaken spots in the world and going there fearlessly Having grown up in a somewhat hard scrabble life in Canada survived growing up would be a apt description he was made for what he does The book jumps from short travel vignette to his short memory of his youth and back which made it a tough for me to keep my focus But iI lear [...]

    7. A wonderful idea, terribly executed and terribly written The things the author has seen, the things he s done and and the places he s been, the unusual childhood he had should all make for fascinating reading And it would, were it written by someone less irritating, repetitive and arrogant, less self satisfied, less prone to vast simplification of complex themes The great content of this man s life and adventures cannot overcome the utterly shitty writing.On the positive side, having read this I [...]

    8. This was a heck of a book that makes you really think about how mundane your 9 5 job really is The author, Pelton, is a crazy bastard for sure The one thing I remember about this book and not liking was that Pelton has a sort of boasting style to his writing Yes, he s lived an unbelievable life, but he doesn t need to keep reminding us of that fact His descriptions of his travels do that for us.

    9. While I only gave it three stars, this is not a bad book persay Robert Young Pelton had undoubtedly lived an interesting life, one fit for an exciting autobiography The disjointed style, self indulgence, and lack of focus left me unable to rate the book any higher While I recommend reading the book, especially to young adventurers, be forewarned that at times the book can get painful It took me over a year to finish and it is a short book.

    10. Early chapters alternate between his childhood and adulthood In later chapters the alternation becomes less frequent and eventually stops altogether I enjoyed this format technique as it served to understand his early life s role in shaping his adulthood.I appreciated the anthropological approach takes with other cultures He seems to be able to avoid the kind of stereotypical gung ho attitudes that are conjurered by the term adventure travel.

    11. This one precedes the books where he buddies up to real deal BTDT guys in the airport lounge, milks them for their stories and then passes them off as his own This is the charge leveled against him by some folks I know, who really dislike him As one wag puts it, I d call him a bullshit artist, but that would be insulting to bullshit artists Still, reading this helps keep that pack it all in and go wandering flame alive.

    12. Some people lead interesting lives, but few can write about their lives in interesting ways Pelton reminds us of that Reading this, I kept thinking This is the most boring book about the most interesting life that I ve ever read I guess that makes it a rare accomplishment It s difficult to make an interesting subject boring but this book manages So sad.

    13. Robert Young Pelton is perhaps not the world s best writer, but he has possibly the world s best story, and he s lived every single word A highly recommended autobiography from the man who goes usually safely in search of adventure in the world s most dangerous places, and is himself as interesting as any tale.

    14. A lot of hot air This guy is too high on himself Frankly no matter how fascinating his adventures might have been, his attitude wears on you quickly In addition the book is just not well written Clunky language Skip it.

    15. i actually finished this a while ago it was a pretty good book in that it showed his start on his adventurist path and how he got to be the way he is it mixed in some childhood memories with his current travels and made you feel his drive and sometimes his regret.

    16. The title says it all This is a book that chronicles the journey of a multimillionaire fed up with the rat race he was living in and left it all for adventure The places he goes and the experiences he has are out of this world The truest, purest adventure book I have probably ever read.

    17. I m finding the story Pelton s life just as interesting than the stories of his international adventures To learn about the upbringing that led him to leave home and risk his life on a regular basis is an interesting study.

    18. Shocking at times Horrifying that such places and societies with such violent mindsets exist on earth Excellent read Well told.

    19. Brings traveling up to a new level, this guy travels in ways I can t even image, I bow down, he s probably half crazy but I respect that.

    20. Definitely interesting He s not the greatest writer and sometimes just sounds arrogant, but he s still been to come interesting places and done some interesting things.

    21. Melissa gave me this book as a gift a long time ago What a great book One of my all time favorite books about gutsy adventure journalism.

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