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Fenwomen By Mary Chamberlain Justin Partyka, Fenwomen by Mary Chamberlain The fens are a very flat area of Eastern England, the part in Lincolnshire I am familiar with, this area in Cambridgeshire, much less so This book also has the merit of Books Fenwomen Justin Partyka Fenwomen is a unique documentary of women s lives in the village of Isleham in the Cambridgeshire Fens It tells the story of women as labourers and labourers wives, whose daily toil for the survival of themselves and their families had never been acknowledged, much less lauded. Fenwomen A BOOK A DAY IN HAY Oct , Fenwomen A Portrait of Women in an English Village by Mary Chamberlain Virago Quartet Books, Introduced by Carmen Callil Since the beginning, over forty years ago, when readers sent us letters and postcards about the books, the covers, the titles, alongside ideas for the Virago Modern Classics, our Virago readers and indeed Virago authors marychamberlainbooks The official website of Mary Mary Chamberlain s first book, the highly acclaimed FENWOMEN, was also the first to be published by Virago Press in , and was the inspiration for Caryl Churchill s award winning play Fen. Fenwomen A Portrait of Women in an English Village. Fenwomen A Portrait of Women in an English Village MARY CHAMBERLAIN London Virago Press, Pp Few people hear a women s tale It is the stories and songs of the ploughboy, farm labourer and poacher that are told again and again The experiences of the women who worked together on the land picking stones, Fenfluramine phentermine History Fenfluramine as a single drug was first introduced in the s, but was not popular because it only temporarily reduced weight A study found a weight loss of . kg on average in weeks, as compared to . kg under placebo It sold modestly until the s, when it was combined with phentermine and heavily marketed A similar drug, aminorex, had caused severe lung damage and

  • Title: Fenwomen
  • Author: Mary Chamberlain Justin Partyka
  • ISBN: 9780956186959
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An oral history of women in a fenland village.
    Fenwomen An oral history of women in a fenland village

    One thought on “Fenwomen”

    1. History has always been my first love and so this book has a great appeal It falls within the tradition of oral history and concerns the lives of women in the remote fenland village of Isleham The fens are a very flat area of Eastern England, the part in Lincolnshire I am familiar with, this area in Cambridgeshire, much less so This book also has the merit of being the first book published by virago in 1975.It is a series of interviews with village women split into chapters about girlhood, schoo [...]

    2. says this was the first book published by Virago Press in 1975, and pioneered the use of oral history in the study of women s history and I m not sure that can be true But Virago published some cutting edge books The author s notes explaining terms she thought needed explaining then would need a refresher as time marches on and even of what the fenwomen talk about passes into obscurity Still the wholesale, practically unedited recording of the musings of ordinary people provide such fantastic f [...]

    3. Thanks to my friend Liz who loaned this to me Interesting to hear the thoughts and experiences of these women living in a Fenland village, 40 years ago How restrictive life was for many of them, compared to what I experience now I ve tried to figure out which village it was, as I live in Ely which is mentioned a lot as the nearest town city but failed miserably I d love to read an update, on the lives of the younger women, if you re reading, Mary Chamberlain

    4. After living in an East Anglian village, Gislea, for a few years, Chamberlain wrote a book about life there It is told primarily through interviews with the women It is a heartbreaking, enthralling tale of desperate poverty, generation long prejudices, and familial warmth Most of the interviews talked about the back breaking labor, lack of intellectual opportunities, and loneliness of living in the fen This was written in the 1970s, and so many of the subjects remember back to life at the turn o [...]

    5. I do like oral histories it s interesting to see the great variety of views that s often missed in a generalized traditional history However, it became rather tedious to read the sometimes ramblings of the women recorded in this book.

    6. Essential reading for anyone interested in women s history in general and the history of the Fens in particular.

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