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Bound to Love By Sally Clements,

  • Title: Bound to Love
  • Author: Sally Clements
  • ISBN: 9781844719242
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
  • Security expert Jake Forrester and specialist jeweller Tempest MacKenzie are thrust together to thwart a heist and fall in love Danger stalks their every move and Jake must learn to trust Tempest s intuition, or lose her.
    Bound to Love Security expert Jake Forrester and specialist jeweller Tempest MacKenzie are thrust together to thwart a heist and fall in love Danger stalks their every move and Jake must learn to trust Tempest s in

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    1. Jake Forrester meets an interesting woman on the lift Few minutes later he is kidnapped When he wakes up he is in a deserted island To his surprise he is not alone in the island The gorgeous woman is there with him.As a security expert he knows his disappearance means leverage on his mother A heist has been planned and it involves the British Museum, his mother and some Egyptian jewelry.Tempest MacKenzie is a goldsmith and after leaving the British Museum she gets tangled up with Jake s abductio [...]

    2. You take a beautiful jewelry designer and a gorgeous owner of a security company, mix them together with kidnapping, betrayal, and a planned jewel heist and what do you get Bound to Love, by Sally Clements.Tempest MacKenzie, jewelry designer, witnesses a stranger being forced into a van and she leaps into action literally Her attempts to foil the kidnapping only result in her being taken as well Jake Forrester is not so impulsive and can t believe this woman he doesn t know was so willing to hel [...]

    3. This review in its entirety and other cool tidbits can be found on my blog Elsie Loves FictionBound to Love, Sally Clements.Oh la la What a steamy, dreamy, thrill ride A romance, rated on the softer side meaning the details of the encounters between the main characters are juicy but not overly detailed ie erotica Yes, I need to clarify not everyone reads according to how many roses or hot peppers or whatever ratings the publisher uses Well, it sure got my juices flowing It Was Hot I enjoyed it I [...]

    4. Love at first sight Well it does exist in books and this novel should not be derided for setting up an ideal Tempest Mackenzie is a jewellery designer who is reckless and impulsive We can see this when she rushes to the aid of a handsome stranger who is being kidnapped Once thrown together they are now linked together until the mastermind behind the kidnapping is caught.There is a steady pace throughout the book as they escape from the kidnappers and travel by helicopter to Tempest s sisters hom [...]

    5. I liked the book It was short and sweet bascially It is barely over 200 pages and I read it in about a day It was a good story of suspence and love The one thing I can say is I am so freaking happy that there was no babies in this book SOOOO many love stories have the girl getting knocked up Spoiler AlertThis book did have a scene where Jake does enter Tempest without protection only to have her remind him and truthfully when I read this I totally did an eyeroll thinking oh great now she is preg [...]

    6. An enjoyable story about a woman with dead on premonitions and gut feelings that her family don t believe Since the senseless death of her father Tempest follows her instincts and is known for jumping in to help others to the point of endangering her own life When she comes to the aid of a handsome stranger who is being kidnapped, a story of a betrayal, a jewelry heist and a romance begins Jake, the subject of her heroic leap into danger, has never recovered from the death of his father, who lik [...]

    7. Two strangers with the exact opposite in outlook logical and pragmatic vs impulse and intuition find themselves in very tense and stressful situations.Although it was already clear they were drawn to each other, it takes them a while almost the entire book to learn to cope with the other I felt that Jake gave in a lot and lost some of his control while Tempest learned little or nothing from this whole ordeal.I felt situations with the police and the villain Paul were, for the most part realisti [...]

    8. Tempest is just leaving the British Museum after being commissioned for a project when someone runs into her and she is pushed to the ground What she doesn t expect is the stranger helping her up That s when she first gets a look at Jake But a phone rings and the connection is broken Minutes later she sees the stranger being mugged and being thrown into a van She doesn t hesitate to try and help and is thrown into the van too but she quickly overcome by a acrid smell What has happened to her Wha [...]

    9. Art thefts will just about always get me to read a book, but I m often disappointed Bound to Love started off with a bang, and it felt a bit like my vague memories of Leslie Charteris s The Saint booksbut without the throwaway girlfriend who never lasted longer than one book.And thenI don t know what happened, but I was just over it About a quarter of the way through, the book continued to be fast paced, but it started feeling fake Not that this type of book is supposed to feel real, but a certa [...]

    10. Oh Jake I loved you, you should have thought of that before you said you d join me The taxi slowed as he whispered in her ear, Because I m well and truly distracted, believe me Sometimes he just needs to need let her hair down, her hair was tied up in an elegant topknot He pulled the pins from her hair, releasing it to tumble in a riot of flaming curls dawn her back There s my woman again I enjoyed reading Tempest and Jake s story it was a wild ride.

    11. A feisty heroine and a man with a past She s someone who can see danger and wants to change the outcome after losing her father He is drawn to he like a magnet but has a hard time understanding where she s coming from After many false starts and scares she finally figures out what she needs and he finally figures out that what he needs is her Happily ever after time

    12. There is no waste of time getting into the danger in this book They meet, he gets kidnapped, she tries to help and ends up getting kidnapped also I think this is the kind of book that would make a better action movie then a romance There was hardly any romance, however I am sure if it were on the big screen there would be sexual tension.

    13. Characters are interesting.cially Jake My problem with this book was how disjointed the first 40% of the novel was Everything happened at break neck speed with there appearing to have huge holes in plot development The next 50% of the book was quite engrossing and the holes seemed to be seamed up and I was able to become involved with the characters.

    14. Interesting story line The characters were a bit aloof for me and I never really connected For someone in security, Jake seemed a bit clueless and sloppy when it came to his house and protection methods Jake and Tempest s relationship seemed awkward.

    15. This was your typical romance novel but even for this type of book, the sudden appearance of strong feelings felt rushed I guess it would hold true to the impulsive personality of the main character, Tempest.

    16. I can t believe I took as long as I did to read this book It was a gripping read, with well drawn characters, great twists, incredible tension both sensual and suspenseful and a really enjoyable style of writing I highly recommend this book and not just because Sally is my friend

    17. Tempest LoveI gave the book a 5 rating because it is great storytelling I loved the story line about Jake and Tempest I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves good thrillers.

    18. Sally Clements has done a wonderful job of showing us that opposites do attract given the situation to view this review in its entirety please visit blackravensreviews p

    19. good story with psychological mistrust issues strong action you are yhrown into the story straight away its non stop all the way to the end great book

    20. I really enjoyed this book Adventure, mixed with romance and family time Most of the book was believable, which is rare in most romance books.

    21. This book will blow you away with the intensity it has in it You won t believe It isn t your everyday love story without a little Kidnapping, Theft and some Mystery to it

    22. The story was interesting, but there was this sensation that it was written in a hurry It felt incomplete

    23. Really great book couldn t put it down, I love romance books and Sally is a great author, can t wait to read of her books.

    24. I liked it, but thought it was a little heavy on the physical attraction The rest of the story kept me reading.

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