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Tellos Vol.1: Reluctant Heroes By Todd Dezago Mike Wieringo,

  • Title: Tellos Vol.1: Reluctant Heroes
  • Author: Todd Dezago Mike Wieringo
  • ISBN: 9781582401867
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • A swashbuckling young man, a tiger warrior, a pirate princess, a charismatic thief, and a kleptomaniac fox embark on an adventure as they try to figure out why the evil Malesur is hunting them.
    Tellos Vol Reluctant Heroes A swashbuckling young man a tiger warrior a pirate princess a charismatic thief and a kleptomaniac fox embark on an adventure as they try to figure out why the evil Malesur is hunting them

    One thought on “Tellos Vol.1: Reluctant Heroes”

    1. This is one of the disappointing graphic novels from the recent crop at the library The plot is like something out of a mediochre Dungeons Dragons game, or one of the lesser Final Fantasy videogames total cliche The artwork is vibrant, but most of the characters facial expressions look the same I was also somewhat bothered by the portrayal of women in the book the only two female characters are a lady pirate and a female bounty hunter The pirate is treated pretty well, even if she s all heaving [...]

    2. this is a good graphic novel a young adult fiction fantasy based collection of an ongoing comic book released in the mid 90 s to early 2000 s of an ongoing comic book with good manga styled and vibrant artwork and good and interesting characters i didnt follow this when it being released as an ongoing comic book i found out about this a while ago.a young kid and his friend are wanted for being ruffians in the marketplace and the story taes place in a lively seaport set in a town in a world that [...]

    3. GENRE Fiction, graphic novel, superhero, fantasy, adventureMMARY Jarek is the young boy, able to call forth a powerful genie from an amulet owned by Serra, a strong and extremely capable ship captain Koj is the tiger man that has been searching for his people to free them from slavery Hawke is Serra s boyfriend, who hangs with Rikk, a fox with kleptomaniac tendencies They battle frog soldiers, shadowjumpers, and a variety of hunters sent by the evil and powerful Malesus, who desires the amulet.E [...]

    4. I will admit there is no way I would have picked up this book if it wasn t for the death of Mike Wieringo a year ago I, in fact, probably would have never even heard about the series otherwise, but the purchase was still due to his passing I can t explain exactly why that is, but it is.Wieringo was responsible for the art on my favorite run of Fantastic Four this side of Stan and Kirby Though I believe Mark Waid was the responsible member of the duo for my entertainment purposes, Wieringo held [...]

    5. A fantasy story that plunges right into the action from the beginning of this graphic novel.Koj and Jarek are on a quest to find Koj s homeland, but are interrupted by a pirate with an amulet Jarek is the one to awaken the amulet s power, and this opens up a whole new world for Koj, Jarek and Serra the pirate Suddenly Malesur our evil character is aware of the trio and wants the amulet for his own power It is interesting to see how all the different characters are woven together throughout the s [...]

    6. This book has a terrible story line, predictable characters, and is downright painful to read due to spelling errors and unnecessary accents There is even a hint of sexism busty skin showing females, one of which is a sex crazed moron I found this collection of comics in the children s section of my local library I assumed that it would be appropriate for kids, and amusing because I generally enjoy quest stories with characters similar to Final Fantasy and Dragonlance a warrior, a thief, animal [...]

    7. A great introduction to graphic novels with wonderful full color art and engaging characters Reminiscent of some 80 s adventure cartoons He Man, Thundercats only written with real skill and heart.

    8. I don t know if the other reviewers read the same book as I did, but this was a nice adventure to read with a steady storyline and cool characters.

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